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  1. From the introduction chapter


    "Technique Trees: All psychic powers fall under one of the many psychic disciplines, and are organized into technique trees. Each tree consists of a collection of psychic powers linked by paths. When a character wishes to purchase a new talent, he must first check if he has access to that power in its tree. To access a psychic power, the character must be able to trace a line along the paths of the tree from the top-most power down to the desired power without passing through a power he does not possess. Characters automatically have access to the top-most psychic power in every tree. Note that Unbound psykers are not bound by these restrictions."


    So does this sentence  "Note that Unbound psykers are not bound by these restrictions." mean that any psyker that is not soul-bound to the Emperor or a Chaos God does not have to follow the the tree paths. This seems wrong, as almost no one would have to follow the paths.  Is unbound supposed to mean unsanctioned?

  2. Can a tainted (i.e. having corruption points) mutant go through Soul Binding to become an Astropath?


    Just wondering if the soul-binding would do any additional harm besides the normal blindness to a mutant? Would they even allow a mutant to become soul-bound?
    Also does the soul-binding remove any existing corruption or malignancies that may come from a character's Birthright? 
    Mechanically I don't see anything but the flavor text implies that soul-binding cleanses the corruption.
    "Those chosen to become Astropaths undergo the ritual of Soul Binding, in which the body and soul are scoured clean of the taint of the warp by the searing purity of the Emperor's beneficence."


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