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  1. Personally I'd limit wireless slicing activities precisely because of the underdeveloped nature of wireless access in the Star Wars universe (movies, anyway). Slicing into the enemy ship wouldn't work, but you'd still have other options: 1) Interfere with the enemy ship's comm equipment by misusing your own comm equipment via slicing; make it harder for the enemy ship to coordinate amongst the crew itself or between it and other ships or sites 2) Slice into your own ship to cause energy fluctuations or heat buildups that the other ship's sensors would pick as signs of failure (where there was none) and mislead the enemy 3) Slice into your own ship to provide temporary boosts to its performance Hijacking droids I could see done via direct physical access to the droids themselves or in the case of centrally controlled droids, physical access to the control unit or a wired network its on. Even if the droids aren't centrally controlled, slicing into the communication system that is used to command them and faking instructions might work. By and large I'd say non-humanoid droids can't use humanoid equipment or weapons (that is, if they don't have opposable digits they can't squeeze triggers, if they don't have grappling arms they can't pull priming pins, etc). They can of course have the non-humanoid droid equivalent of an equipment or weapon installed into them, just not pick it up in the battlefield from a fallen humanoin.
  2. There will be more over time, but wether they'll be deck plans or floor plans I can't really say. I do what feels interesting to myself, when I have the time and inspiration. Fortunately there seems to be no shortage of deck plans and people who enjoy making them!
  3. Reading tuxedojack's recent YT-1300F thread it occurred to me that someone might want to use this YT-2400 in Roll20 or some other online roleplaying / map tool. Since I have no experience with those, I welcome comments on what changes might improve its usability in such a setting.
  4. Certainly, and I actually considered this at one point when I realized I'd have to place half of the passengers on the other side of the ship. Looking at various pictures of the YT-2400, however, it seemed unlikely to me that you would have double-decker bunks closer to the outside edge of the ship's circular hull which I imagined to be low enough for an adult human to need to hunch down some - a good reason to have a bed there in the first place. There are of course examples of very cramped sleeping arrangements, such as submarines where the bottom bed is very low to the ground and the top one very close to the ceiling with minimal vertical space in-between, requiring athletics to get into. No sleeping on your side if you have some shoulders on you, either. Since the YT-2400 is not a military vessel, however, I felt the passengers these ships would carry might not go for that kind of an arrangement. A custom YT-2400 modified to be a long-distance troop transport could live with such, of course. As for the crew... well, they stay onboard for much longer than passengers so while they might accept tight spaces as part of their lifestyle, in the long run it might get annoying when elsewhere on the ship "roomy" beds went unused. Plus, judging by images of the YT-2400 there's likely even less vertical space in that part of the ship where the crew quarters are.
  5. First I'd like to thank everyone for your interest in the deck plan! I'm very happy to hear that it'll find actual use in your games, because that's why it was created. I also welcome your feedback, and I'd like to take a moment to address the points that have been brought up: Label order The current order of numbered labels is sub-optimal, I agree. I've tried to give the deck plan as large a portion of the available space as possible in the image, and as such had to improvise on where and in what order I could fit the list of locations. I'll definitely give this aspect more thought in the future and will in all likelihood update the YT-2400 deck plan at some point, too. Placement of medical facilities As I mentioned in my original post, I've created the interior layout based on Edge of the Empire's description of the YT-2400 (page 265 of the Core Rulebook) and the current canon measurements of the YT-2400 as recorded by Wookieepedia (from the Millennium Falcon Owner's Workshop Manual). To give you some perspective, here's a size comparison showing you just how small the YT-2400 is: http://d.pr/i/ICDR+ The ship's limited size didn't leave a lot of room to add missing things once I had everything from the Core Rulebook's description in. As per the description, the passenger cabins need to be in the aft section of the ship and fit 6 passengers. The galley and refresher need to be opposite to the cockpit. There was no medical equipment mentioned in the description, but like many here I thought it important that a group of adventurers had at least the most rudimentary medical facilities at their disposal. In a ship that, according to the description, makes "better, more efficient use of available space" that might mean having to live with a medical bed in what resembles a common area. Someone else might have left the dining area out and replaced it with a different corridor layout and a medical bay. In both cases it's a balancing act - something needs to give. Mind you, neither the dining area nor the common area were mentioned in the description; in wanting to keep space taken up by useless corridors to a minimum I put those particular spots to use. What corridors and blast doors there are serve the purpose of sectioning the ship to maximize life expectancy in case of hull breach. A fully open-plan ship would be a very bad idea. On the other hand a small ship full of corridors wastes valuable space. Having said all that (and as Voice pointed out) I can definitely see a group of adventurers taking this deck plan and converting one of the passenger cabins into a more practical medical bay, depending on how large medical facilities they need. Or simply equipping a cabin of their choosing so that it can pull double-duty as either a cabin or a medical facility. I could also see myself creating a version of this deck plan in the future that does not so closely follow Edge of the Empire's description and for such a variant this discussion would definitely prove very useful.
