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  1. Awesome! Thank you so much for your replies and the helpful info!
  2. Hi there, So I don't play the table top game, but I'm a huge fan of the 40K setting. That has lead me to pick up Deathwatch (I have most of the books released), Dark Heresy 2nd edition (I have all of the book released except the newest one. Plan on getting it soon), Only War (I have the main book and the Enemies of the Imperium book), and Black Crusade (I have everything released.) I have yet to play or GM any of these books and I'm hoping to start GMing one some time this year. Currently I RPG in a D&D group that contains in addition to myself three veteran RPGers, two newbies, and a veteran game master. I play in this game, and I GMed several games a bunch of years back mostly Deadlands and Palladium Books stuff. Of my group I'm the one with the strongest knowledge of the 40K setting. Our current D&D GM plays the 40K tabletop game with an Imperial Guard army, but doesn't have a huge knowledge of the fluff, and one of our veteran RPGers has some basic knowledge as well All the members of my group have expressed interest in giving a 40K RPG a try, but my question for you guys. Is which one do you think would be a good place to start? I'm thinking Black Crusade because I have all the books, one of my players likes morally ambiguous and sometimes out and our villain stories, and I think my group would enjoy the chance to be bad guys after being heroes in D&D. I also think they would like the chance to play a mixed party of human and Space Marine characters. So what do you think? Am I right? Is Black Crusade a good starting point? Or would I be better off easing them in via a different game like Dark Heresy or Only War? Thanks for your time and thoughts, DWR
  3. Thanks to the others who chimed in as well. This helps. I really want to scare the poo out of my players and give them some worthy adversaries but I also don't want to put them in unwinnable situations
  4. Hi there, So I have a bunch of Deathwatch books that have yet to be played because my players told me they'd prefer Dark Heresy Second Edition. I'm working on reading that right now, but I wanted to get some use out of those Deathwatch books. In those Deathwatch books I have stats for Necrons and some Chaos Space Marines that I think would both make for some harrowing encounters for my players. Any advice on porting those types of adversaries over? My plan for the Chaos Space Marine is to have him be a lone Word Bearers Dark Apostle who's acting behind the scenes and manipulating various Chaos cults. The players wouldn't be facing him directly for several adventures. He would be a mastermind behind the scenes villain. What do you think? And any ideas on suitable Necron adversaries to throw at a group of acolytes? Thanks for your time, DWR
  5. Hi there, I'm not sure if I'm completly understanding how the Initiative track works. So i was hoping for some clarification. Specifically I'm wondering this: So my opponent is two places ahead of me on the Initiative track. Would I be able to use my turns to put a card on the map and then turn it over? Or would I have to wait to turn the card over until after my opponent's next move? Thanks, DWR
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