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  1. Khyros

    Some LED work

    You can find my work for sale on my Etsy store, www.etsy.com/shop/LEDhangar or if you'd prefer, you can PM me if you're interested in any commissions. As for hours, that really depends. When I first started doing ISDs, they took over 14 hours, but after the first few, it was solidly in the 9-10 hour range. Now, if nothing goes wrong, and I optimize everything and really pay attention, my record is just under 7 hours, but realistically it's more like 8-9 assuming nothing goes wrong (which is really kind of a stretch, something almost always goes wrong).
  2. Khyros

    Best Armada Moment from this year

    Huh, if that's correct, then yes, I should have won 6-5 instead of lost 5-6.
  3. Khyros

    Best Armada Moment from this year

    My favorite moment was at a local store tourney, where I was having fun playing around with ISD/VSD/VSD no squads... I managed to table my opponent, but he got so many points off of superior positions from his squads, that he ended up winning the match.
  4. Khyros

    SSD Giveaway

    That might be enough to keep FFG supporting Armada!
  5. Khyros

    Armada Stages...

    Hahah, but cast in a blue shadow, everything looks pretty!
  6. Khyros

    Some LED work

    Finished up the matching MC80 Home One for that MC75. As well as an ISD for the two of them to fight against.
  7. Khyros

    Possible tournament build

    Sticking with those overall ships, here's how I would build it. Cymoon 163pts Screed Tua Gunnery Teams Spinal Armament ECM GSD 1 86pts Skilled First Officer Ordnance Experts Engine Techs ACM Demolisher Raider II (x2) 60pts HIE DCaps Squadrons 30pts Ciena Valen Total 399 The major changes were squadrons (as others have pointed out already), APTs -> ACMs on the Demo, and the loadout on the Cymoon. I'm all for keeping it a Cymoon - then you have 3 ships that like long range. The spinals help that out even more. But upgrading those XI7s to SA means that your HIEs can strip all of the shields, and then you don't need to worry about redirect... and you can just throw an extra die. Meanwhile, gunnery teams means that you'll be able to throw 6 reds at 2 different targets from long range. Between that and Screed, you should likely be able to land 5-6 damage through on both of those targets. Unlike others, I'm on board with Screed existing for you. Those Raiders aren't nearly as efficient if they can't trigger HIEs... and Screed will ensure that they can (as long as they're not obstructed... though if they are, I suppose a CF dial can fix that). I'm not too sure as to how well Demo will do in this list, but perhaps if you use it to put pressure on your opponent - do you activate and move into the Cymoon's range... or delay and have Demo wreck you... it might work okay. I do believe the Engine Techs are pretty important as a second player Demo user - often you can use them to force first player to either stay in close range, or to navigate in such a way that they're out of the fight for a turn or two.
  8. Khyros

    First CC imperial fleet

    Whenever I do a CC list, I like to look at both my 400pt starting point and my 500pt ending list. That said, I think starting with GTs on both ISDs will be better than GT, LS, and TS. Though perhaps one of them wants to be a Cymoon (eventually with Tua/ECMs since you said you want tanky), in which case you should have the points to keep TS as well.
  9. Khyros

    Single Strongest Attack?

