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  1. Furthermore most people are loooking for the same ship cardboard such as tie/ln or xwings. If you place first order or resistance maybe even scum you might be able to do fine on the secondary market especially if you are looking for newer releases of cardboard. But rebels and imperial players are screwed. Im going to have a hard time finding someone to take my 2 extra tie/ln, 3 tie/fo, 2 t-70s, ghost and shuttle for extra cardboard on ships I need like tie/ln or ships I want like newer imperial releases.
  2. So basically we won’t know till epic is ever done! I have 8 ties... the new core gives me 10. Beyond the whole issue about not having enough cardboard in a conversion and starter set I’ll likely have 2 useless tie ships unless epic has a rule that allows 10.
  3. Is the ship limit still enforced in 2.0?
  4. I hope they make epic a lot more like HotAC without necessarily the AI component but more of a progressive system incorporating quick play cards. i want an epic asteroid base model like HotAC. Even if it’s just a card. i want an epic 4x6 double sided mat (ISD on one side) i want the epic movement template to be more fluid and move like the armada template. I want a single epic conversion box for all factions with several faction specific cards and a large 20+ campaign mission book. Making it more of a campaign/narrative boxset as well as epic conversion. I don’t expect the campaign to center on epic ships or require them in every mission but each epic ship should have at least 1 mission include it. They can even remake the 3x transport mission with card transport epic ships. The point is by making a well made progressive campaign like HotAC that includes the new epic 2.0 rules ffg will encourage people to buy and play epic in the campaign as well. Making epic less of an after thought.
  5. It’s almost pointless to buy now regardless. Odds are all the wave 1-2 stuff will hit clearance shelves before thier Reboxing is released.
  6. Gungo

    HWK-290s Seem Good

    Cool thanks for the Star Wars lore!
  7. Gungo

    HWK-290s Seem Good

    Are we sure he won’t have a scum varient the moldy crow is definitely scum and rebel?
  8. Gungo

    HWK-290s Seem Good

    I’m fairly sure Kyle will get force powers he reason is that he is also a scum pilot and I don’t see many other pilots in scum having force powers and I seriously doubt scum will be excluded from force mechanic.
  9. Is saws ships rebel or resistance? I realize they are just uwing and xwing models. However I don’t actually need anymore rebel xwings. Especially those that don’t come with rebel conversions.
  10. If your able to check an online forum you will be able to use the online app. It’s not just for the phone. They also mentioned preset ship setups for quick play with reference cards.
  11. Ok I’ll add my questions to the chorus. 1) do we need a new core set for templates and damage decks? 2) if so is the promo damage deck only for starter set preorders or conversion sets as well cause this might help solve issue 1 above. (I already have 4x t-65 xwings and 8x tie/ln not including the 3 tie/fo repaints. So I can’t use anymore ties.) 3) you mention aces sets with repaints won’t be reboxed for second edition. Does aces set include “Guns for Hire” and “Heroes of the resistance”. I ask becuase heroes is not just a repaint (and I haven’t bought it yet). 4) And I realize epic and narrative games is a future announcement but I’d really like to see you guys make something great with this portion of the game like heroes of the Arturi cluster did.
  12. Hope it's a complete campaign expansion themed to rogue one but contains so many spoilers they couldn't release it before the movie and contains a new xwing with paint job and fixes.
  13. Gungo

    SWX58 Still missing

    No point in holding back from revealing something like a token kit during the busy holiday gift season. Best guess is still something tied into the new Star Wars movie. So I guess we will find out in 2 weeks.
  14. Balance looks pretty good right now with multiple list types placing well and each faction placing And ordinance is somewhat good finally. Ironically I didn't expect another fat Han list placing in the top 4 at worlds. Even though it no longer is the all dominant force it once was it has to be the most resilient ship that is placing at worlds and only gets better with hotr.
  15. Fels wrath isn't bad because of one of the weakest abilities it's bad because it's a horrible combination of no ept, mid ps, high cost compared to something generic like Royal guard pilot which is cheaper, higher ps, and a ept. Honestly he would be awesome if he only had an ept and dealt 1 damage to whichever ship killed him or was able to do a primary atk to whichever ship killed him (even out of arc). However interceptors are great ships ever since they fixed them with Auto thrusters.
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