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  1. My group at the moment consist of; Human smuggler Human scout Droid mechanic Human Jedi Also in the group but doesnt join that frequently; Twilek Bounty Hunter Human Mercenary Human Trader Human researcher.
  2. In my campaign, The Empire holds control and restricts the holonet to ensure that any critic against the Empire or rebell communication is under control, which means interplanetary communication is very limited (as described on starwars wiki, mostly for Imperial military). Which means that news starting to travel very slow in the galaxy for my roleplayers. Things that happens month ago are beginning to reach their ears. Meeting hubs, like Nar Shadda, are more important than ever to leave and retrieve messages from friends, contacts and allies. Also gives me as a GM some tools for intresting adventures and jobs for the roleplayers. Remote research base that no one have heard from for months, transporting and delivering packets and datapads with personal messages and dangerous information and discover that a remote planets call for help never ever been heard. Giving a sense of a isolation effect on the whole galaxy, and a difference between the Core worlds and other parts of the galaxy.
  3. A secret I want to share with you guys is how I can, even if tired or not in the mood to come up with ideas of adventures on the roll for my players. And that is steal movie or classical story plots and reshape it into the setting with it own twists. Stealing! Thats cheating and so wrong! If stealing a idea seems to be a strange concept, let me clearify and hopefull calm you down. It aint stealing as long you do your own nitch about it. Stealing a plot idea is sure time saving but you still need to put some work into it. The whole idea is to help you out as a GM to give your players a good time in those "oh my god I didnt prepared for I had so much to do" moments. And the moment people says "Isnt this the plot of movie X", you have been to obvious and need to put your own style into it. Where to start? Pick a story that is total opposite the genre you are hosting - its easier to do your own thing and mask it with the Star Wars setting. Something like a cowboy movie plot, like "The good, bad and the ugly" works fine for the Edge of the Empire setting (three groups of folk trying to get the same treasure) while a Doctor Who adventure would need a ton of more work. Remember you just want the outline or synopsis of the story stolen, if you steal it scene by scene then you taking to much and your player will reconize the story. Just steal the plotlines and let the players create the details. How do I transform the story? As soon you taken a intresting plot, say to yourself; what would happened if the story was retold in the Star Wars universe? Is the enemy a bounty hunter insted or a sith? Perhaps a imperial officer? The love story could it happen in the group? Was is the possible outcomes? If there is some important artefact, can it be a sith artefact or important machinery? Example of adventures The roleplayers are tasked by delivering important supplies to a outerrim outpost and also fetch important cargo back. Along the way they meet a old friend where they refuel and have the correct hypermaps. What they dont know is the friend backstabs them and shows them a longer path and manage to reach the outpost before the roleplayers. He kills everyone aboard and tries to steal the goods, when the roleplayers arrives - their "friend" tries first to bluff that everything is alright before trying to attack them. Stolen from: Red riding hood. A small farmer community is being harassed by local pirate gangs. The pirate comes four times a year and steals their food without imperials doing anything about it. The farmer travels to where the roleplayers are and begs for help, and offers them nothing but food for reward. If the roleplayer accepts, they need to train and build up defence for the farmers to bring the pirates into a trap. Stolen from: Seven Samurai Stranded on a distant imperial controlled planet and having a mission to transfer a important rebell freedom fighter off the planet, the roleplayers only way out is a old friend that have under world contracts in the city. The problem is the friend doesnt want to do anything with them. They need to either change his mind or find someone else to leave the planet. Stolen from: Casablanca A girl comes forth to the roleplayers with a ton of credits, she ask them to help her to escort her and take revenge on a couple of smugglers that killed her family. The roleplayers takes the ship and tries to track down the killers. The chase takes them across galaxy with scenarios tricking the empire, making deals with local hutt and at last discover the truth behind the smugglers dark past. Stolen from: True Grit
  4. Like Whafrog I used to hid my rolls from the players. It gave me as a GM power to change the randomness of the dice roll in favour of the narrative. Now I do all my dicethrowing open. Thats because doing it open will give suspense and fear to the player knowing that I dont fix or change the result. Since RPGs gamingsystem have improved alot in last couple of years, the players doesnt feel cheated from the system (from what I can understand) when the dice rolls not in their favor.
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