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  1. Good Morning, I have the majority of what you are looking for. As well as deckboxes, playmats, and tokens. I am in the US as well. all the best, -Drac
  2. Good Evening, I want to thank everyone who has ordered tokens and all their kind words, patience, and support! It has been a blast making these and working with you all! Due to the high demand, I have listened and created new houses and designs! Please see pictures below. All tokens will have felt applied at the bottom, this is no longer an option. My next house will be House Dayne in honor of Tydus, who I owe to a World of thanks to! The Nights Watch was made for John Bruno, who will be attending the Regional's in Portland. I made only limited copies of this token, once gone the token will no longer be produced. Questions and orders, please private message me. Custom houses are available upon request, for this game or any other game. Each order will receive a free Game of Thrones CCG card, at random. Best of luck to all attending Regional's! - Dracu1a
  3. Great topic! However it has already been considered. Someone actually started the programming but then was advised to stop due to licensing & copyright issues. One day, maybe.
  4. Update day & time: We now meet every Thursday from 6PM - 9PM.
  5. Good Evening, I wanted to know if anyone has some booster packs or boxes of packs from the CCG era. Please let me know. Interested in buying and or trading. Thank you!
  6. Sorry it wasn't a huge turnout but it is great you recruited two more people!
  7. Good Evening, We are excited to be hosting one of the store Championships in the DC/VA/MD region. Below is our poster which highlights specific information regarding our Championship event. Also, we are pleased to offer ADDITIONAL prizes from the lot that Fantasy Flight is providing! The winner of our Store Championship will receive a handmade custom Leather cuff which features their favorite house! Fan of Greyjoy, Tully, Martell, or any other house? Please let me know. We will be working with the artist directly. The winner may also choose to have the cuff inscribed (on the inside of the cuff). Wear your heart <3 and your House Sigil on your sleeve! Also, we will be awarding Game of Thrones LCG cards autographed by the artist! A random drawing will be done for those ONLY who PRE-REGISTER for the event AND fill out a short feedback form (4-5 Questions) regarding our store Championship. Therefore, by Pre-registering and filling out a short feedback form you are automatically in for the drawing! You must be present at Huzzah Hobbies, registered (including the registration fee) and have the form completed to be eligible. Our registration is only $5.00! To pre-register; Please contact: GameOfThronesVA@yahoo.com We hope to see you at Huzzah Hobbies AND at other stores participating in this great event! Thank you!
  8. Just an update! Huzzah Hobbies time information: 10AM - Registration 10:30AM (SHARP): Tournament begins. Thanks!
  9. RobotMartini, Fantastic artwork! We thank you for including Huzzah Hobbies into the poster!
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