    You say this... but I don't think it's realistic. If we're no longer talking about theoretical and talking probable... Then the only thing that stands a chance is a BTVenger. Let's go with an ISD-1 since it can trigger 6 squads over the Kuat's 3. Those 6 squads would have to be Decimators since they can do 3 damage each (that's 132 points of Decimators). Then you'll need an ISD-1 w/ Thrawn, BT, EHB, Grint, Spinals, Avenger... I'm actually not 100% sure of the timing (and therefore if this actually works)... But you start your activation with a revealed Thrawn CF dial & a Squadron token on your ship. You reveal a Squadron dial, and upon reveal, spend the squadron token to activate BT, flipping over everything but 1 contain. Then you spend the dial + token to activate 6 squadrons, doing 18 damage. The SSD is going to freely spend his redirects, even though it discards them, but then he has 3 side shields, 6 front shields, and 6 hull. Except he knows you'll lock out one of his braces, so one attack will be braced down to 2 damage, and only 5 hull damage goes through. Avenger attacks and taps his title, throwing 4 blacks, 2 blues, 4 reds, doing 8 + 2 + 8 damage = 18 max. He spends his final green contain to prevent any crits. Now you take your second shot of 2 red 2 blacks for a max of 8 damage. Except he will brace and contain that for a max of 4 damage. 27 hull damage goes through. Sure, you can a add in MW or Opening Salvo to add a few dice, upping the hull damage by 4 (now 31)... But that's not realistic that your first shot taken will be at close range. I suppose it's possible, but it still doesn't kill him. Advanced Gunnery does it though, allowing your second shot to be from the front arc, it is 3black + 2blue +4red = 16 max damage, braced to 8... total of 35 hull. Bam! You've killed him in 1 activation! it just required you to roll 18 hits from squadrons on a 3/8 chance, 7 double hits on blacks with a 2/8 chance, 8 double hits on reds with a 1/8 chance, and 2 blue hits on a 4/8 chance... I guess you technically have 3 extra damage though, so you could fail 3 of those rolls (and your ISD might have a reroll token, or even a leading shots on the big attack). Requiring all 35 hull damage though is a 1.96e-18% chance of happening. In non-scientific method, that's a .00000000000000000196% chance of happening! Or in C-3PO numbers, the odds of that happening are approximately 5 sextillion, one hundred twelve quintillion, five hundred forty three quadrillion, three hundred ninety six trillion, eight hundred eighty nine billion, three hundred eighty nine million, seven hundred eight thousand, six hundred fifty four to ONE (5,112,543,396,889,389,708,654 to 1) Now, what I will point out is that this was attacking the front hull zone with 6 shields. If you attack another hull zone, it could end up needing 3 less damage, and you could end up killing it with Opening Salvo, Most Wanted, or Advanced Gunnery.
  10. Khyros

    Single Strongest Attack?

    ISD-Kuat w/ Ex-Racks, HIE, Devastator, Opening Salvo 2nd Player. 3 Blacks + 2 from ExRacks + 2 from Opening Salvo = 14 Damage. 3 Reds = 6 Damage. 2 Blues + 4 from Devastator = 6 Damage + HIE Crit (3 Damage) = 9 Damage. Total = 29 Damage total. Oh, plus Concentrate Fire black... 31 damage. And Fire Control Teams for a second crit for a structural... 32 damage. Edit: @jp82729 pointed out that with Misaligned Projector instead of Structural, you can increase the damage to 37.
  11. Khyros

    Double Interdictor?

    That's not what Interdictor does. But what that said, I would question if you'd be better off with Brunson on the Interdictor. It seems like that would allow you to cancel two dice at long range, and then move into close range, using targetting scrambler, and still canceling dice. I'm not too sure how much the second interdictor brings to the table though.
  12. Khyros

    Fast imperial fleet list

    I think the Gozantis will be better off with Comms Net than Repair Crews. Once you're into the hull, you're not long for life with any of your ships. Furthermore, I would recommend Insidious title on the second Demo instead of Suppressor on the Gozanti. Gotta make use of those blacks! I might also recommend Tua/ECMs on your flagship instead of IO. If my math is all correct, that should actually end up with a 16 point bid then instead of 14. For objectives, I might recommend CRIS - those dust clouds if used properly could help screen you at long range, allowing you to swoop in for those close range shots and then GTFO. But you could also make use of MW and require less "how-to-play" investment. Same thing, you could have some fun with Jamming Barrier, keeping your ships protected at long range, but the default answer would probably just be Capture the VIP (and grab it on a Gozanti and run away). For Blues... the thing is that if you just go with Solar Corona, everyone will choose that instead of the other two, which you'd probably prefer. So... I don't have much experience with it, but maybe Salvage Run to force your opponent to choose a dust field option. It's not the most powerful objective though, so you'd really have to make use of the dust fields. P.S. It's ordnance.
  13. Khyros

