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  1. Much like Erathia said the Tau have a tech base that is way behind the Eldar and roughly on par with humanity. The tabletop game is designed to make them look very advanced and superior to the Imperium mostly because Imperial forces have a lot of WW2 flavor to their tactics as opposed to the more modern flavor of the Tau but they're not about the same fluff wise. The Tau's technological edge on the ground is almost always mitigated by their huge weaknesses in space. They lack warp travel capability and thus move slower than Imperial vessels as well as ways of significant firepower; using over sized rail guns is only so good against lances and macrocannons. As for stats pulling them from Deathwatch may require some tweaking because the units in there are usually powered up to allow them to survive a bolter round or two before dieing. As far as Kroot go you already have those stats from the Core book I believe. The hard part will be fluffing in the Tau in a believable way as the Jericho Reach is on the other side of the galaxy from the players (worm hole travel via a spot in the maw). You could do this by saying that there is a second worm hole in tau space that allows them to come here but then that opens you up to the possibility of Tyranid and Necron invasions from the Jericho Reach. Finally in running tau tread lightly as your players will be at a disadvantage outside of their ship due to the ranged edge of the Tau. But keep in mind that Humans chop up Tau like Orks chop up Humans in close combat and starship combat is fun.
  2. I like the idea of having the group back different factions in a system struggle and it could even be expanded to a star cluster should you wish to increase the scale and duration of the campaign. The only minor problem with that would be justifying those factions ability to travel in the warp or some other way between star systems. Remember that only navigators can navigate the warp easily so if they are human empires on that scale unsanctioned psychers would be much more risky. Alternately they could have rouge navigator houses working for them. Through some Xenos into the mix to as a common enemy that will focus more so on the winning side to keep a healthy amount of balance and even offer a peaceful way out of the competition for both sides. i find Orks are an easy enemy for a new party as Chaos can easily dump out way to much corruption, Eldar have a tech edge that can make them dangerous, and the Rak'gol are incredibly dangerous.
  3. 1.) In the Caiphus Cain novels the main character and a team of Terminators teleport out of a Necron Tombship onto a space marine battle barge which saves his life and the sabotage caused by the team cripples the ship. 2.) In the Soul Drinker's 1st novel the Mechanicus teleport onto the station they just captured and steal a priceless artifact and then escape by teleportation before the marines can retaliate; their team consisted of servitors. 3.) In the Tome of Fire trilogy one of the Salamanders Librarian uses his powers to "teleport" them off of a derelict ship with extra suits of power armor. I know it isn't the use of a teleportatium but the power is similar in many ways. I can't think of examples where things have been teleported as the technology is so rare that its usually only used by Space Marine chapters or the AdMech. On the same note the use of atomics is only done in the fluff by the loyalists of Krieg to destroy the chaos renegade faction that tries to take their world over, the use of five nukes turns Krieg into a deathworld.
  4. If you really want to mess with the players your could just say its an awesome derelict archeotech relic from the Dark Age of Technology, giving them rumors of what it could be from the above ideas, and then when they arrive its just an abandoned STC Monitor Station watching some random thing. This gives your players a chance to be sneaky and set up the Chaos and Eldar who are looking for it to arrive there at the same time and destroy each other without the players ever firing a shot. As for the Rak'gol who knows what those crazy space barbarians are up to.
  5. I have not personally run a split group like that but i have considered it because my group is so large (7 people). My Idea to split it was in a more COOPERATIVE way but I considered running it as two sons of a RT who are working together and sharing the warrant, profit factor, misfortune, and the like in two separate vessels and fleets. Which leads to an interesting dynamic as the groups are never completely independent of one another; for instance one group may need the other to rescue it or the mistakes one makes hurt both of them. It also allows everyone to come together for occasional large events and battles and the end of meta endeavors and the like or for people to move between the two groups as their schedule or roleplay dictates. As for your COMPETITIVE style of campaign I think it has a lot of merit and sounds like a very compelling and fun way to play. That being said I do foresee a few possible problems with that setup as it may: - Turn into both groups attacking each other and getting even instead of exploring the galaxy and building up profit factor thus resulting in a continuous loss in purchasing power that makes the game harder to play and less fun when they can't afford to buy the toys they need to continue their feud. - You could also have one group wipe the other one out or come out ahead so often it is clear that the other group doesn't stand a chance in the feud which will likely kill their will to play. - Also it will limit your ability to present enemies to the PCs because if they prove to be to tough then they will be easy picking for their rivals assuming those same rivals hadn't befallen a similar fate. - Players can't bounce between groups as easily either without being traitors or having multiple characters. The best way to prevent all of that is GM management of their interactions, like preventing them from going to all out war with the other group (in person not in proxy), forcing the two sides to take breaks from fighting with missions of deep exploration into the expanse or other mission that aren't going to be affected by their rivals, providing common enemies such and dangerous xenos or daemons, and heading off crippling strikes by one group against another so both can keep playing.
