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  1. Lol not Ken but I got it wrong I miss heard it. Didnt realize it until Ken posted the standings later. Congrats on 4th. I was eye patch guy flying Leia Organa with a lot if Z95s.
  2. I was at the Louisville one. Couldn't miss me thr guy with the eye patch.
  3. Louisville tournament is over. Your resource officer has all the fleet sheets, not me of course. Was a fun day but honestly I dont know what the top 3 were flying. 4th was a 3 assault frigate Ackbar. Oh and two of us flew Leia. Though I think both of us ended up in the bottom half of players.
  4. Congrats on your mission call!! Spreading the gospel in Africa is amazing!!. You'll be missed but you won't miss this. 2 years is such a short time.
  5. U-wing??... Dallas anyone? Red leader standing by, Bobby standing by... Patrick standing by...
  6. Excellent job digging for the news
  7. I confused the 50 fleet tourney with regionals. Only 1 person claiming 10th place has posted anything about thier list.
  8. Wish we had indy data. Still nothing but a basic who won and generic top 4 lists
  9. Sorta surprised we havent seen any data from Indy yet? I'm just impatient for news, I really enjoy reading people's AAR and seeing Shmitty update the Regional data excel sheets. I thought this was going to be the largest regional so far.
  10. Thanks, Sorry about the wrong terminology, almost all the players in my area also play Xwing so we've blended terminology.
  11. Can you evade a target lock. Say the attacker target locks the scatter can the defender, evade said target lock and spend his scatter to cancel the rest of the dice?
  12. I was watching on Roku so I didn't get timely comments. I usually sit back and wonder why steven or his opponents choose to do things. Maybe I'm looking for a stream of thought show or just more commentary. I'm sure if someone watched me play they'd get back seat Admiral on me as well.
  13. VSD with gunnery teams and H9 Turbolasers (15 pts). Or you could go with sensor teams and enhanced armaments(also 15 pts). Either seem to be a good role in wave 3 fleets trying to lock down scatter and evade ships.
  14. When activating the crit effect of XX9s if you only do 1 damage to the hull is the effect of XX9s negated. Say 7 damage with a critical rolled is done to an MC80. The defender uses his redirect and contain.he has enough shields to soak 6 damage and wants to prevent the standard critical effect to only take one face down damage. Would XX9s in this situation using the critical guarantee the one damage is face up. Or does two damage have to be done? My thoughts is it guarantees the critical. As contain can't negate special critical effects. And the card does state the first two damage are face up, there just isn't a second damage being done to the hull.
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