    8 Nebulon-Bs vs 4 Arquitens

    Well, how would be build the two fleets? The Arquitens would could build up as IO, Adv Projectors, ET, Enhanced Armament. And one could be Vader & Hand of Justice. EA would give you 4-5 reds with Vader rerolls, which maxes out at 5.15 damage w/ a 21% chance of an accuracy, or 4.69 damage and a 57% chance of an accuracy. The Nebulons themselves come in at 408 points, so they're technically not legal, and they don't have a commander. But we'll let that go for a minute and take a look at the situation. With their double brace but single evade, you'll likely be aiming for that 4.7 damage w/ accuracy to lock the evade down, else he'll remove that double damage and brace to 2 damage on your shot. Let's give the Arq best case scenario in that they're attacking the side hull. They will be doing 3 damage (5 braced to 3) per shot, so it'll take 2 Arq to kill a Nebulon... But also keep in mind with IO, they won't be able to use their tokens as freely as they would like. Let's also give the Arq the best case for their shots, in that only the single red (CF to double red) is returned. You'll get 2 damage through max (requires double doubles... 1.5625% likelyhood, or double/accuracy... 3.125%, so <5% total), but more than likely 0-1 damage... We'll go ahead and call it 1 damage consistently. With Advanced projectors, the first 2 shots each turn you can easily move to other shields. The next two shots you can take to shields no problem. It's shots 5-8 that may be a concern (assuming everyone targets the same hull zone the same turn). You can theoretically live through it all with 1 hull (using the contain as neccessary), but your evade token is also likely to get burned. It should leave you with 1 hull and 2 redirects... so you might be better off burning a redirect. This is also theoretical because the 4 arq won't be able to shoot at the same hull zone to kill 2 nebs each turn, and the 8 nebs won't be able to shoot at the same arq. But regardless, it basically comes down to killing 2 nebs, and .9 arq first round of engagement. killing 2 nebs, killing off that final arq, which will take 5/6 ships due to AP. killing 1.5 nebs, stripping shields on 2nd arq. Killing 1.5 nebs, doing hull damage to 2nd arq. killing final neb, killing arq. Obviously if everything is in the Arq favor, the Nebs don't have a chance. But if the Nebs line up those front arcs and throw 4 reds, the Arqs are in trouble. 4 reds (inc CF dial) result in 3 average damage, with a 41% chance of a double damage, and a 41% chance of an accuracy. Which means that there's really only a 15% chance or so that the double damage goes through (need the acc & double to lock down the evade), but even then, you're only doing 3 damage really. So let's just assume 3 damage from the Nebs. 2 of it gets redirected via AP, 1 onto shield. Second one redirects with the other token onto another hull zone, and eats the final shield itself. Third one burns a redirect for the 4th hull zone and uses an evade to take no hull damage. 4th one burns the evade to take 2 hull damage. 5th one kills the Arq. 6/7/8 repeat 1-3 onto the second Arq. The Arq themselves now have to take 3 ships to kill a nebulon since those front hull shields are stronger. So round 2 starts with both down 1 ship, and an injured second ship. From there, the Arq will take down a second Neb (and damage the 3rd) in exchange for taking down a 2nd Arq, and damaging a 3rd. 3rd round the Arq take out the 3rd Neb, and lose their third Arq. And 4th round that Arq can't take down a Neb, and dies himself. But hold up, we've only talked about salvo theory, and not the actual game. In reality, neither player is going to present the same ship to all of the other ships to shoot. Furthermore, the Arq actually end up with the upper hand as far as navigating thanks to those engine techs. I would actually argue that making the Arq non-symmetrical would be useful, switching out the officers since I don't believe IO does that much for them. Montferrat, Brunson, Grint, Aresko, Wulff and Hondo could all be useful. I would probably go with Montferrat, Brunson, Grint, and Aresko. You could also give one of them Needa/TRCs... Though perhaps Quad Turbos would be better... With 4 dice and Vader rerolls, if you reroll all non-doubles/accuracies, you walk away with a 3.25 average damage and a 63% chance of getting an accuracy, which then doubles and you lock down both braces. Perhaps you do keep an IO or two (I would still prefer Montferrat and Brunson) to get rid of the evade on the first attack, and then rely on QTCs to lock down both braces, pushing all the damage through... But it's a gamble. I have a feeling that QTCs aren't actually better. We also haven't talked about dual arcing at all - the Arq would be best off charging right through the Nebs at speed 4, and throwing 4 dice out each side, and staying in the Neb's weak side arcs. I definitely think that there's a game to be had here. The Arq on paper seem to have the disadvantage, but I'm pretty sure that once you put the ships on the board and realize how difficult it is to stack up all of the attacks from *EIGHT* Nebulons, it won't be anywhere near as one sided as it seems.
  14. Khyros

    Which one?

