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  1. That seems pretty limited doesn't it? I wonder what mechanism will exist to improve force rating.
  2. Jedi are super characters though. Otherwise folks wouldn't fear them. Nerfing them is as bad as munchkin players.
  3. You can buy the app like I did. Much cheaper than the dice, for any system for that matter, and it is offered on their site, so doesn't seem like an aggressive strategy to force anyone into anything if they offer a way to undercut their own gimmick. Sacrilege! Must... roll... dice... Actually I did both. But as a player I need to roll things...
  4. So far I am liking what I am seeing... Not crazy about the dice but that is probably something that will change as I use it.
  5. I can see that... Just interesting... I like playing games that go for a long time and allow the player to use the character once they get up to a professional level but before they are ridiculous. Interesting to see how things work with this system.
  6. Wow that is a long time to wait... Hrm... Interesting.
  7. I realized late that you can only raise characteristics with initial XP and talents later... But I cannot find talents that raise them... Is there a list of which ones that do?
  8. I like the angle that aging action heroes get slower with age, but they compensate by being wiser, more cautious and tactical. They can't relay on their physical superiority any more and must compensate in what ways they can. I would start there. Star Wars: Expendables? Ewww, noooooo! haha
  9. Heh thanks again... I was thinking about doing that. I am experimenting with some character concepts to see how they can be built with this system. Probably the wrong place, but what would a seasoned character look like do we think in XP?
  10. Wait no cost, or you can use two of the four skill picks? Does anyone have a page number?
  11. I noticed that some skills are under the career and the specialization. What does this mean?
  12. Hygric, no worries. I should have not taken it personally, and I didn't truly but worded my response more harshly than intended as well. My opinion is I game with adults. If I have a problem with them I tell them about it and we work through it. I like having the NPCs because we game in small groups and we like running into iconic characters and we like knowing what they look like stat wise. We can always ignore it, etc etc. If someone veers off to do something crazy they are warned and then simply informed that is not how we do things and that if it continues they won't be part of the group. It is like metagaming. I feel strongly that mature players just have to find a socially acceptable way to get to the story they want. I would prefer to have things set up well through the game though. I believe with Dante Raterdam (which I butchered the spelling sorry) because lets face it, characters are MORE than their stats. If not, wow the rebellion would have been hosed long ago, and Solo would have stayed a piece of art. The GM can really stack the deck, and should if they don't want a NPC to have a certain outcome.
  13. I have been gaming for some twenty some years. It seems that most people are confused between a good gaming group and a power gaming group. Choose who you game with wisely and it is not an issue. I would still be interested if anyone knows if FFG is going to stat them out or not, or have stated themselves?
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