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  1. When playing this game with friends (it's awesome), I've noticed there's a poor distinction between which powers are and aren't optional. The specific situation here is I am playing Emperor and I have a yellow district and have no gold after building something. There is also a revealed tax collector. If I choose to gain income from the color, then I will get 1 gold, then at the end of my turn I have to pay the tax to the tax collector. Question: Is the line "You receive one gold from ... " optional? PS: I know the phrasing receive implies that it isn't optional. However the phrasing on other characters such as Navigator also says receive but it's also possible to opt out from either choice according to the FAQ. Thanks in advance!! I also have a second question. Is the Emperor's power to change the king to another player optional ? Question three : If the Diplomat switches a Manor with difference pay to someone else, and that player has a Manor, then would one of the victim's Manor's be destroyed instantly ?
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