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    Android rpg?

    Also my vote for an Android RPG. FFG - get started!
  2. I think, What Rouge Trader is missing, is a sourcebook detailing ship life. - List of important NPC from the characters ship. - A sample crew for a player spaceship detailing the different "tribes" or families running the different departments of a ship. - Some scenarios and plot ideas for action inside the player ship. Could be mutiny, xenos infiltration, chaos, heretics, etc. - An idea or two for long running plot running in the background of an entire campaign. - Flavor stuff. “Something funny happened on my way to the bridge” What do you think?
  3. Sven2300


    Hi, Any news on when we will get an expansion?
  4. If Fantasy Flight is low on ideas on what to put in the next Rogue Trader book... Then I think they should do a spaceship life book with details on shipboard life, various ship departments, NPC's, plot ideas and full scenarios.
  5. Hi, I think I very much lack information about shipboard life. And scenarios! The players are living on a several kilometers long spaceship with thousands of people aboard. A lot of stuff could be going on right there under their noses: Chaos infiltration: A cult has started in the engine part of the ship. Alien infiltration of the crew. And they are sneaking stuff into the food Mutiny among the marine who feel abused as cannon fodder by the players Radicalism spreading among the tech priests Etc. I don’t find much material about this. It is like the ship is just a big, grey engine working towards the player’s needs. If I am wrong, please point me to books/chapters about this. If anybody has some homebrewed scenarios, please share them. In the mean time I intend to dig up my old Babylon 5 stuff and see if I can find any inspiration there. /Sven
  6. I am still not buying into this beta until people start telling me about a combat system running faster and simpler than 1e. I am still a newbe to Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader, but I never liked the Warhammer combat system with it's hit locations and different armour values for each hit location. I would have hoped that a new edition would do away with that. Replacing HP with a number of different effects seems like a slow down and a bad move, but I have to admit, I have not seen the beta myself - only read the comments in this forum.
  7. But HP's are fast and very playable! Who cares about realism? Warhammer 40k is not a realistic universe anyway. Pure D20 is IMHO an example of a fast and playable HP combat system. If you want an example of an (almost) HP-less system, that is fast, fun and very playable I would say Savage Worlds .
  8. Having read all the comments here I would like to cast my vote for a 1.5 version rather than something based on the current beta. Especially the comments about combat being slower and requiring more book keeping had made an impression on me. Combat should be simple, fun and fast rather than providing a lot of gory details. If anything, a new version should make combat much simpler. Also the lack of compatibility with the other current lines is IMHO a bad move.
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