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  1. I have a feeling that "on the boat" status means that it is actually being shipped by boat from overseas where the expansions were being manufactured. Most likely China.
  2. Well you're going to have to wait till the next fiscal year (the 1st quarter of 2014) atleast. because they aren't releasing this in Q4 2013, that's for sure.
  3. Well we're in the 3rd month (last month) of Q4 2013. Not only that it's halfway through the month and it still hasn't been released. Usually, I wouldn't bug too much about the release of an expansion and its misguided "expected by" dates but as I said in my last post of this thread, I have this preorder bought with all my other already-stocked products. This is the only thing holding me back from playing the other 3 games. Summer was pretty much snuffed when I saw "Expected by: Q4 2013" and ordered it in the first week of August. It made me think it would release by the time Q4 started so the fourth quarter tournaments would be game-changing. I guess from now on I should wait to buy any of these expansions when they are reprinted for the first time to ensure that they are in stock.
  4. It better be September. I made the mistake of ordering a few games with this not-yet-released expansion late July. So I have to wait for this one expansion to finally release in order to get all my other goodies. Now if there is any "hoping" then I hope it releases early September like this week or next week.
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