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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ic8jfvj8vbu0rk/Mechanicus%20Armoury.xlsx?dl=0 Here's my take on it. Still a WIP but all the new stuff is in and I'm slowly working on the 30k Taghmata equipment and units.
  2. Huh, I hadn't noticed. I've still been running it the old way. in the case of the Astartes in the Dark Heresy reinforcements however, I believe the power armour is changing their base strength score, it explains the gulf between their strength and toughness scores.
  3. Actually, Astartes Power Armour does not grant Unnatural Strength. It's a flat +20 to strength. So +4 Unnatural Strength is the Space Marine norm. It's pretty **** hard to surpass a Space Marine's statline as a normal human, not counting techpriests, who can slap on so many augmetics they can win the augmented arms race. As for your xp handicap, I normally wouldn't include exp costs for something like this. Most of the time they should probably come with weaknesses or a downside, whether that be the use of proscribed technology or a mutation which could get them into trouble if spotted. Augmetics lead to a weakness to haywire weapons and a hostile Techpriest with noospheric access might be able to mess you up. Strength and Toughness +3 seems abit much for an unaugmented human though, even Ogryn really only have Strength and Toughness +2, and they're hulking great brutes who can mess you up any day and they have the downside of being as smart as a sack with a brick in.
  4. When I first posted the stats for the Galvanic Rifle on reddit, I meant to give it Gyro-Stabilized from the RT Tau book, not auto-stabilized. "Gyro Stabilized The weapon has a small auto-stabilisation unit that is typically built towards the end of the barrel. While not as powerful as a suspensor, the gyro-stabiliser helps keep the weapon levelled at the optimal angle for firing. A Gyro-Stabilised weapon never counts its target as being further than Long Range (normal maximum range still applies)." But with the Tech-Use rule I wrote and the Proven that someone added, it probably doesn't need it. Plus you could always get a telescopic sight. And I am still worried that Tech-use is too strong. It is already the strongest sniper rifle in the game if we are talking about DH2, unless we start using daemon weapons anyways, I might swap it for a modified version of the executioner shells from The Inquisitor's Handbook, the description of the "Servitor-Rounds" it uses seems quite similar to the one used in the Galvanic Rifle.
  5. Still very incomplete but I've bashed together some rules for one of my favorite parts of the setting, Imperial Knights. Find them under the vehicles tab, still figuring out the weapon stats for the Styrix, Magaera, Cerastus variants and Acastus variants. I'll get up some generic stat profiles for the Knight Scions/Pilots and pop up some more descriptions of the AdMech weapons soon. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ic8jfvj8vbu0rk/Mechanicus%20Armoury.xlsx?dl=0
  6. Yeah, I've read Skitarius, it was a nice insight into how the Skitarii work. I do like your interpretation of the anchors, it lets me do things like stick Dark Mechanicus Infiltrators to the ceiling(Players never look up I find.) Also, I've updated the file. It now contains stats for all the Cult Mechanicus and Skitarii units. Next on my agenda, Imperial Knights, the 30k models, titans and a compilation of all the Adeptus Mechanicus equipment from across the galaxy so far. Oh and organising the excel sheet so it's easier to read.
  7. I think you're misunderstanding how the character system in Dark Heresy 2 works. There are no classes or methods of showing what rank in a certain structure a character is. An elite advance puts the character into a more specific role which would grant them access to unique trainings of talents. If I wanted to make say a Commissar, I'd grab an Astra Militarum and possibly grab the Heirophant career and talents I find appropriate. His rank as a Commissar, how he got there are backstory elements I would pass on to my GM. In the same Vein, if I wanted to make a Seraphim, I'd grab a Adepta Sororitas character, get the Sister of Battle advance and pilot skills. Once more the exact rank and status of the Character is determined by a nice mix of experience, influence and GM fiat on what those mean. In fact I found the rank system in Dark Heresy 1 to make less sense. After all, these characters have been seconded to the Inquisition, it seems unlikely to me that they would still be getting promotions from their original command structure.
