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  1. Raddus Odds of survival

    Okay, well let's think through this logically. First, BTVenger is going to be a requirement, otherwise you could just ECM brace and live through pretty much anything. From there, you'll want either the Kuat or the ISD1, as they have the best distribution of base dice at 3Red, 2Blue, 3Black, yet as you pointed out, this can be increased via upgrades. The Kuat can add External Racks or Expanded Launchers for extra dice, or APTs for an extra damage, though ER/EL granting 2 extra dice (capable of 4 damage) will outweigh the APTs in deadliness in this situation. The ISD1 could add Spinals, Slaved Turrets, TRC (with Needa), or QLT, but aggain, the best option for raw damage would be spinals, though they fall short compared to the Kuats ER. The Officer and Defensive Retrofit don't add to the potential damage, but the Ion can have Heavy Ion Emplacements, which can effectively be an extra damage via a blue crit.For offensive, the best commander would be Vader, but that would just add consistency to the attack, not increase its potential. Obviously we want a CF dial for an extra die, call it black for reasons. So he's now throwing 3 Red / 2 Blue / 3 + 2 + 1 Black for 11 dice. 9 of them are capable of double damage, and the blue crit can do yet another double damage (though I guess if he didn't have HIE you could just say he could do a face up double damage crit). This means that a perfect roll with do 21 damage, plus the ram for a 22nd. You have a total of 13 health normally, or 15 if we assume aspiration moves 6 shields to the two sides that are in the ISDs front arc. So he needs to get 11 damage through with his 11 dice (and then rely on the ram for the kill shot). With no modifiers at all, the standard roll averages 9.75 damage. If we add Vader rerolls on blanks and accuracies, that goes up to 12.47 average damage excluding any crit effects. Ouch. But there's a few things you can do to help out. First, you can take the Aspiration title, moving the damage required up to 14. But even then, you're barely hanging on. Thankfully, you can also add Lando. Having him reroll only the "can't get worse" dice drops the average damage down to 10.44, which is mathematically the best case scenario for you. In the way you're showing your setup, you can add EWS to remove a blue die, pulling it down to 9.57 damage. EWS w/o Lando yields 11.53. So your best case scenario would be Lando, Aspiration, EWS, which would combine to only average 9.57 damage plus a ram for ... call it 12 damage on average (if we assume it's a double damage crit). In return, you can shoot him withe your MC75O equipped with APTs, ER, OE and your own CF dial (if we're going for all out offense) for a 3/0/3 side arc (I figure start with the side so you can spend the ER/CF as needed to get a crit for APT) for 6 damage plus APT, braced to 3, all redirected, and a face up card. Then your front shot of 0/2/5 for 7.75 and an APT, braced down to 4 (burning the brace), redirecting 3 to the side (potentially burning the redirect to do so), doing 1 front shield and a second face up. This is assuming of course that you don't roll accuracies on both attacks (a single attack accuracy would trigger ECMs and not prevent the brace usage), and that he's willing to burn the brace. He actually will likely not burn it, so in a perfect world, you'd be able to get the front shields down and then do another face down card. With the ram, he would have 2 face down and 2 face up cards, leaving him at worst with 5 hull remaining, at best, 7. Though if you're player one, you should be able to go again the following turn first and get another round of shooting... With another CF dial, your 3/0/3 side shot yields 6 damage, braced to 3, and an APT, leaving him at 4 hull remaining, and your front shot deals 5.25, braced down to 3 and an APT for the kill. Note 3 black dice with OE rerolling hits/blanks yields an 82% chance of a crit, so with 3 shots like that, you only have a 55% chance of triggering all 3 APTs (the 4th is pretty much a guarantee with the ER). But if you miss one, you can ram for the final damage. The question becomes if it's worth it. Yes, you can kill his ISD in a one-on-one duel if you're player one and if you set it all up perfectly... but why would you do that to yourself? In reality, he shouldn't have *any* problem killing off the 2 hull or so remaining on your MC75. So as others have said, you'd be better off dropping into his side arc or right outside of close range and not eating so much unnecessary damage. You also hold all risk - if he gets lucky on his dice rolls, he can legitimately kill your 130+pt ship in a single shot. You almost need to get lucky to kill his 160pt ship in 4 shots.
  2. FFG, We're Dying Here....

