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  1. They are talking about the concept of cards with built in leveling ranks. the promos themselves won’t be in the packs.
  2. They will produce something to monetize IT beyond rules... something cardboard is coming. but I have a feeling the AI will be more simplistic than HotAC. Exactly what the reply above me said. They can’t support an AI for every new ship in the future or every change they make. This will be simpler.
  3. I would hope so however the fact they released this which uses a different AI seems to suggest they aren’t going that route... but I agree a box set with cardboard objectives like the HotAC space station etc would be great. They can even expand upon wings. I suspect since this is alpha and they have a need to monetize it.. we will see a box set and not just alpha rules.
  4. They could if they wanted to.. it’s community driven but still originated by 1 guy.. they could make a contract for the use of rights even though it’s freeware.
  5. So it sounds like defender and miner tie are all good pick ups. And star wing if it ever comes back. when you guys talk about wings I’m assuming you mean 3 ships only unless specified like inquisitor plus 5 ties. I can do 3 wings 5 is mostly tough outside rebel X/B and ties and interceptors,
  6. So recently updated my large 1.0 collection to 2.0 and am now picking up a few old ships to make some epic wings.. my question is what are the 3 best wings for rebel, empire and scum... Here is my collection. When I say 4 of 6 it means I have 4x 2.0 dials but 6 models. I’ll have to pick some up in secondary market or find a conversion kit at 40% off. Rebels- T65 X-Wing -4 of 6 Y-wing -4 A-wing -3 of 4 B-wing -3 of 5 E-wing -1 Z95 Headhunter -5 K-wing -1 Y1300 -1 Y2400 -1 Vcx100/ghost -1 Hwk290 -1 Attack shuttle -1 U-wing -1 CR90 Rebel transport Empire- Tie/Ln - 6 of 13 (have 1.0 dials that work) Tie interceptor -3 of 6 Tie adv x1 -2 Tie adv v1 -2 Tie defender -2 Tie phantom -2 Tie bomber -3 Tie punisher -1 Decimator -1 Shuttle -2 Tie striker -1 Tie reaper -1 Tie aggressor-1 Gozanti Imperial Raider Scum- Jumpmaster -1 Slave1 -2 Houndstooth -1 Misthunter -1 IG2000 -2 Kihraxz-4 Ywing -4 Z95 -5 M3A Syck -4 Starviper -2 Hwk290 -1 Fang fighter -4 Quadjumper -2 Lando falcon -1 Miners tie-2 C-roc Here is what I think I need/want to pick up. Alpha class starwing Defender Miners tie
  7. So two of the local stores I use to play in are shutting down this month.. this is another comic shop close by but very little play space and when I stopped by the other day like no X-Wing products anymore... it’s harder to find people who both still play and a place to meet soooo good thing my son turned 7 and I’m teaching him to play! anyway I just came back into X-Wing and spent my $300+ dollars to convert all my ships to 2.0 and pick up a handful of minis from that I didn’t pick up at the end. Basically reaper/striker/saws renegades/aggressor and the newer lando falcon and 2x miners tie for scum... so I’m basically fine with all the minis I have for scum, empire and rebels and no intention of the newer factions. Also picked up the new card sets and preordered a second damage deck. my complaints as someone who likes the game and came back.. the upgrade to 2.0 was expensive and didn’t give me much new other then being able to mostly use what I have. I still can’t use all my xwings, a wings, ywings, interceptors, and tie ln or all my huge ships at the same time. I’m going to need to look at secondary markets for parts. the official app is still a mess 2 years after the conversion... there still isn’t a HOTAC type campaign from FFG, some of the new rules like tractor are more fiddly then 1.0, hyperspace feels way to restricted... I get it when it was just the 2.0 converted stuff but now it’s throwing people away imho. I like the card pack idea for upgrades and subtitles for new version of pilots. Anyway my complaints mostly stem from the fact the game seems fractured in the community. In other words shrinking not growing. Also my plans are to pick up a star wing when ffg ever makes the 2.0 kit for it since it’s no where to be found. Get my missing dials, cards and cardboard for the ships I currently own in the secondary market... and pick up another huge ship conversion kit when it goes on clearance somewhere at 40% off. Hope the 2.0 app comes out soon and teach my son to play with what we got which is a lot!! Maybe I’ll grab a third fang fighter I dunno. If they come out with another card pack for my 3 factions I’ll do that and maybe the rumored campaign kit.
  8. Allowing leader actions and more actions would simplify things. You would still need to break to repair.
  9. As someone who recently came back to xwing to drop 300+ to convert and buy some missing ships for my empire scum rebel collection I doubt ffg doesn’t reprint the tie/ag and auzituck as they have a large aftermarket markup already. people seemed to have forgotten xwing had issues w keeping up w ship demands initially and went months with certain ships being impossible to find but ya I was and am still annoyed at ffg for requiring me to spend several hundred to play with what I already bought, taking forever to convert epic, and having a flawed app. So I ended up buying the miniature market sale on saws renegades which I wanted but peeved because it has a bunch of misprints but at 50 percent off why not
  10. Furthermore most people are loooking for the same ship cardboard such as tie/ln or xwings. If you place first order or resistance maybe even scum you might be able to do fine on the secondary market especially if you are looking for newer releases of cardboard. But rebels and imperial players are screwed. Im going to have a hard time finding someone to take my 2 extra tie/ln, 3 tie/fo, 2 t-70s, ghost and shuttle for extra cardboard on ships I need like tie/ln or ships I want like newer imperial releases.
  11. So basically we won’t know till epic is ever done! I have 8 ties... the new core gives me 10. Beyond the whole issue about not having enough cardboard in a conversion and starter set I’ll likely have 2 useless tie ships unless epic has a rule that allows 10.
  12. Is the ship limit still enforced in 2.0?
  13. I hope they make epic a lot more like HotAC without necessarily the AI component but more of a progressive system incorporating quick play cards. i want an epic asteroid base model like HotAC. Even if it’s just a card. i want an epic 4x6 double sided mat (ISD on one side) i want the epic movement template to be more fluid and move like the armada template. I want a single epic conversion box for all factions with several faction specific cards and a large 20+ campaign mission book. Making it more of a campaign/narrative boxset as well as epic conversion. I don’t expect the campaign to center on epic ships or require them in every mission but each epic ship should have at least 1 mission include it. They can even remake the 3x transport mission with card transport epic ships. The point is by making a well made progressive campaign like HotAC that includes the new epic 2.0 rules ffg will encourage people to buy and play epic in the campaign as well. Making epic less of an after thought.
  14. It’s almost pointless to buy now regardless. Odds are all the wave 1-2 stuff will hit clearance shelves before thier Reboxing is released.
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    HWK-290s Seem Good

    Cool thanks for the Star Wars lore!
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