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  1. I'd argue that while the individual actions you took weren't witnessed and the Honor loss purely internal, people will start noticing that you are not behaving according to Bushidō. Once your Honor goes low enough, it will begin to show in all sorts of little ways - and that's where Whispers can come from. On top of that, in this world, it might also show in other ways. Not as extreme as the changes in the game Fable (if you know it), but in the same vein.
  2. It has been removed as an explicit option, but iirc (away from book right now) they mention potions as a thing you can do too. Wards being the worked example for a general ability to bind invocations into physical objects.
  3. You can also reserve such a kept die. I think another part of it is that there are no "floating" results that aren't tied to a die. If you have a result, it's a result on a die.
  4. That is a great point, actually. So much of Rokugani society involves polite fictions - no, I certainly can't hear what these two guys are shouting at each other, there's a paper wall in between! - that it makes a lot of sense to basically treat titles as separate persons. As long as you only speak to the Emerald Champion, that's who you're in a room with. Once you address the Lion Clan Champion...
  5. Yes, but that's down to the prayer just as much as the strength of the shugenja. That matters too, but pure personal power is not going to get you results as consistent and "easy" as having proper prayers - unless you ask kansen for help and that's a whole other kettle of tea...
  6. No, both are recognized - but Rob progresses faster because he follows the school's teachings. Sumai fighters are not standard Hida bushi, so of course being one is not the most efficient way of being a Hida bushi. That's still hardly a punishment. Bob doesn't lose access to anything, isn't worse at anything or in any way restricted from doing what he wants. At worst, if he never spends any XP on anything in-curriculum, it takes him twice the XP to reach R6. Since reaching that high is quite unlikely in the first place (at least if this works out as in most other RPGs) and, even if you do, you're unlikely to continue for much longer before starting a new campaign with fresh characters and ranking up doesn't massively increase your power level - it really doesn't matter a whole lot. Have you played the game and noticed any issue from the curriculums? Or is this based purely on reading it? If the latter, I really suggest playing first.
  7. I mean, sure, at the start, with 0 XP characters are likely to be somewhat mecahnically similar. As you say, 5 Rings and ~20 Skills that can go from 0-3 (1-3) don't make for a huge variation - although the Advantages and Disadvantages do make up for that quite well, as do all the relationships and other things you define in character creation. Still, I really don't see how the mechanics are "inflexible" and "actively punish players for building their character as they choose or situation demands". You can build your character completely freely, after all.
  8. I don't know why you would think so. The 20Qs are quite flexible and allow for a whole bunch of free picks and as soon as that's done you can spend your XP any way you want (it's just not as efficient in leveling, but that doesn't matter a whole lot).
  9. Generally agreed, TheHobgoblyn, but there is one bit that I think needs correcting, because it's rather relevant. Kansen are corrupted kami and to deal with them you explicitly do not need to be a shugenja! They are willing to grant power to anyone in exchange for getting tainted, while regular kami only communicate with shugenja. And I'd also like to add that having such a "gift" doesn't make much sense in-universe because you do not simply "draw strength" from the kami, or order them to do stuff. You ask them nicely by reciting a prayer and perhaps offering them something. The prayers are so standardized and ritualized that you always get the same effect, but you can forgo that and importune the kami to do other stuff. All that said, if you want to play it like this in your game, feel free. It is a fairly big departure from the setting as presented, however.
  10. But the Asako Loremasters are in the book? All families got a school.
  11. I think that you should add omnicrone and Lorne's suggestions to that list, though. 4. Send a trained bird, such as a raven or homing pigeon. Rare, probably only works between established routes, but is a pretty good option all told. 5. Get a Shugenja to help. You either need to be really important or have a very good reason, but a Shugenja has ways to deliver messages over long distances. Worst case, they can use Domain of Suijin (I think?) to just teleport somewhere nearby. This ability is so useful, my Rokugan is likely to have temples to Suijin with suitable pools of water in important locations and have Shugenja visit them during their training, precisely so that this kind of long-range warning system is possible. It's a sacred thing, though, not to be abused frivolously.
  12. Yeah, that makes sense. That would also explain why it's not simply a condition or placed elsewhere in the books. It's to be used for hazards.
  13. I presume that you're either meant to be in a fight, and suffer suffocation from a spell or other effect, whereupon your enemy will quickly end you or you're in a narrative scene, where if you are suffocating, get incapacitated and there's no one to help you, you simply die. But it does seem like a mechanical oversight, unless it's meant to be used as torture...
  14. Nice to see such a positive review from peiple who seem to understand the game.
  15. Myrion


    Why so, Fuyuma? You're tougher, so it takes more blood loss to make you too weak to fight - but that amount still is much worse for you than the little it takes for a weak character to pass out.
  16. Myrion


    That's not what I referred to, Avatar. I was talking about having Bleeding while still at Fatigue 0. So I take damage from Bleeding by keeping Strife and then Void it into a Crit - which is a Crit 0, so I don't take damage but I break my clothes.
  17. Myrion


    So I bleed so heavily, I destroy my clothing, but don't otherwise take damage... That's borked xD
  18. It's on drivethruRPG, and every other RPG on there that I own simply updates the file, which I can then redownload. I expect this will work the same way.
  19. While I'd love to, I feel it's important for any bystanders who don't have you on ignore yet to see the counterpoints to your often ridiculous outlook and how the game is meant to be played. So I'm pretty glad to see people like ak_aramis, who also haven't just given up on interacting with you, no matter how condescending and insulting you get.
  20. I really like their school ability too! I just also like the idea of them making fireworks and potions.
  21. Yes, that would be half the point. I might try to allow school rank * PIs for all Shugenja and the Yogo just get another school rank worth of wards.
  22. I'm a tad disappointed that a Shugenja can only have one prepared invocation, with only the Wardmasters getting a few more. The Agasha f.ex. should be able to have quite a few potions on them, I think.
  23. Yeah, Soaring Slice is more of a finisher for someone who's trying to run away or if you want to hit them with a poisoned weapon rather than poisoning all your arrows or shuriken. Throwing a poisoned knife at someone can be quite effective, too...
  24. Why would I need Water stance for two weapons? If it's a duel, then I can draw both with a single opp on an Iai tech, if not, we'll have started far enough apart that I can have both drawn before we're in melee range. Bows counter this because they stand far enough away to hit you before you can reach them, and to reach the archers you have to get past their friends - so either you ignore those guys and get cut up but reach the archers, or the archers get to shoot you without worrying about your Coiling Serpent. I would allow disarming with a Martial Arts (Earth) check similar to Crimson Leaves Strike. TN 3, because it doesn't knock the weapon away all that far, and only deals base damage, no Bonus Successes. Leaves plenty of niche for Crimson Leaves, but anyone can try disarming. The game makes it trivial to make up any rules you need. Or not need, but feel you do because you've got it in your head that your theorycrafting is actually how this game plays.
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