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  1. I was 16th at Elizabethtown Prime
  2. Yes congrats to the top 8. It's been a real learning experience. Glad I learned Vassal. Hope to pick up some games from time to time now.
  3. I'm messing around with interdictors too. Name: Untitled Fleet Faction: Imperial Commander: Admiral Motti Assault: Suprise Attack Defense: Abandoned Mining Facility Navigation: Minefields Gozanti Cruisers (23) • Admiral Chiraneau (10) • Comms Net (2) • Boosted Comms (4) • Vector (2) = 41 Points Interdictor Suppression Refit (90) • Admiral Titus (2) • Proximity Mines (4) • G-8 Experimental Projector (8) • G7-X Grav Well Projector (2) • SW-7 Ion Batteries (5) • Interdictor (3) = 114 Points Interdictor Suppression Refit (90) • Admiral Motti (24) • Minister Tua (2) • Proximity Mines (4) • Grav Shift Reroute (2) • G7-X Grav Well Projector (2) • SW-7 Ion Batteries (5) • Electronic Countermeasures (7) = 136 Points Squadrons: • Boba Fett (26) • Gar Saxon (23) • Major Rhymer (16) • Tel Trevura (17) • Mauler Mithel (15) = 97 Points Total Points: 388 This is what I'm trying out tomorrow its really all about objectives, punishing the enemy, and trying to control the enemy commands.
  4. Cael and I are playing at 5 pm CST/3 PST. It's been a fun tournament and I've learned alot along the way. Looking forward to wrapping it up though.
  5. Round 3 deDios vs machinebede1 deDios was 1st player Objective played - Minefields deDios scored 264 machinebede1 scored 181 deDios total MOV 83 Victory deDios 7-4 Went the full six rounds. Had a good game but it was long. We both feel a little punch drunk I think.
  6. Added the two extra bits GG all thos dice were hot tonight.
  7. GG both our dice were rolling hot. And that didnt bode well for my short range slower ships
  8. Sorry it's taken so long for our match, it's been a pretty full week for me and Skycake's weekend was full.
  9. Sky cake and machinebede1 match is scheduled for Friday. 630 PM CST/530 PM MST So far round 2 has been wild so many early 10-1 and 9-2 games! Like that to calm down a bit.
  10. Order66_beta and I play at 6 UTC. Or 2.5 hrs from now. Going to see how well I've learned vassal the past week or so.
  11. Sounds good see if I can get there. I'll have time thursday to mess with it. Guess I need to get into the discord server too.
  12. I want to sign up. I'm Newb at Vassal so I'll watch the videos and try it out.
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