    Have some patience... Armada didn't get any news at Gencon except "something big is coming." And then wave 7 launched two months ago... and total silence since then. And pretty much complete silence before then as well. At least XWM knows that there's new products in the pipeline and what they are.
  3. As we surpass "Legion Week"...

    This is a very good question. I look at XWM and can't help but think that part of their problem is also part of their success. They are currently 2 years into a run away power creep. FFG is perpetuating it by releasing more and more totally irrelevant ships (wookie gunship that sees 5 seconds of screen time on the Rebels cartoon anyone?). This is forcing folks to continuously buy new content, but is shelving the old content (and iconic ships are rarely seen on the table). It also means that XWM is getting poorly designed EU ships (K wing, TIE Punisher, Mist Hunter...) instead of the beautiful Ralph McQuarrie inspired core ships. This problem could be even worse in Armada. There aren't anywhere near as many capital ships in the official canon or even in the EU, so you end up scrapping even further down the barrel. This doesn't sounds like a good idea to me... it takes ISDs and MC80s off the board and replaces them with something obscure from some comic that's ugly, less iconic, and of course more powerful. But here's the problem - how do you continue to sell the game (and FFG make a profit) without new ships? The first thought would be that they can continue to do Chimaera type expansions, enhancing previous ships that have been released and really creating a refined game. But there are several issues with that type of release. First, for the people that already have as many ISDs as they want, they are now being told to buy another one. This is obnoxious (though can anyone really have too many ISDs =P) and can not only lead to customers not buying the new product, but if a trend is established, could reduce sales of current releases in the expectation of future releases (it happened in X Wing where folks were buying 4 B wings just to have the rebels aces pack released, giving them a 5th/6th (because you needed 2 sets to maximize the rest of your ships) unnecessary B Wing, leading to people not buying the full amount in future releases... or at least according to the forum at that time). There will also be plenty of people who just skip the expansion since to them its basically a card-only expansion at $50, and if you're not playing in a tourney - who cares? Personally, I really like the much slower release schedule helps Armada. Since it is a slower paced game, the meta doesn't get stale as quickly, not to mention that it seems like overall it's a very well balanced game, leading to a longer period in time before the hard core players are itching for new content. Furthermore, it allows new players to buy into the game, both slowly (experiencing one style of play at a time), and for a reduced cost. Armada costs $850 if you buy one of everything. XWM costs $1705 to buy one of everything (though with that said, there's so much more you can skip out on in XWM these days... but those are all the ships you *want* to be playing when you buy into the game). There are 26 products compared to 61. And very few things require numerous copies of unless you're buying for a specific list, and rarely do you need more than a second purchase (I could easily justify 2 flotillas, and perhaps 2 purchases of the hammerhead, raider, and CR-90... anything else would be a stretch unless you wanted a specific list). So, circling back to the question - why do more ships = game growing and more players? If they don't continue to release new ships and just recycle the old ships, sales will go down, profits will go down, game will fade out. But too many ships = power creep and hard to get into game, momentary spike in sales as current players chase top lists, but long term insustainability, game will fade out.
  4. As we surpass "Legion Week"...