  8. What exactly is the combat halberd? From what I can tell it's a halberd with a gun strapped somewhere along the hilt. Wouldn't it be easier to split it into two weapon profiles, it's not exactly easy to tell what's going on with the rules.
  9. Hi, I did in fact stumble upon your rules while putting this together. Took some inspiration from some and pretty much copied the anchors (Which one of my players uses to move around in zero-G environments). I've got no problems with that, I'll probably take a glance back at your rules for inspiration to finish this up soon.
  10. I'd just like to share a small change to the dodge and parry rules I use for most of my games. Not sure if it merits it's own thread but here we go. Parry and Dodge changes. Parry and Dodge are Evasion actions which use up your reaction for the turn.. A parry is announced after the attack roll is made but before damage is rolled. Passing the Parry roll negates the attack and every two degrees of success negates another attack. You may only parry close combat attacks and shooting or throwing attacks made within a metre of you, possibly more based off your weapon. When parrying close combat attacks, you suffer a -5 penalty for every 1 Strength Bonus the opponent has over you. A dodge may be announced at any time during your turn or the enemy turn to move your half turn movement speed in any direction or jump your base jump distance in any direction. A dodge may be called after an opponent declares an attack but before it is rolled to inflict a penalty on the roll. The player rolls his dodge and imposes a -5 penalty for every degree of success on the roll. Movement must be occur for the dodge to be counted unless the character is already in cover. If the player successfully reaches cover in that move, hits against locations covered by the cover are resolved against it. If the player is already in cover, every degree of success causes one hit to be resolved against the cover.
  11. Vengeful shows up in Dark Heresy 2E Core, on page 150. As for Disintegrate, apparently that killed you if you suffered Critical Damage from it. (It seems to be in Ascension and Disciples of the Dark Gods.) But keep in mind that it was written with DH1E's standards in mind, so if you include it then you'll either want to include a caveat about Righteous Fury not triggering it, or just hotswap it for Decay (also from Tome of Decay) at a low value. I should note that while it now has an effect, the Neurostatic Broadcaster should probably have a duration for its aftereffect (-20 to all tests). Perhaps something along the lines of hours, or until the end of the current encounter? (I dunno what any of this looks like in the minis wargame.) Thanks, that explains why I couldn't find it, I was looking through my Only War and Black Crusade books. I left my DH books back at camp. On the tabletop the Chordclaw wounds on a 2+, which if I recall correctly is a similar but more effective property than the one used by Gauss weaponry, which wounds automatically on a roll of a 6. Given that Gauss weaponry in Black Crusade generates Zealous Hatred on rolls of 9 and 10 I felt that a similar effect with a lower target number would work. I've added a range limiter to the Neurostatic Broadcaster and I've downscaled it's range to 10 metres, currently working on adding in the heavy weapons and armours from the Cult Mechanicus and Skitarii books.
  12. Thanks for the feedback, I've fixed the various errors though I wasn't able to find the Vengeful quality in any of my books, unless I've simply missed it. The Disintegrate and Fast weapon properties were me using qualities from the first edition of Dark Heresy. Fast incurs a -20 penalty to parry the attack and I've removed Disintegrate because I can't seem to remember what it did. Once I've gotten down all the non-unique wargear and weapons from the two AdMech codices, I intend to try and stat up the Servitors, Vehicles and possibly even the Skitarii/Mechanicus troops themselves.
  13. A series of weapons from the new Skitarii and Adeptus Mechanicus document I I scrounged up from the internet and homebrewed for an upcoming Mechanicus focused campaign. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ic8jfvj8vbu0rk/Mechanicus%20Armoury.xlsx?dl=0 Feedback is appreciated.
  14. These are amazing, always wanted rules for titans. The tactical speeds seem abit small though.
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