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    Well, I guess you are right. And 3rd edition is only 3 to 4 years old, so I don't think they are done just yet. But it's supply and demand. And they don't attend their demand, because they don't want to (I think). If FFG could stake to challenge, and they have the right to make Space Hulk-based games, why not? It's just an idea. I thought saying it could make it closer to reality. Even more if there are others like me.
  2. Matthador


    Man, I just love Death Angel. I really do. I've played it by myself tons of times. But I think I'd like even more if it was a boardgame. Well, it's more board then card, I think. But it's not really a boardgame. There is a boardgame of it, I know, but it's really a pain to find, and I know why, and you know as well. It was meant it to be this way. But if Fantasy Flight made Death Angel, they would have the right to make a new boardgame, right? And maybe if I say it, Fantasy Flight will listen. So: "Hey! Make a Space Hulk 4th Edition! Or a Death Angel Boardgame Version, I don't know." Do you think they will listen if more people join the cry? Am I alone in this?
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