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  1. Thanks I try to find a good middleground between description and compact overview. Also, my literative qualities in english are limited to a certain degree - forgive me the mistakes I make
  2. Very god what you posted so far So far I like it very much - keep up the good work !
  3. The problem doesnt appear with 1 enemy wjo you can make a stalemate with. Thats ok so far. The problem is when you have 5 at once.
  4. Could you make me an admin in the other forum ? My user is GauntZero
  5. So, I am back now. Sorry for the delay, but I was indeed travelling around the world literally. With that over now, I am ready to start any moment. I suggest we just start in our new forum, and adjust if needed on the fly, to keep things smooth ! Everybody ok with that ?
  6. If I would take this approach, 2DoF would mean 2 damage. But with an average Toughness of 40, a toxic (3) effect would be rolled against 10, which means on an average throw of 50, you'd face 5 DoF --> 5 damage. Toxic (5) in this case would create 7 damage, Toxic (0) only 2 damage. It would be 1 less roll and the damage would be tied in a better way to the toxic level.
  7. A: Krak Grenades ? Really ? They have 2D10+4, which on average hurts him with 2 Wounds. And you need to hit exactly, as they dont even have Blast. Even then they are Rare, so hard to get for beginner acolytes. Krak Missiles would have 3D10+8, which would make 12 Wounds disappear on average. Here, you would Need a rocket launcher braced first before you fire. It is heavy Equipment to carry with you, and you still Need 3 exact hits to reduce his wounds to about 0. B: At this final stage there shouldnt be too many FP left (if you didnt make it too easy before). Maybe 1 per acoylyte C: IIRC, the herald emerges suddenly out of one cultist. This rather surprising element should be hard to Approach with tactics before. If it happens while all PCs are far away (and still have line of sight), they are just lucky. Especially as the ritual probably doesnt happen in an open field, but in a Kind of Building where the acolytes are rather Close - more or less. D: Lucky them E: Depends how you Play them out F: Running 24m, it should Close the distance in 1 turn, from the next turn onwards it will kill 1 acoylte per turn Just the reminder: we are talking about beginner acolytes here. I am not talking about experienced, well-equiped warbands.
  8. I just like the approach to offer the players a powerful option in times of great need...that has its price. Because thats exactly how choas works. Maybe the whole daemon was just there to provoke the characters of diving deeper into corruption...for a much darker end that the dark gods have planned Anyway, I am convinced, that playing out the daemon realistically as stated in the book, the chars wouldnt stand a chance: a.) it is very tough. Soak 14 and True grit with 14, adding 37 wounds. That Thing will be very hard to bring down. b.) Fear: Baneful presence (20) and Fear (3) that stuns characters The characters are stunned to 90% (on average ~4 rounds), giving the daemon more than enough time to finish them off. c.) immense offensive power: WS 61 with killing strike and 1D10+17 damage corrosive and toxic (3), meaning 23 damage on average with additional 6 toxic --> dead on 1 hit; combined with being stunned from fear...well...thats it. 1 dead character per turn d.) Cultists: he even has Support from the a couple of cultists, as if it wasnt bad enough alone e.) it is a potent psyker f.) it has Int 51; I tend to Play a NPCs tactical abilities accourding to ist Int-characteristics. With 51, the daemon is cleverer than most PCs, meaning I Play it as vicious and mean as possible, as it is no mindless spawn. So it will for example kill the acolytes first that have a potential to kill it, and will use ist fate Points in the best way to do so (Killing strike). After the first turn, your most capable acolyte will be dead, the rest probably stunned from fear.
  9. Yeah, the boss is either designed to underline the grimdark nature of the setting or it is designed just badly. IIRC, we had 4 acolytes back then. A pyromancy mystic, a warrior, a seeker and a chirurgeon. They wouldnt have stand a chance, if it wasnt for an occult book of nurgle which I let the chirurgeon find before. The daeominc book offered the character some old, yet corrupting, formulas, that hurt the demon very much as Long as he said them. The longer he kept them saying, the more corruption the character gained though. So I provided a way that was not in the book, but had a high Price for at least the one Player using it. He got around 15 corruption Points in that Encounter, and was furthermore in debt to the daemonic powers of the living book... I think it is almost impossible to defeat the demon regularly with beginner acolytes, if you dont give them something Special (weapon or artefact) to defeat it. The beast is a real Party killer.
  10. So its realistic to say, that Vanth and Yanth are the same, maybe dexcribing 2 different continens from the same planet The Yanth side and the Vanth side so to say. Reminds me a little of Gork and Mork (maybe they came into being in a similar way...). Whereas Yanth is a swampy jungle, Vanth is a jungly swamp
  11. I smell some serious heresy going on here... Especially, because they are about 80% similar, but 20% not so much. What happened to the tentacles and the "living planet" and the gases...when Vanth turned to Yanth ?? At first I also thought it was a simple typo, and should be Yanth all the time...but the Vanth description has some fluff that the Yanth description does not match...
  12. Hello Boyz, Is it true that this are 2 different planets rather than a typo ? The first appears in the Core Book as a jungle/swamp death world with dangerous plants, tentacles & medical gas, the second in enemies without as a jungle death world with dangerous plants, Insects & medical plants... Is it just me ..or is this not very creative...
  13. I rather meant - consider that what you sent as approved. You are fine !
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