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  1. Hopefully I can prepurchase the pack since Worlds is this week!
  2. Most likely you would only have to buy 1 expansion depending on the announcement of the deluxe. I am very positive you would only need to buy 1 deluxe expansion which gives you x3 copies of every card maybe except for the Warlord and signature units. The only exception where you would have to buy x2 deluxe would have been the Star Wars LCG (Edge of Darkness) that I am aware of.
  3. I might be down to play some lotr. I will have the deck with me etc but not the encounter cards. I will also be participating for Star Wars LCG on thursday. So if you see someone playing the game with the Fellowship event play mat, it may be me. Haha just ask if you want to confirm.
  4. I will certainly have my lotr cards with me at worlds from thursday to sunday. I will mostly be playing competitive card games from star wars, netrunner and conquest. So depending on how I do in those tournaments on each day will determine if I have time to play some casual lotr. It is unfortunate that there is no events or worlds specific stuff for lotr. Maybe next year
  5. Here is an email I send asking about Worlds for LOTR. Here is the head event coordinator reply. -------------------------------------------- Hello Aaron, At present we don’t currently have any programming planned for Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, but if enough people showed interest, we might be able to clear the space for an LotR meetup. I should note, such a meetup would not include any new or Worlds-specific promos, but we could make space for an older Nightmare Deck or similar, plus, developers Caleb Grace and Matt Newman will be around to help judge other tournaments if you would like to meet them - they are always glad to say hello to fans of LotR. I do hope that answers your questions, but if you have any others, please feel free to contact me directly. Thank you, Jaffer Batica Event Coordinator
  6. It will mostly likely be on Dice House Thursday FFG night. It is a fantasy flight product. So it fits right in. I believe the store championship mat depicts a CSM facing off against some Eldar. Yea the store champ's is next year. Talking about the first game night kit for this fall.
  7. Yes, who wouldn't want to miss those space marine mats <3. Once the game is officially out or before I will create a facebook page for California and run the meta for Conquest in Pasadena and Dice House.
  8. I can probably go when you guys would host a tournament with the game night kit but as far just going there on a regular basis, I unfortunately cannot (unless I would drive a motorcycle but don't). Just googled maps it and is about a 40 minute (+ or - ) drive for me.
  9. Glad you enjoyed the game! It was fun teaching you and your friends about this wonderful game that FFG has made. I am fortunate to have x2 core sets and start building a meta in the area. Looking forward to the tournament and casual play of this game.
  10. I will let you know as the date get closer, probably in the early afternoon.
  11. I am sure I can do next Thursday on there FFG night. Start teaching some conquest.
  12. That's good to know. I meet the owner before for Store Championship for Netrunner and Star Wars. He is a cool guy and love his store. Kinda wish it was a bit closer. It is about a 30-45 minute drive for me depending on traffic. I unfortunately will not make it tomorrow for their Thursday FFG night but maybe the week after. Start demoing the game or playing against some people. I already have x2 cores and a full set of the GenCon promos. Even thought didn't go to GenCon but had friends that went.
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