    Well, if you take a look at a Kuat ISD with Spinals and a CF dial, you're throwing 7 reds at long range. Let's say that there's at least 1 accuracy, which will be spent on the redirect. Evade will be spent on a double result, leaving you with 5 dice to do 6 damage. On average, those 5 dice will do 3.75 damage, but if we reroll extra accuracies and blanks, it goes up to 5.15 damage, excluding any crits. In other words, a CR-90 can realistically already be 1 shot via an ISD. It's far from the normal, but it's within the realm of possibility. So to have a much larger investment ship be able to do that sounds totally reasonable. I see your point about MOV. They would have to change something in the rules to address that. Either something along the lines of XWM half damage = half MOV, or expand the various hull zones beyond shields - something like each zone has shields and 6 hull and is worth 25% of the ship cost. When a specific region has lost all hull, it cannot shoot out of that hull zone. To destroy the ship completely, you must destroy 3 hull zones. It doesn't necessarily need to be a change to the rules, it could be that the SSD comes with its own rules. I'm pretty sure that wasn't their goal. It technically happened twice (C3PO and Palp), but both times seemed like a fluke. C3PO wasn't even considered a viable upgrade until the Berling brothers came out with their first meta breaking list of double {DTF, Droid, YT-1300, EU} build. And once they did that and everyone realized what was going on and C3PO spread like wild fire, FFG released an Alt Art of the card. As for Palp, everyone thought he was total garbage going into the release. It really wasn't until people realized that he makes it such that your green dice aren't fickle and you don't lose because of fickle green dice did people realize he was great. So I don't expect that this would be the case. Also, it's a totally different environment talking about a $100 model vs. a $200 model. Especially when a wave of X Wing normally costs around $100, and a wave of Armada normally costs around $100.
  5. Best Aftermarket Ruler Set?

    I haven't picked up a set myself yet, though I should. What has kept me from doing so thus far is just the number of rulers needed. And the fact that at one point I stumbled across a set for squadron movements that were concave so you could set it up against the squad, and then place it on the other end. That seemed perfectly useful, and I really want to get a set, but then I need another set of distance rulers as well =P. And on top of all of that, I still need to finally pick up a laser line because it's much more useful in Armada than X Wing.
  6. As we surpass "Legion Week"...

    True. I've seen a photo here of a custom made SSD that's about 3' long, and it looks like it's about the right balance between scale and playability. ISDs are dwarfed by it, but it's still clearly a gaming piece. Kudos to whomever decided on that scale. With that said, an ISD is 1/8000 scale, and the SSD would be 1/21000 scale, almost a third of what it's supposed to be. But the Raider is 1/2500 scale. So the ISD should be about 3x as big as it is compared to the Raider... And the SSD should be 3x as big as it (would be) compared to the ISD. I can get behind that. Also, just because the model is 3ft, the base doesn't have to be that large. And since the base is what matters on the table top, if it has a base twice as long as the large base, or even if it's just supported by two large bases, it'd still come in at under 18'' of base length. And due to the mechanics of the game, it doesn't go faster just because it has a larger base, and if you kept the deployment rules the same, you'd be forced to deploy at a deep angle. The real question becomes - how much does it hurt our wallet? The approx 18'' Raider for XWM was $100. Is a 3' SSD going to be $200+?
  7. Would R3 be less bad if it was a dual card?

    Herm... I would perhaps reword it slightly to make it better. Though I would be concerned about potentially making the E wing too good - haha, nvm. I forgot, it's an E wing. Side A: When attacking, you may cancel a focus result. If you do flip this card. Side B: When defending, you may flip this card to add an evade result. There is a double advantage to the way I wrote it. First, it can be used at the same round that you flip it, and second, it could theoretically stack with an evade token, which only the E wing has, so really not a big deal. I suppose if you really wanted to prevent this interaction, you could make it "when defending, you may flip this card to gain an evade token," which would prevent the stacking with an evade token while still allowing it to be used on a moments noticed. But both of these dual cards comes with the additional benefit that you can choose which side it starts on, which means it comes as a free evade result prior to the first round of combat, and you're canceling a focus to recharge the effect instead of triggering the effect. I wonder if it would be too powerful this way on the old school Biggs... He gets an extra health automatically, and likely gets to charge it each turn (or at least a 57% chance of rolling at least one focus on attack). He would actually truly enjoy R3 if it was worded this way.
  8. As we surpass "Legion Week"...

