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  1. Hi everyone. I wanted to do a shugenja/monk school because everyone loves kung-fu wizards. I chose Asako Henshin as my labrats because I actually don't care, they are just convenient. I know Kaito already exist, but I want a more punchy flavor and bigger focus on invocations over kata. This is a WIP, but all comments and criticisms are welcome. Asako Henshin (Monk, Shugenja) Rings: +1 Void, +1 Any Starting skills (choose four): +1 Fitness, +1 Martial Arts [Unarmed], +1 Meditation, +1 Theology, +1 Sincerity, +1 Medicine Honor: 45 Techniques available: Invocations, Rituals, Kiho Starting techniques: Invocations (choose two): Path to inner peace, Armor of Earth, Wall of Earth, Dominion of Suijin, Rituals: Commune with Spirits, Divination Kiho (choose two): Freezing the Lifeblood, Earth Needs No Eyes, Earthen Fist, Water Fist, Ki Protection The Elemental Riddles (School Ability): As a downtime activity choose a Ring. Until the next downtime all invocations and kiho activation checks made with this ring add additional bonus successes equal to your School Rank Rank 1: Scholar Skills Fitness Martial Arts [Unarmed] Mediation Rank 1 Water Invocation Freezing the Lifeblood Striking as Earth Rank 2: Martial Skills Sincerity Theology Medicine Rank 1-2 Earth Kiho Power of the Earth Dragon Open Hand Style Rank 3: Q: Why Water/Earth? A: Mostly because Togashi are Fire/Earth and Kaito are Air/Water so I wanted something different. Q: What is their Invocation flavor? A: I'm leaning towards Elemental, because Phoenix, but Fortunist is a solid contender, because Monk. Could even be Foreign because they are proprietary Henshin techniques with direct, practical names. Q: Why can Henshin do Invocations? A: Because I want them to. A Watsonian answer however would be that Henshin focus on and close attunement to the elements enables them to build an intimate relationship with the Kami that the Togashi lack due to focusing on internal practices and thus Kiho. Alternatively, the Henshin invocations are only mechanically similar to the Shugenja Invocations, in actuality being a direct manipulation of the elements by means of Henshin Mysteries. Q: What's the logic behind the school ability? A: Togashi gain 6 free kiho and add school rank bonus successes to them. Fortunists gain 6 free invocations and add school rank bonus successes to them. Henshin don't get free kiho or invocations, but they can add bonus successes to all checks in one ring. This makes them potentially narrowly more powerful than either, but requires planning of which ring you are going to use.
  2. To be honest, that's probably the biggest problem to me with this edition. The mechanics are so boring. The cool stuff that could make your character feel unique and impactful is generally all hidden in Rank 6, with Rank 1 school abilities mostly being fiddly dice tricks. The game might tell you that you are a cool Seppun Astrologer manipulating the future to your advantage, but what that factually means is that you have one success squirreled away for one roll. Being an exotic Meishodo amounts to having a bit more favorable odds on your favorite spell. And so on. Kolat Infiltrator is probably the single best ability in the entire game because it has some narrative weight to it, even if mechanically it's just a dice fiddler. The game would benefit from more abilities like Rank 6 Kolat and Seppun Astrologer, and from the coming online much sooner. Legacy suffers from this the most, because what all "skill" lines amount to is a +1 rolled die, and I struggle to imagine anything more boring than that. Techniques you can use proactively, items are unique and fancy, especially if it's an estate, and Blessed Lineage you can swing around for un-rolled narrative benefits.
  3. Looking at the Taoist Blade, I'm not that impressed to be honest. Your base is Water 2/Fire 2/Void 2, with +1 you are going to spend in any two of these. But you start with a Water kiho and learn Water kiho at rank 1, so it's going to be Water 3 probably. But Water kiho just don't seem that good with a blade to me. The best damaging Water kiho is Freezing the Lifeblood, and it gets nothing from being used with a Katana. Water Fist is better than nothing, but you would have gotten much more out of any other Fist. On top of this, you have non-synergistic skills. You have to invest into Martial Arts twice (weapons and unarmed), and Unarmed does nothing for you except activate kiho. So you are lagging behind upping your half-dead skill all the time. Rank 5 "Deadliness $TEXAS" notwithstanding, is there some kind of catch I'm missing? Taoist just seems not as good as a Togashi. You can duel, I guess, but you don't have anything exceptionally synergetic with dueling.
  4. Seppun is an odd school. It seems extremely unreliable because you have to pick a specific ring, but if you do get the ring right - anything you rolled is good. You can apply the prediction dice to any character, which means you can buff your friends or make your enemies fail.
  5. Which Shugenja school in your opinion is The Best? Perhaps with the "at what" qualifier. To me it seems like Kitsu mediums are the best all-around school, as their school technique lets them be ultra-flexible by pulling any invocation on the fly, and their mastery ability just lets them be a new character whenever they want. Isawas are good at pulling out loads of bonus successes by lowering the TN, but I can't really say if this is useful or not. Scorpion school gets an invisibility spell out the gate, so they are better ninjas than ninjas. What about other shugenjas? What are they good at? Are any over or underpowered? What school should I pick if I want to be a bushi wizard, dueling muggles with my elemental katana and chewing jade?
  6. "You are a daimyo moving this diverse bunch of samurai to the conquest of Rokugan" is literally the initial premise of the card game.
  7. @Magnus Grendel I was talking about the Togashi, but the conclusions seem valid still. Only that Fire is worse than Earth on a Togashi due to lower deadliness of the fists.
  8. The answer here seems to be that what Rokugani think about Shugenja magic is not necessarily the absolute truth about Shugenja magic. A lot of the ritual surrounding the kami is just that - ritual to make the kami and the shugenja feel fancy and important. Maybe those ten years in Isawa school are more important to maintaining the social status of the Isawa school than to having Kami answer your requests.
  9. Are any of them superior to the Earth Fist or Way of the Earthquake though?
  10. Since we are in a Togashi thread. @Avatar111, you seem like a knowledgeable fella. Assuming a choice between Water 2 and Fire 2, which is the superior Togashi? Which Elemental Fist is the best fist (ignoring the answer "whichever is your highest ring")? I'm thinking Earth 3 is the best choice for a Togashi, to do Way of the Earthquake, but what next?
  11. "Rank 6" anything is not a functional benchmark. Most games don't last long enough to reach the character development endgame.
  12. Ninjutsu seems like the absolute worst since it basically just means you have Skulk (the only rank 1 ninjutsu), which is useless unless you have gargantuan Skullduggery score. Meanwhile, Theology is a socially acceptable skill a lot of bushi can find good use for. Just because you have higher Status doesn't mean anyone listens to you. It's a bonus to your social checks at best.
  13. Something I've just noticed is that Stolen Knowledge (Invocations) is disproportionately more powerful than any other ability. And the reason for that is importuning. To importune an invocation you have to know an invocation. And thanks to Stolen Knowledge - you can. You get to know all invocations ever. This really seems like an unintended hole to me that should be patched in the errata.
  14. Another point of practicality is that monks have more time and opportunity to learn martial arts than your average peasant and that you'll get mocked for attacking a monk, and especially for getting your *** whooped by a monk. And that monks actually have an institution behind them that would protect them, unlike peasants. So while yes, at the edge of legalism a monk is worth less than a samurai, a samurai who decides to pick a fight with a monk is looking for trouble.
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