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  1. I incorporated this story into my campaign but my players became very quickly bored. I agree that free-range campaign style is good, but these guys appear to need to be led by the nose from encounter to encounter. Its all very well that huge complexities are taking place behind the scenes, but if the Acolytes are just wandering from town to town, there is very little information on how to clue them in on what to investigate. I would have liked a more linear option. Even a sidebar with a list of possible "free-roaming" encounter examples, so when things slowed to a crawl I had something to throw them. I've come across a few, but they're buried deep in the text. Things like "raiders attack a land-train carrying grain". Ok, but why are the Acolytes on the land-train? etc Linear campaigns string events together for you in a credible way. This free-roaming thing has seemed to mean that the Acolytes kind of stumble from town to town and stand around waiting for something to happen in front of them.
  2. I referred to my players as a warband and they all rolled their eyes. We don't like it either, especially when there is an entire new mechanic for tracking Subtelty. It depends on the players I suppose, but I've continued to call mine a "Cell", since they're not the personal "Retinue" of their Inquisitor. 'Warband' doesn't seem to encourage/duly recognize the kind of secrecy Acolytes should tend to employ.
  3. My players pointed out that (in addition to the benefit of surprising an enemy being very minimal), it is almost impossible to 'surprise' anyone. The reason is the Keen Intuition talent. Keen Intuition (After failed Observe may re-roll with a -10 per attempt)As it currently appears an attempt to ambush an opponent would be Stealth or similar opposed by an Observe test, this very cheap talent, 1st in it's tree, enables players to endlessly reroll their surprise until they pass. My players all bought this at level 1.
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