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  1. I like the Defender as the "big baddie" as I call it (a very technical term, I know). Although I have to admit I was getting a bit predictable using the white 4 K-turn during a couple of the games. But it's such a nice maneuver.If you stress or ion the enemy, you could set the dial face up and they Still wouldn't be able to do **** about the 4k I've never been a big fan of the Ion cannon (especially when I'm flying AGAINST one). But I like that Flechette Cannon. That could be a whole lot of fun.
  2. That's a good list, but I hate to give up the maneuverability of the Defender.
  3. Actualy I think PTL on Turr can be great. After you shoot you do a free barrel roll, then PTL and boost. Or the other way round. Yeah sure, great until you meet an enemy ship at PS8+. They shoot you up first, making Turr's post-shot movement shenanigans less useful. Not saying PtL is bad on Turr, but its definitely of less value in a high PS world... I agree. Pilot skill is important when you're flying ships as fragile as the Interceptor. Plus, it's so much fun watch the look on an opponent's face as you boost and/or barrel roll right out of their most powerful ship's firing arc.
  4. I like the Defender as the "big baddie" as I call it (a very technical term, I know). Although I have to admit I was getting a bit predictable using the white 4 K-turn during a couple of the games. But it's such a nice maneuver.
  5. I like that. Turr is a good option. Although I like Carnor's Dark-curse like denial of focus and evade token use. For a second I thought "Flechette Cannon" was a typo. Gives me a reason to get the M3-A. I've had to wait on that and the IG-2000 for monetary reasons, but that's the cheaper of the two anyway, so I think I'll get that ASAP. Thanks!
  6. Yeah, you're right. In my defense, I was trying to assemble a list at work the night before the event. I didn't realize his (relative) uselessness until I started playing.
  7. Hello all, On Saturday, I played a list that is similar to one that won me a store tournament in October and went 0-5. Admittedly, my first two losses were by 7 and 2 points, and I didn't fly perfectly, but I think this list needs some tweeks. Here's the original that won the tourney (4-0) Soontir Fell + PTL (30 points) Carnor Jax (26 points) Rexler Brath + HLC (44 points) Total 100 points My losing list (5-0) from Saturday: Soontir Fel + PTL + Autothrusters (32 points) Carnor Jax + PTL + Autothrusters (31 points) Colonel Vessary + VI (36 points) Total 99 points I know Vessary's pilot skill is useless without another ship that can target lock on the table. He was my choice purely because of math. And I misread the Autothrusters card (I thought it was outside of range 2 AND outside of firing arc). I didn't get it right until the last round. So those two things definitely affected how the list performed. Also, due to a back injury and the heavy snow, I haven't had as much practice as I normally would have. I know this list can be better, but should I beef up Soontir and/or Carnor, or should I swap out the Defender for another ship? I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks!
  8. I would have picked Palpatine as the poster child for "shoot the hostage" and I'm also surprised he came alone, especially on a shuttle that has a crew of six. If nothing else, a handful of Imperial Guardsmen aboard the shuttle should have been very tough opposition. Yeah. Me too. But apparently Palpatine wanted to have a showdown with the Force emergent character in our group. However, we had Darth Revin, who Palpatine was planning to revive and take as his new apprentice. Oh, did I mention that Vader is missing, presumed dead, after said Force emergent character blew up the Death Star. And another one from our group took a pot shot at Vader during the lightsaber duel with Obi Wan, and Vader directed it to hit Obi Wan's leg. So, Obi Wan's last words weren't "You can't win, Darth. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine." All he could get out before he died was, "Ow! Who shot me in the bloody leg. No ... wait, if you strike me down, I shall ..." That took some explaining when we got back to the rebel base.
  9. This is the Lambda from from Episode VI. I've seen the overhead plan, but it's just seats. I kind of figured Palpatine would have a special cabin of some sort. I suppose I can just work something out with the GM. I think the GM is still a little in shock. Our group had two Jedi holocrons and a Sith lord who was in stasis. He had Palpatine waiting there alone blocking the way to our ship. The Emperor wouldn't attack us while we had the Sith lord. Rather than attack (which I saw beginning much like the Vader in the dining room in Bespin), one of us asked if the route to Palpatine's shuttle was blocked. It wasn't, so we hightailed it to the Lambda and took off. It was a totally unlikely scenario, but it was so much fun to play out. A far as obligation, I figure we're public enemies 1-5 after this, and I owe Jabba the Hutt 10,000 credits that I had hidden on my ship. So, we can't go hide with them. Even the GM doesn't know where that campaign is going to go from here. But it sure is gonna be interesting.
  10. Hello all, I'm part of a group that was forced to steal Emperor Palpatine's Lambda Shuttle while trying to escape our latest mission after access to our YT-1300 was blocked. Now, I'm not the GM, but I am the pilot of the group. and I like having an interior map of my ship, or at least and idea what it's like. I've found a couple of generic shuttle interiors online as well as a brief description on the Wookiepedia. There I saw it may have a cloaking device. I'll have to talk to the GM about that. Can anyone direct me to specific information about the emperor's shuttle? It doesn't have to be a map, but a general description would be great. Thanks in advance!
  11. Very true. When it comes to close air support, the uglier, the better. Look at the old A-6 Intruder, ugly as sin, but boy could it save a soldier's life in Vietnam and the first Gulf War.
  12. I don't know you. But I'd be happy to play against you any day. As far as I'm concerned, you have nothing to worry about. Remember "Fly Casual" also means "Win Casual" and "Lose Casual." I've lost more games than I've won, but that's because I'd rather have fun then stress out about the game. That's my 0.02 credits ...
  13. I am very interested, but it looks like I'm gonna have to get a better-paying job.
  14. I know this is only one data point, but I was able to defeat a Han/Lando list with Soontir Fel (w/PTL), Tur Fennir, Howlrunner (w/ST) and a pair of Academy TIEs. I actually came in second in the store tourney behind that list (something to do with the strength of schedule). Anyway I just focused fire on Lando and kept my interceptors zipping in and out from behind asteroids. I made a couple of bad moves, but the dice saved me. (How many times can you say that in this game?) Once I took out Lando, Han lost his extra action and I did the same thing to him. I had him at one hull when we ran out of time. I only lost Howlrunner. I was scared going into the match, but I really worked to get some high-value shots in. I don't know what would have happened if the dice weren't rolling my way, but I love the Interceptors. This is now my go-to list if i want to do well in a tournament. I think the Interceptor has more to worry from Rebel Aces than from Wave 4. The stress management options of some of those pilots, have me concerned. Well, that's my $0.02.
  15. Lots of great ideas here, as well as some interersting discussion about the merits of Soontir Fel vs. Turr Phennir. I think what I need to do i break out either my Firespray or Albino Space Bovine (I like the buzzsaw shutlle variety) and try one of them as a third ship. Of course, I still haven't taken the Defender out of spacedock. That's a pricey ship, though. However, I might be pursuaded to put the Phantom on the back burner for now and try out a Soontir/Turr list. Hmmm, I think I have some work to do ...
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