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  1. Hey guys- As will most waves, I've been putting all the information about this wave down in one place. For Wave 11, you can see it here! Additionally, since we're 11 waves in now, we did a bit of fact finding and trivia at the end of the post. For instance...how many pilots do you think are in the game? I hate to be clickbait-y...but I was surprised! (OK, it's 252!)
  2. Hey Guys- There's still some unspoiled stuff (a few pilots, upgrades, TIE Striker) but if you wanna get amp'ed up for Wave 10, or just see all the upgrades and pilots in the same place, check it out here! If you don't wanna check it out, here's the TL;DR: -Upsilon is gonna be a pain to store -Conditions suck (kinda/sorta ) -Quadjumper moves backwards! -Sabine is the most used pilot in the game! -Rebels can equip Illicit upgrades on 3 different ships -Inspiring Recruit (go look!) is NOT faction specific! Thanks for looking!
  3. I was also confused by the use of the RNG acronym, which I've always known as short hand for range. I guess I've been misunderstanding about 50% of the conversations I've been having, haha.
  4. I still say you're reading too much into the base rules, and skipping the card that says quite clearly "if a cargo token is dropped on a ship it is placed under it's base and it's effects are applied immediately" Superseding the usual timing, and instead applying the effects at the timing provided. This is correct, but incomplete. It DOES suffer both effects, but "take a stress" isn't an effect of a debris cloud. It's "take a stress after the Check Pilot Stress step". Basically, this is the truncated version: When you execute a maneuver and hit a debris cloud, execute the following steps: Take a stress token after the "Check Pilot Stress" step Roll for Damage Now, this is what happens when someone drops a debris cloud on you: When you execute a maneuver and hit a debris cloud, immediately execute the following effects: Take a stress token after the "Check Pilot Stress" step (there isn't one) Roll for Damage I think the same thing applies for Tractor Beaming someone onto a debris cloud...don't see why it wouldn't. I think this is pretty iron clad, but I suppose it could get FAQ'ed. However, I don't see FFG (again, there's the intent argument) ruling in favor of such a thing. I mean, debris fielding someone with a red move so they go off the board shouldn't be a tactic...right?
  5. Yessir. Your opponent gets to plot your legal move. We were just talking about this above. I dont think this is true. Unless it gets FAQ'ed, the only way to get stress from a debris field is after your "check pilot stress" step, right? Here's the reference card. When a debris gets dropped on you, there is no "check pilot stress" step, so it wouldn't trigger. However, I do think you roll for damage, as that isn't attached to any step or phase, according to the reference card.
  6. There are effects already in the game that can do that. I mean give an enemy ship....if you Adv Sens + PTL or Mindlink yourself, that's your fault. I'm unaware of a game effect that allows you drop a stress on an enemy ship before they've moved.
  7. Here's my take...check out the reference card: http://imgur.com/J9mSVEs It says the effects happen immediately, yes. HOWEVER, there are two effects for overlapping debris: -#1 Take a Stress after your "Check Pilot Stress" step -#2 Roll atk die and on a crit result, suffer 1 critical damage. To me, that's basically saying "resolves these effects immediately, one of which doesn't happen immediately." So my interpretation is no stress unless your template crosses it when performing a maneuver, but you always roll for damage; maneuver, TB, or a cargo token is dropped on you. Personally, I can't see them allowing a game effect that gives you stress in the middle of the activation phase.
  8. I intend on immediately selling/trading it away. I hate the color scheme and won't tolerate it within my squadron. I hate hate hate it, but don't think it's bad. At least there's a design principle behind it. If you do a color inversion of the standard T70 (try it in photoshop) it'll come up in Poe colors.
  9. I like Tomax with Crackshot + Rebel Captive. Throw in Tactician if you have the points, but I think it's best to keep him cheap. I've been interested in Gamma Vets with PTL, Homing Missiles, and TIE mkII but I've never sat down to calc out the point cost on that. I like TIE bombers as they can both slow roll or zoom forward as needed. I wanna put bombers against some Jumpmasters, as I think they can control their range better with the small base, but I think it would definitely be an uphill battle.
  10. An IG w/ Sensor Jammer plus Palob is an awesome combo.
  11. I have a Dengar/Manaroo list that I've had good success with. I feel like my losses have been from flying poorly rather than getting outclassed. I used some crit cancelling shenanigans in mine: Dengar Determination Salvaged Astromech Plasma Torps Extra Muni's Tactician Glitterstim Title Guidance Chips Manaroo Deadeye Advanced Proton Torp Proton Torp R4 Agro Boba Fett Glitterstim Guidance Chips It has enough tricks to hang against a lot of lists. I did decently at a regional if you wanna read about it but I'd love to get more practice in. It's great to see others come up with similar lists as you. Though, I suppose my list would fly a lot differently that the now established "Dengaroo"
  12. Don't list build around them, but sneaking in a bomb or two isn't an awful idea. At the very least, it's small amount of area control and could net you some free damage. Just make sure you practice and can eyeball that R1 bubble off the token
  13. I use Determination + Salvaged Astromech on Dengar. I'm guaranteed to throw one crit in the trash and maybe a few more. It felt really good in one game vs Vader crew =).
  14. You can use it as a decimator with the turret (sorry, don't remember the names of the upgrades). It has same-ish health, it's turret denies range bonuses, can regen, can destroy ships it rams, and has plenty of crew spots. It'll be about the same as a decked out deci points wise. also, don't underestimate the deployment mechanic. Epic ships move last...being able to deploy fighters who can just pick whatever maneuver they want after everyone else has moved is huge. A buddy of mine has a bomber list that murders stuff, using the gozanti to protect them until it's in position to strike. EDIT: said a bad word via a typo!
  15. Hey all- Yeah, it's a bit late, but though I'd share it anyway. Here's what I ran: Scum List 100 pts Dengar Determination Plasma Torpedoes Extra Munitions Salvaged Astromech Glitterstim Tactician Punishing One Guidance Chips Manaroo Deadeye Proton Torpedoes Advanced Proton Torpedoes Boba Fett R4 Agromech Guidance Chips I faced x3 Jumpmaster, Soontir + Mini Swarm, Vader/Gunner/RAC + Whisper, and won! Then once the Imperial aces started showing up though, things took a turn. I had a chance to sneak in the Top 8 on game 6, but a buddy of mine knocked me out. I'm a Southern California player so this was my first experience at Crazy Squirrel Games, but it is the only game store I've seen that had all three dial kits concurrently and thought that was a great representation of the store. Great prices, good selection, clean and spacious, and everyone is super friendly. It was also my first regional and quite an experience. I wanted to up my competitive game at the start of this year, but due to my unforgiving work schedule (and I suppose lack of personal constitution =) ) it just didn't happen. I was suffering from some battle fatigue around Game 4, so I was a bit thankful I didn't make to the final tables (I think the game went on until 3am or so). If you wanna see a write up of each match in detail (I ended up playing Drew Bishop round 3 and it was craaaaazy!), check out my blog here!.
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