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  1. Also not sure if this is a translate error or just grammatical ... Page 17 of the rule book states "Even thRough numbered circle 120 is also adjacent to the yellow Policeman's location..." Must have auto corrected to "through" instead of "though" on you guys... Am I just nitpicking now??? Or should I pursue an editors position??
  2. Never a FFG answer on this??? The designs seemed to be all laid out just never got finished? Super disappointing that nothing ever came out.
  3. Kfad

    The Playmat

    I've replicated the playmat with felt I custom cut to the size, then marked the edges of the dashed lines by holding the felt just off-centered of the original, then used some artistic ability to finish the arch's myself. The felt let's the bugs bounce a lot smoother, and just creates a more ideal playing surface. I understand why FFG couldn't support that kind of surface with what must have been boxing/size restrictions, as my recreation doesn't fit into the box. Seems like a small sacrifice to make an amazing game even MORE amazing.
  4. Hey FFG! Just wanted to say I'm super excited to be running Letters from Whitechapel as my first game as head of "board game night" at my local game store. I've played Fury of Dracula and picture this being along those very same lines, so I'm hoping I can bring some justice to this style of play, as this will be my first time running a public even instead of a play group of friends. I've been playing board games my whole life and FFG has really raised the bar for me as far as a board gaming over the last 10 years of my life. All the revisions and new games alike are just above and beyond. I plan to feature a TON of FFG games at my board game night and continue getting people hooked on classics like Talisman, and lesser known reboots like Micro Mutants. Both have been instant additions for multiple people in my play group. Keep up the awesome work!! ---and also found a small typo in the description for LfW "If the police detective players catch catch Jack on his way to his hideout or delay his escape for a set number of turns, they win as a team." I'm not sure if it even is a typo... I just have an eye for things like that Made me giggle at the thought of a rule of "catch"ing Jack.. and then the more incarcerating version of "catch catch"ing him hahaha
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