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  1. Thanks guys. You gave me some good ideas. Gonna make it situational I think.
  2. Hi there, when you shoot someone who is in meele combat you get - 20 to your BS test. So now we have a house rule that says when you fail your test by 1-20 you hit your friends. Well that happened now and he rolled a Righteous Fury. Now my question is. Does the god emperor look upon people who accidentlly shoot their team mates and give them Righteous Fury?
  3. Hello, on of my new players is an untouchable assassine. And well we also have a psyker in my group. Due to that the assassine is looking right now for something that would block his untouchable aura. So he doesn't block the psykers ability. Thank you.
  4. Hey guys, just noticed swift attack and saw that it means that you can attack twice as a full action. But don't you already have that with two standard attacks? Does that mean that you can use standard attack only once each round?
  5. Thanks for the good tips. Gonna try them out. I have two of these Timmys. But your post gave me some good ideas thank you guys. As always you are great =)
  6. Hi, one of my player (rank 4 cleric) got injured now by a power sword. And now he wants to have a power sword. And I bring the argument he doesn't know what it is/was or what he has to look for. Or any knowlege in general of it. So why should he be able to find it? So to my question. I am thinking about adding a house rule that you can only look for specific things when you know it. Basically I am trying to get rid of the metagaming use in my group like: "oh this weapon looks good I want it". Does anyone have any advises for it? Greetings from swiss.
  7. Thanks will do so. Gonna get Disciples of the Dark Gods and then go from there. Didn't know they did an Errata Gonna read through that. We just finished the Core book adventure with Saint Drusus etc. at sterns hope =)
  8. Thank you guys helped much =)
  9. Thank you gonna have a look for them. Do any of the other books beside the inquisition handbook change or add things to the character creation?
  10. We just started playing Dark Heresy and I already bought the first books (core and The inqusition hand book). And now I am looking for the next one. To my question which book should I buy next or implement.
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