    Didn't you know - the something big is that Legion now allows you to play ground battles instead of space battles. The something big for Armada *is* Legion =P. Man I have to say though - I am super excited for an SSD. It's no longer a question of do I put it on display, but rather where do I put it on display, coupled with do I turn away clients as I light up my own SSD as soon as I get it. This might be one of the few purchases that I make at gencon for full price instead of waiting to get it at my local store at 20% off. The secondary question then becomes is it legal in 400pts or not.
  9. Final Table and players won't play

    I stand corrected then. I guess you can line up backwards and fly off the table. Though you would have to do it without talking to your opponent about doing it, and whoever *places* the last ship (or if someone has a ship with a 0 stop/backwards maneuver) they could fail to place that ship backwards. So it takes an uncommunicated trust in order to get to that point.
  10. Final Table and players won't play

    So, a few facts here (not my personal opinions). 1) 3rd and 4th place have already been eliminated. They are not allowed to come back to play the final match. As soon as the top 4 match concludes, the losers are eliminated. If the winner decides after the match is over that he doesn't want to play anymore, his following round opponent gets a bye. Therefore, the only way that the 3/4 players would be able to "take their place" would be if the would-be winner of the top 4 match conceded prior to the match being concluded. 2) So as soon as the first player in the final game says that he's not playing the final round, he has conceded the round, and the other player wins the tourney. 3) But more than likely, it's never an actual concession, it's a discussion of a concession between the players. Technically, this is collusion and is against the rules. If you're being a hard ***, you would DQ both players, and the winner would be the highest seeded player that was eliminated in the top 4. Note that there would still not be a game played between 3rd and 4th. 4) But in all honesty, you're not going to outright DQ them for discussing it. You're going to tell them they need to play it out and that you can't allow them to just skip the game. If they decide to set their ships up backwards, that's 100% absolutely allowed. Just realize there's no such thing as simultaneous flying. Therefore, whoever moves the final ship ends up winning the game - even if his maneuver would have flown his ship off the board - even if it's the same PS as the other player. 5) So therefore, the only true way to not play out the game would be to go to final salvo. This now exists on the final table. However, you must give the players the full 120minutes. Therefore, they would have to avoid combat for the full 120minutes to trigger the final salvo - you cannot do it after round 1. Oh, and since they cannot slow play, they actually need to play out the rounds. The best way to do this is to setup such that your ships are all doing 1 straight into each other. But note this does mean that you have to continuously set dials, reveal dials, and not go anywhere for the full 120 minutes to trigger final salvo. And yes - I've seen this happen (though it was round 6 not the finals). So basically, the only real way to not play the game would be for the two to collude, and the TO to DQ them, for one of them to concede to the other, or for one of them to fly all of his ships off the board. There is no way to skip through the game to just final salvo or a chance cube to see who wins. That all said, those are the rules, but there's nothing to say that strictly adhering to the rules is the most agreeable path for the TO.
  11. Would that be per fighter, or for all 3?
  12. Video on Starfighters vs shields, etc.

    Interesting conclusions. But totally not applicable until we start talking about fuel consumption... Herm, perhaps that's why Armada only lasts 6 rounds.......
  13. Rebels Y-Wing

    And 0 EPTs. Joining the Lambda, K Wing, Ghost, BSF-17, and the Punisher, as the only ships without a single EPT. It just goes to show how much favoritism the Scum get - even their Y wing has an EPT :(.
  14. So when are you going to drill all of those stars and add some fiber optics to light them up?
  15. Combating the shakes

    Specifically in regards to your comment about bombs - I've seen a few people that have put a magnet in the middle of their 1 speed template so that they can keep a finger on the base and bomb, and use the magnet to pick up the template in between. Works great. Another thing I've learned is that when I'm holding a base or rock down hard, that it'll slightly stick to my finger when I remove it, so if I'm holding it with my index finger, I'll put my middle finger on it gently, remove the index, then remove the middle. Just a few thoughts on how to deal with shaky hands.