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  1. Robin, I just doublechecked all of them (each of the four assets packs and both .pdfs), and they all appear to be fine. Are you having any other issues with Dropbox links? If your issues persist, please feel free to let me know, and I'll throw them up on a different host.
  2. It's not written as noir, but my One Shot First module has a lot of what you're looking for. It's more Indiana Jones than Blade Runner (to maintain the Ford theme), but it hits mystery and adventure in a pretty substantial way. You may want to read through it and see what you like there: http://thompsonpeters.com/eote/modules/
  3. Just to make it easy for you, Nate, as a heads-up - a lot of my work up there (Bendu's Shadow, Stalitz Flight, Echoes of the Past, Mos Shuuta expanded) was done before I set up my website. If you want to group those under a single link, the maps are all available at one location (http://thompsonpeters.com/eote/maps/) and the adventures at another (http://thompsonpeters.com/eote/modules/ - which you've already got up for One Shot First).
  4. Yep, that was definitely a typo. Thanks! The .pdf is updated with that fix. They're definitely not supposed to be able to take more than a glancing blow, though - they're not designed (out-of-the-box) for combat. The "Rival" descriptor, in this case, is just an abstraction for "a type of character that can use skill ranks alone." It's used to make the droid meaningful in situations where it's all by itself.
  5. Consider them as having an unnamed, invisible talent that reduces their effective soak value by one. Since they're NPCs, I just put in the numbers that I want them to have, regardless of character creation rules (and there are FFG NPCs that do the same, e.g. Teryx, p. 35 Suns of Fortune, Toydarian Farmer, p. 80 Lords of Nal Hutta).
  6. Sure do, and they'll go up on my site shortly with a handful of other deckplans. I was originally just going to use a full deckplan for the Dreadnaught like I did for a Corellian Corvette in an earlier adventure (albeit at a 10x scale - capital ships are no joke!), but I was already experimenting with different types of map presentations, and I wanted to try this for greater efficiency (of communication). I actually prototyped several different things for running the interior of the Dreadnaught - I considered a full (1x scale) deckplan for parts of it, I made a full (10x scale) deckplan that I eventually turned into the map above, and I also did a package of 40 tiles for making a more free-form interior. I ended up going with the solution that gave the one-shots the best chance of working in a single session, thus the one-sheet for the interior.
  7. Happy to oblige! Rodian was the tacit fourth species available in the Player Options section, balancing out the character foci (one smart guy, one rogue-y guy, one social guy, and one combat guy, with the Rodian being the fourth in that list). I'd love to hear how the character works out. Just saw your edit, Blackbird888 - I was torn over whether to offer the option of being without the prosthetic legs as a pseudo-disability (like Ammonia-breathing Gand) or not, because I could see both options as equally advantageous or disadvantageous. I left it entirely as a flavor choice for the players (i.e. choose Silhouette 0 or choose Silhouette 1 with leg prostheses). As for their tusks, their natural weapon only adds damage and a pair of weapon qualities; the base critical rating of their unarmed Brawl checks is still 5.
  8. I started off with a weapon that did a universal effect, which makes the most narrative sense (because the smoke goes everywhere, presumably). What I wanted as an end result, though, was a tool that the player could use to escape a tight spot, and if the smoke grenade hit them too, it wouldn't really facilitate that as well. Ultimately I went with this, which I justified to myself as okay, because it's a middle ground between logical and thematic - allies still get hit if they're too close, but they can plan to get out of the way (while the only way the user could get out of the way of a blast like this would be the Strong Arm talent) - and because, presumably, the player's character wouldn't be quite so Disoriented because they were expecting things. It can obviously be used to more effect than just smoke-bomb-run-away, which is fine - burning an item and a whole attack to give some Setback to enemies seems like a fair trade. I actually had that pool one higher at one point, and the name that goes next to the pool (Hard, Daunting, Impossible, etc.) is fairly arbitrary for me (which is why I went with Impossible+). The point was not to have a logical pool that the players would immediately attempt to roll (although they certainly can try), it's to have a tool for the GM to measure the absolute effects of the players' searching efforts. Because that pool ultimately is the result of the actions players take to narrow a search area, by the time the players try to roll it, it's usually in the neighborhood of a Hard (DDD) check, and it never results in an overall fail - just a manipulation of the time taken and the degrees of success. Thanks! I always felt that the player-character swap with the flashback was a little clunky, but I'm glad to hear your group liked it. Designing that dungeon was a lot of fun. Going back and updating the document isn't the first thing on my to-do list, but I'll certainly put it there.
  9. Hey, go for it! Your feedback is good - style changes are not the kind of things I act on right away, but I'm glad to hear them. A couple of the things you mentioned were obvious typos (mixed dashes, strain instead of wounds) and I've gone ahead and fixed them in the doc. Thanks! The Nelvaanian trait was originally called "Primitive" until someone let me know that such a trait already existed and was similar to what I had. It's kept different to reflect the different levels of investment required to bypass them. The thoughts about the Siniteen Intellect skill are pretty on par with what I thought some reactions might be. I love it, thematically (their species hat is "math"), and it's an allusion to other portrayals of the species - like I mentioned in the first post, it's a little obscure, but if it only makes me chuckle, it's worth it.
  10. Don't do that to me, don't do it. I already scrapped two fully deckplanned-out ships from this book because they were in some other source. Sigh. I'll update the stats. I had them wrong anyway (I copied my template and never changed it, and I missed it in proofreading!). The link should now reflect the correct change. Thanks for the heads-up!
  11. If you (or anyone) can't find something to disagree with in 142 pages of text, I think I might even be a little disappointed. If you want to find fertile ground for disagreement, I'd suggest starting in the Player Options chapter. The species are pretty out-there, designwise, and gear stats are always ripe for fiddly little tweaks.
  12. Thanks, and I'd love to hear any later thoughts you have too - especially those of you guys that just worked on Spark. I know you can probably empathize with the challenges of a book like this, and your unique perspective will be great to hear.
  13. After about a year of working on this off-and-on, I've finally wrapped up my latest project, One Shot First1, and I'm pleased to be able to share it with you guys. One Shot First is a project that's been slowly gaining momentum - I started out with a series of interconnected adventures that I'd planned to release with a large gear supplement and some basic planetary information (like a more expanded version of my previous adventure, A Primal Enterprise), but when Lords of Nal Hutta dropped earlier this year, I was inspired by FFG's more avant-garde approach to species and decided to go whole-hog and make a full supplement. The final Word doc was 90MB - I don't know that I've ever seen one that size! One Shot First is a full-length Savareen sector sourcebook all about exploration and adventure, similar to Suns of Fortune or Lords of Nal Hutta, although I've tweaked the modular encounters - they're now a set of one-shot adventures, playable as standalones, as modular adventure templates, or as a six-part campaign. One Shot First also has a full set of player options, with three new species2 and plenty of new weapons, gear, and vehicles. I could type several more words to describe the book, but instead I'll just post it here: http://thompsonpeters.com/eote/modules/ Check it out! 1No, there's no relation to the One Shot Podcast. It's a book about Rodians and One-Shots, what do you want? 2Yes, the Siniteen species is pretty off-the-wall. It's intentional, and check your math! Kudos if you recognize the reference.
  14. That was me (and thanks!), and you can see more here at my site: http://thompsonpeters.com/eote/modules/
  15. The only reason you call someone out on something like this publicly is so that it gets attention. Not crediting artists is a big deal, and it happens all the time. Kainrath did the right thing, and that ball's no longer in his court, but the tendency to ignore accreditation is something work talking about publicly. (By the way, if I shouldn't bring issues of bad manners up publicly, what are you doing?)
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