    I would probably go with 2_Cymoon Competitive IF (400/400) as my first choice. I don't think putting upgrades on the Raider for anti-squad is worth anything - at Speed 4 and skirting the engagement, squadrons shouldn't be able to attack it anyways. That rules out that variant. I suppose you could go with the Arquitens, but then I feel like I would play it such that it gets some attacks in, which means a faster fleet could definitely go after it and kill Vader, negating the entire purpose to having a life boat. And if you're just running away, then you might as well have the cheaper, faster, and more maneuverable Raider. Plus, the Assault Gozantis with IF will contribute more imo than the Arquitens will. CF those into 2 reds and start having those Gozantis do something good! The final list would be the other one I would consider. IO plus Avenger makes for some hard choices and basically gives you plenty of accuracy options without actually having an accuracy. I would have to play between the two to know which one I thought was better overall. My gut tells me making the big guns bigger is probably the right answer, but I also feel like I often over-estimate that, and that having 4 guns (no matter how small those additional two are) instead of 2 would be better. As for objectives, I might consider Station Assault. Without ECMs or any Defensive tech, I'm sure you wouldn't mind diverting a bit of the damage away from your ISDs. It should also mean that your Raider lifeboat is 100% safe. Though you could also go with Blockade Run to make good use of your long range, wide front arcs. And as a total change of thought, I've seen good use out of a Needa TRC IF Cymoon, which no longer needs the rerolls provided by Vader. I don't know how well it would go in a double Cymoon build, but that would allow you to drop to Motti or Jerry or something as your commander and even free up a few more points for other upgrades. Just something to consider.
  15. So a few comments on your most recent one... With the Quasar setup as it is, it doesn't do anything besides push squadrons. And by switching to an ISD-II, you don't need as many squadrons pushed. One of the things that makes the Quasar great for squads is all of the anti-squad tech you can load on it (and still have it be cheaper than other ships that you can do the same thing to). But if you're not going with that, and you have another pusher, then what's the point? If we drop the Quasar for a second, you have a 4 squadron ISD-II, and two 2 squadron Gozantis to push 7 squads, and (without touching any other upgrades) 71 points to play with. But as it is, you can add EHB and Grint to your ISD-II and have it push 6 squadrons then. This leaves you with 61 remaining points, which would be enough for a Raider-II or an Arquitens... Or you can further upgrade your ISD-II and/or squadron complement. If we look at upgrading the ISD, we'd add Gunnery Teams or Flight Controllers - it depends on whether you want to make your squadron game more effective or your ISD more effective. I would argue for the Gunnery Teams since your ISD is the only ship shooting. And to that point, I would look at adding XI7 as well. This leaves you with 48 points. With those, I would either add a second JM5K or Jendon. With the second JM5K (for redundant heavy) you have 34 points remaining. That's not enough for another ship, and you're pretty much maxed out as is. So you're left deciding to either drop Comms Net (which means your ISD will be very predictable knowing that it will be pushing squadrons for turn 3/4) or drop some upgrades from the squads/ISDs to add in a ship. I would probably lose the Comms Net Gozanti, and with 61 points add in a (HIE/Dcap) Raider-II (though again, you could do an Arquitens (w/ DTT) if you like those more). Depending on how you play those ships, you might want to consider putting Sloane on that, knowing that you can GTFO without losing everything if your ISD goes down. But if you wanted to keep the Quasar, I would recommend upping the ante a bit by adding Flight Controllers to it. I would also recommend EHB instead of Grint. With EHB, your squadron value is 5, and you can add a token to activate 6. With Grint, you're still at 4 but you always have a token to make it 5. The difference? Well, the first turn you can stock pile a token, and you have a Comms Net Gozanti who can pass you a token, so you're capable of sustaining 6 that way. I would also put Sloane on the Pursuant instead of the Avenger. Again, your ISD is going to be the main ship presenting itself to get shot while the Pursuant is hanging out in the back, so it's more likely to live.