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  1. That was apparently messed up by a basically surprise move of company. A French player (who I consider trustworthy) says they have direct connections into EDGE though, and that they are finally ready. So next few week, probably even next week.
  2. The Alchemist is basically the potion version of the Wardmaster. Which, fun as it is, is really unnecessary because that's one of the most obvious things you can make your own school for. The Architect is pretty different, but doesn't fit the theme of the book and is imo pretty much only there because they needed a school for every clan. The Stablemaster is actually pretty cool, but again doesn't actually fit the theme and is something that doesn't exactly seem like it would be very attractive to players. And well, yeah, the Shadow Weaver should have been kagenari. It's very cool in that it shows off a school ability that is quite unlike most others, so it's not something many people would just come up with - but I'd have rather had that as an invocation that a Soshi would learn...
  3. Quick side note: The issue with adding more inversions in another book is that it means duplicating the entire section explaining how they work, because FFG had (and perhaps EDGE will continue to have) a strong policy of only requiring the core rules and the book you're looking at. So you can't just add more inversions in another book, because that would require you to have Celestial Realms. See also why bonds were duplicated in Courts of Stone and Path of Waves. Here's the thing, it's not that I dislike most of the schools. Many of them are pretty cool. My issue is that they offer very little new content unless I make a new character. If you have an existing character, Path of Waves offers a bunch of cool new stuff, while every other book offers almost nothing. Sure, they diversify the families and all, again - the schools are pretty cool, but mechanically I want more titles, more bonds and more techniques and that would take _less_ space than all these schools. Instead of having 8-10 schools per new book, I'd much rather have only 2-3, and 20 new techniques. And that's apart from schools like the Kolat Saboteur, which should have been a title, or the Kitsune Impersonator, which is a throwback to that bad old design of "Elf is a class". There should have rather been an alternate 20 Questions - whether all or just some - for spirits like Kitsune. Especially now that we have rules for making our own schools.
  4. The shadow brands are mentioned in the book with a paragraph in a section on various magical/religious practices, but yeah, the Shadow Weaver is pretty explicitly not that. For whatever reason. I think that was a hella poor choice, but so were several other schools and just generally, going with more and more schools, rather than more techniques and titles, considering what a player will actually get access to.
  5. Also, Diogo, don't bother waiting for this book of you want Shadow brands - they're not in it.
  6. It has repeatedly been confirmed to work that way because the curriculum of a rank only applies as long as you are working on that rank. Afterwards, your curriculum changes, and doesn't include the privileged access entries anymore. Similarly, it's not like your curriculum keeps expanding, so that you can spend your XP on anything that's on your Rank 1-3 curriculum tables if you're trying to achieve Rank 4. The only one that applies at any given time is one title and the rank you're working on. Think of it more like a uni: if you've not taken optional class X, you might not get the chance to pick it later.
  7. Why are these Earth things? Analyze (or Survey, in the second case) sound much more appropriate. Which, hey, that's Air (or Water). Earth's Recall makes no sense in these situations.
  8. It's not an email address but the support form on the website. That then goes to the respective person at FFG, and then they respond via email (at least ime). Specifically, it's this Rules Questions one: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/contact/rules/
  9. Yeah, I thought so too, but after getting this answer, and also thinking about Hawk's Precision and similar effects, I've realized that it is RAW. The thing is that that whether or not something is possible isn't checked at the beginning of a check, during Declare Intention, but at the end, when you count successes. If you, at that point, fail a prerequisite for the declared intent, whether that's being out of range, a condition or simply the GM saying "this is not possible", then you fail at the declared action. Of course, a nice GM says "you are missing these prereqs, and this roll will fail at the end, no matter your successes" at the beginning, when setting the TN.
  10. Of course! And I agree. The more people send them support requests to that effect, the more likely they will. Lightly edited for formatting. <snip> that is, whether one can attempt an action while Incapacitated, hoping to get to ignore Incapacitated. RAW yes. I don't think it's unbalanced, but I wouldn't fault a GM for just saying no to keep things simple, though.
  11. Because I've asked support/the devs, since otherwise Void's "Ignore a Condition" seemed useless and Bleeding completely non-threatening. I agree that it isn't at all obvious from how it is formulated in the book and I suspect that's why it didn't end up in the FAQ: Not many people even thought to ask, since it's so clear! Edit: oh, and I think what ultimately made me ask was a Movement type action with an Opportunity spend to remove Immobilised.
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