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  1. Hope it's a complete campaign expansion themed to rogue one but contains so many spoilers they couldn't release it before the movie and contains a new xwing with paint job and fixes.
  2. SWX58 Still missing

    No point in holding back from revealing something like a token kit during the busy holiday gift season. Best guess is still something tied into the new Star Wars movie. So I guess we will find out in 2 weeks.
  3. Was Worlds Rigged so We'd all Buy Scum!

    Balance looks pretty good right now with multiple list types placing well and each faction placing And ordinance is somewhat good finally. Ironically I didn't expect another fat Han list placing in the top 4 at worlds. Even though it no longer is the all dominant force it once was it has to be the most resilient ship that is placing at worlds and only gets better with hotr.
  4. FFG please fix Fel's Wrath

    Fels wrath isn't bad because of one of the weakest abilities it's bad because it's a horrible combination of no ept, mid ps, high cost compared to something generic like Royal guard pilot which is cheaper, higher ps, and a ept. Honestly he would be awesome if he only had an ept and dealt 1 damage to whichever ship killed him or was able to do a primary atk to whichever ship killed him (even out of arc). However interceptors are great ships ever since they fixed them with Auto thrusters.
  5. X-Wing Co-Op Campaign is Here!

    The only way to allow the t-70 fairly is to allow it at ps6 with two less mod slots for about 6-8xp.The reason being that the t-70 is just a better t-65 with a boost/shield upgrade (both mod slots in this game), tech slot and slightly better dial with s-loops. So the two less mod slots will take care of boost and shield upgrade and the free IA sorta takes the place of a free tech slot and you end up paying 6-8xp for the slightly better dial. So in the end the t-65 is slightly more flexible with its mod slots whereas the t-70 is just flat out better in that particular setup.
  6. X-Wing Co-Op Campaign is Here!

    I believe IA is no mod slots on t-65 xwings, and the gchips take a mod slot.
  7. [HotAC] New ship inclusions?

    I would like to see something like the z-95 with a free shield upgrade and 8xp as a starting ship with xwing and ywing. Objectively this will make the z95 a dedicated missile carrier with the sole purpose of being upgraded at some point or you can bank your points and try to ps up to an awing/hwk/bwing right after the intro mission. I think the x/y/z95 represent the oldest rookie ships. Then at ps4 you can upgrade to awing/bwing/hwk. Then at ps6 you can upgrade to a t-70 xwing for 5 pts but it will have 2 less modification slots than the t-65 xwing at ps6 and the intergrated Astro can take up an additional mod slot if you take it whereas its a free upgrade on the t65. That seems to be pretty balanced and offer a lot more variety. I just started this campaign at my club last week. I hope version 8 and/or some follow up missions utilizing the gonzati, tie/fo, and imperial veterans makes a debut In the next two months. Xwing was slowly dying off in our shop but this seems to have people playing again.
  8. and I am out

    Actually with heros of aturi not into the current power creep and what I have up to imperial vets. I'm good for now. However I was hoping for a rebel aces and scum epic ship or a full campaign from ffg.
  9. To be fair boba crew was also made to counter emporer palpatine and a few other crew. Direct counters aren't necessarily bad, it's only bad if it completely invalidates lists and create a Rock Paper Scissors effect
  10. The faq was the wave 9 nerf to uboats.
  11. Seismic Torpedoes! Remove obstacles!

    Aces rely on thier evade to not get hit.This completely ignores that. However this is not a "hit" so does nothing for stealth devices However any way you can troll an ace so it has less ability to fly on the board is great. The fact you simply have this card discourages aces from flying anywhere near obstacles. And a 50% chance at damage from an obstacle is more then the % chance from most 3 primary attacks on an ace.
  12. XWing Missions are AWESOME!

    I know heros of the aturi cluster had a bunch of planned changes and suggestions and updates and expansions for version 8. And I know josh was busy and had to put it on hold. So I was wondering when version 8 might possibly come out.
  13. Best meta in X-wing history?

    I find it funny how people claim all imperial lists of named ships are Palp aces even when a lot of those lists don't even include a shuttle with palpatine.
  14. Rumored nerf to triple scouts??

    I don't see how this is a rumor when Alex Davy said it first on a podcast.
  15. New Star Wars game VR X-Wing

    I think the rumour is he's combining gameboy with console. So your controller is a gameboy type pad but syncs up to your console so you can download new games play on the big screen or play online. This gimmick might work, but then again the gameboy is competing with mobile. We will see I don't think ps4 VR is going to catch on. 3D is the pot of gold everyone's been chasing for years but never pans out. I own a brand new 60in 3D Sony tv I bought 3 years ago during the 3D tv craze. I never use it and the few 3D movies on blueray really aren't that great.