  6. Lately I have been considering how the Imperium would place bounties on voidships and how proof that the target had been eliminated could be given to someone who was not at the battle. I've considered the following ideas: - Gun camera/ auger array data proving that the ship did engage and destroy the targeted ship - The severed prow of the vessel towed back to port by the victorious ship - Carrying a representative to the location of the wreck to verify is death - The severed head of its captain brought back to port alongside auger array data However I am not quiet convinced that those would be the best ways to handle the situation and am looking to you guys to help me out and share with me how you handle voidship bounties and the like.
  7. When it comes to atomics in 40K they are rarer then rare and are mostly the providence of the Mechanicus mostly due to the fact that they are one of a handful of weapons that are banned by the Emperor and the Imperium as a whole. I you want to avoid this simple and OP tactic just prevent atomics from showing up in your game, or make their presence a rare occasion with a predefined target for the nuke. As for the teleportarium it is capable of "sending and receiving" teleportations however in order to bring an object to it would require that object to wear a teleportation homer. The homer allows the ships sensors to pick up on the location exactly but it can still be interrupted by shielding and anything else that would block signals like concrete and lead. The component would also take as long as several hours to prepare for a jump (4 rounds of ship combat) in order to have any chance of making it back out alive from the immaterium. It also requires a cool down time of half an hour before it can teleport again, not a pleasant amount of time to stand on an enemy ship with a nuke.
  8. This is good work Plushy and I will likely be using these in my own games when the players are ready for vehicles. Thanks!
  9. I made these up for my campaign taking place in a star cluster with a xenos race, the Goo'ha, and non-voidfaring humans on the world of Latavia. Latavian Combat Rifle Basic-Solid Projectile Requires: S35 to wield 85m; S/3/-; 1d10+3 I; Pen 1; Clip 30; Reload 1 Full; Two-handed, Storm This double barreled autogun utilizes an over-under barrel set up that is loaded by a drum magazine attached just in front of the trigger. The magazine is drum shaped and covers both sides of the barrels allowing them to be fed from the sides by the same magazine, while the most common type of ammunition is steel “Puncher” rounds designed with a protruding spike to penetrate armor. The higher gravity of Latavia gives the local populace the strength to take advantage of this design as weaker individuals would likely be knocked down by the strength required to wield this weapon, it is, however, incapable of full auto fire to prevent injury to the user. Latavian Storm Cannon Heavy-Solid Projectile 300m; S/2/5; 4d10+5 I; Pen 5; Clip 40; Reload 2 Full; Two-handed, Storm, Felling (1) Like all Latavian weapons this double barreled weapon (side to side) is loaded with Puncher rounds and has fearsome recoil. This heavy weapon has to be fired from a special tripod in order to manage the recoil of full auto fire with any accuracy. Latavian Dueling Pistol Pistol-Solid Projectile 35m; S/-/-; 1d10+3 I; Pen 1; Clip 10; Reload 2 Full; Accurate, Storm With two side mounted barrels this dueling pistol is loaded with Punisher ammo through two tubes underneath both barrels. Its intricate design is hard to produce and is reserved for officers and other important or wealth individuals. Goo’ha Shardgun Basic-Exotic 95m; S/2/-; 1d10+4 I; Pen 2; Clip 20; Reload 1 Full; Two-handed The default weapon of the Goo’ha that fires metal shards capable of impaling enemies Goo’ha Shardcannon Heavy-Exotic 325m; S/4/-; 3d10+7 I; Pen 5; Clip 80; Reload 2 Full; Two-handed, Felling (1) The default heavy weapon of the Goo’ha that fires large metal shards capable of shooting through enemies
  10. Good work, I'll hold onto these for use in my own games at some point.
  11. Nice work guys, I never thought to add onto the Oddities from the Core Rulebook. Looking forward to adding these into my own games. Edit: I would tweak Forever Tainted to have a trouble putting out fires as the flames are fueled by the taint thus giving a -5 modifier to out out the fire. Should make it an interesting for the crew.
  12. I am trying to run the published adventure in the Core Rulebook and I am looking for a digital image of the bridge of the ship to use in my own campaign. If anyone happens to have a copy of that and wants to share it with me and my players I would be very appreciative if you could post it below for me. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the fixing the bug so fast TiLT, I'll use the new system and see if any other bugs show up and add them in below. Found Bugs: None so far
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