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  1. dmuerto

    2 players relic

    Hi folks, a quick question: how does this game work with only 2 players, is it as enjoyable as with 4 and are there any other differences? ty.
  2. Ty ty! Now off to some deckbuilding with this excellent game. :D
  3. So I can for example use 4 objective sets from Jedi (2x A journey to dagobah included) and 6 objective sets from Rebel Alliance and just choose the Jedi affiliation card? Or is there a rule about choosing the affiliation card too? ps. thanks for the speed of light answer
  4. Hey all, I don´t understand the meaning of x affiliation only objective sets, for example a Jedi only: " A journey to Dagobah". Can one use "A journey to Dagobah" in a mixed deck with Jedi and Rebel Alliance? Are there some restrictions for them or what? thanks in advance
  5. Oksat, 1 more: if an upgrade says "scoreboaed phase" does it trigger every scoreboaed phase or must i exhaust and choose 1 of em?
  6. Thanks! How about end of game upgrades, which give for example two fans at the end of the game. Do they all happen at the end of the game or do I have to choose 1 of them? And does "match up phase" mean that a manager commits 1 player to a highlight then use a match-up action (staff/teamupgrade) if he/she wants? Then a new match up phase begins in which an opposing manager commits 1 player etc. ?
  7. hello, we had a game last night and came up with some questions: 1. can guard ability be used by a player against a tackler from another highlight? 2. if a player has the ability to tackle several times, can he only tackle a player that is in the same highlight? 2. are there any limit on staff/team upgrades that a manager can have in play? 3. in overall we didn´t understand the usage of upgrades, WHEN can they be used, HOW many of them can I use in a turn, do all of them EXHAUST or are they just like passive abilities which work throughout the game? What is the DIFFERENCE between team and staffupgrades? thanks in advance
  8. Hey´all a total TI noob here with a question: So at the beginning of the game every player is dealt 1x secret objective card. If he/she ever completes it, will he/she get a new secret objective card or is the old one just discarded? Then you deal 1 objective card stage 1 on the board everytime someone activates the strategy card Imperial I, correct? So here is where I get cuckoo, when will we start dealing objective cards stage 2s? Can´t find it from the rulebook. Oh and if there is a public objective card in play, if 1 player completes it, is it removed/ discarded from game, or can multiple players complete it, in other words put their flags on top of it when completed? Thanks in advance!
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