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  1. You can see the rules here: http://www.orderofgamers.com/downloads/WFRP3_v2.pdf (page 31)
  2. From The Player's Guide (page 24): "Some talent cards require the player to exhaust them in order to generate its effects. To exhaust a talent, it is placed face down, still attached to its corresponding socket. Then place four recharge tokens on the card. While any recharge tokens remain, the talent is not available, and cannot be exchanged for a different talent."
  3. "Passing out & Strain" (page 62, bottom of right column)
  4. You could create Witch character, with access to action card similar to The Witch's Song (from Krijn NPC, just remove "song causes fear" part). This way you can have your dreamed singing spellcaster that is well matched to the setting
  5. Whenever you defeat a foe against whom you have a Grudge, you may reduce party tension by 1.
  6. It doesn't have to be Warhammer. There are other good dark fantasy settings, probably all of them with cheaper license. Chronopia? Gemini?
  7. About four months ago I ordered few supplements (Winds, Signs, Lure, Call, Omens). The wholesale is "unable to complete my order". I'm still waiting, but I guess I will never have them. I know, there is amazon, ebay etc. Shipping cost, customs duty, and euro/pound currency are almost doubling the price. For me, it's not an option. Seems like my adventure with 3 edition will end before it even really started
  8. I'm still not sure how to interpret this spell. Is the caster visible? Are enemies able to notice / observe / follow / attack him? What is the purpose of this spell (immediate chance to run and hide, short invisibility, creating shadow to meet the conditions of the other spells?). Do you have any thoughts on this, after years of playing the game?
  9. Does anybody know how much it costs to buy a horse or a coach?
  10. Sorry about the thread necromancy Is there some official rule about this?
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