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  1. Hi there reasonably new GM here, I've been leading my party through a few premade adventures and I would like the next adventure to branch off and be my own, however I was hoping to get a bit of help/advice on creating the new setting. My thoughts so far are as such, recently a large imperial cruiser has gone radio silent, the acolytes are tasked with travelling to the ship, establishing a base of operations and finding out what has happened. The party will arrive at the ship and initially it will be deserted/ lots of dead bodies and they will explore and set up camp (some ideas of possible tasks/rooms would be good here) At some point they will discover a small party of necrons and this is obviously the reason for the dead bodies and the ships lack of communication. (not sure what to make the trigger) I’m just not sure how to finish this off, or even if necrons are the best choice, they are very tough and at this point in the timeline there aren’t very many of them (though that does give a fear factor in that none of them would know what they were facing)
  2. I currently have my acolytes in a warehouse and they have to make their way back across the city, however an outback of nurgle has occurred so they are going to have to fight to make their way back, however I want to do something a bit more interesting that just waves of enemies does anyone have ideas of things/events that could occur?
  3. I'm running a campaign and I've hit a stumbling block, I've ended up with two of my party kidnapped, and the remaining party have killed there only lead. The remaining party do have other areas to look into though so I could put clues there, but I'd rather have those areas kept separate as there are several layers to the plot. My preferred solution would be for the two PCs, that have been captured, to free themselves, but I'm struggling to think up a good way for them to escape that would be plausible and no rely of the incompetence of the kidnappers. Has anyone ever had there PCs taken prisoner and how did you free them?
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