  6. I decided to re-visit my nearly decade old deck plan of the YT-2400 and bring it up to date with new visual design, current canon measurements and based on the interior description from Edge of the Empire's Core Rulebook. Enjoy! http://familiarsuns.wordpress.com/2013/09/01/yt-2400-last-harvest/
  7. Keep in mind though that Vicious weapons add their Vicious rank times 10 to critical injury rolls. Disruptor pistol would add 40 and Disruptor rifle 50, for example.
  8. I searched the first page of the unofficial errata thread and couldn't find a mention of page 215, so I assumed it hadn't been reported and thought I'd ask. Definitely report it in there if you haven't already. And I'll add my thanks for that list in here, too. Nice job.
  9. As an aside, is this an error in the Core Rulebook? (page 215) "A character is wounded if he has any number of wounds less than his wound threshold." "A character is incapacitated once he has suffered more wounds than his wound threshold..." So... what do you call a character who has exactly his wound threshold worth of wounds? He's still on his feet, as per the rules, but supposedly he's not considered "wounded".
  10. Soo.. you feel that the issue here is one to be taken up with the retailer? Or did you mean that it's not an issue to be taken up with the retailer? Certainly if you feel this impacts your perception of FFG's quality control you should contact FFG directly for feedback and replacement. That way they are aware of your individual experience and can use it in whatever way they feel necessary going forward.
  11. With the disclaimer that it's possible I have not looked at every page in the book (but suspect I would have noticed what you've described), I've seen no issues of that sort with my copy. I'd say take it back to the store, show what's wrong, and they'll no doubt give you a new one if they have stock.
  12. No, those are the ways you get them. Admittedly I haven't given cybernetics a proper look yet so I don't know if they allow such.
  13. Here's a radical interpretation for you: 1) No 2) No And here are my reasons why: Deadly Accuracy states that it applies to a single hit on a successful attack. Blast never once mentions that it deals hits - the description speaks of suffering wounds / damage, being caught in the blast radius, etc. But nothing about hits or being hit. Compare that to Auto-Fire on the same page, and you'll see its description riddled with "hits". To me this interpretation would make sense thematically, too. A grenade by its very nature is not an accurate weapon in the same sense as a blaster, so being "Deadly Accurate" with it seems strange.
  14. Well, yes and no. These are all separate games, so a change to a rule in a later-released game does not necessarly change how that rule works in the already-released game. I was actually referring to the very basic rules which will not change, at least according to FFG's plan to keep the three books compatible. And based on that promise for compatibility I also don't think already established rules will be changed in the upcoming books (apart from errata), because that would break compatibility. New content is another matter entirely, of course, such as Duty looking like AoR's version of Obligation. I don't see why one character using Duty would not work with another character using Obligation. But one character being able to stack pieces of armor while another one couldn't, for instance, doesn't seem at all likely to me.
  15. One minor upside of duplicating all basic rules in the second and third book is that errata from previous books is going to be included. You can then use the last book for basic rules and all books as source books of sorts.
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