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  1. Interesting... So you're going with the double Gozantis over a Raider, with 109 points tied up in the Gozantis and squads, compared to the 93 of mine... Looking at the comments about the Phylons being cheaper than the G8s... That made me think that I could really screw with people by doubling up on them. Q7s, G8, and Konstantine could basically mean that they're sitting ducks if I want them to be. So if the Q7s and Konstantine drop them to speed 1, the G8s can "temporarily" drop them to speed 0 - keeping them right in the crosshairs of my ISD... Stupid thought or total troll list that might ink out a few 7-4 wins?
  2. As the title states, I don't get to play this game very often. Which is kinda on me and kinda on my schedule. So I haven't been able to play a game since Gencon in August, and just decided that I'm going to a regional on Thanksgiving weekend. Go go lack of practice! In general, I'm not very practiced in the game, and extremely lacking in the second level squadron play. I have one of each Imperial release (and 2 Gozantis). I'm probably going to get in one or two games between now and the regional, so I don't want to waste them on a complete trash "lawls you lose" build. The easy solution would be to keep modifying what I ran for Gencon (and still might go back to that idea), but wanted to get opinions on a completely random list. ISD2 w/ Motti, Intel Officer, Gunnery Team, ECM, Leading Shots, XI7, Avenger Interdictor Suppression w/ Wulff, Dcaps, Targeting Scrambler, G8, SW7, Projection Experts, Interdictor Raider 1 w/ Tua, Quad Lasers, Flechettes, Impetuous, Cluster Bombs TIE Interceptor x2 TIE Fighter x1 Capture the VIP, Most Wanted, Minefields 400pts The theory craft in my head says that with the help of the Interdictor, the ISD will be *very* difficult to kill. Wulff Yularen means that I always have an engineering token (worth 3 points). Coupled with Projection Experts, that means that I can move 2 shields from the Interdictor to the ISD every turn (or Raider when needed) - or at least until I run out of shields myself. But with 6 points to spend when I use an engineering command, I get 3 shields back (plus move 2 of those to the ISD). And then the scrambler should help minimize those harmful double icon rolls, and since it's during defensive token stage, accuracy icons are as good as a blank, so there's no downside. I'm concerned with ships being more evasive than me, thus the G8 should help line up the necessary shots. Meanwhile, the ISD does what ISDs do, dumping tons of dice. And the Raider is the anti-squadron support. I figured that since it doesn't really live that long, having a few squadrons myself to screen it would probably be a good thing. I'm going with the Interceptors over the Fighters due to the Counter 2 that they have. The Quad Lasers give the Raider counter 1 as well for when its 3 fighter screen dies. Flechettes should help minimize the incoming damage from the squadrons since I don't really have the firepower to kill them, and the cluster bombs are the thing that I'm least sure of, but could be a decent burst to an ace squadron that I need to clear from the table. So, with all of that said, I'm thinking the strategy would be that I don't have the firepower to kill big targets... let the fat pickles go. Meanwhile, they don't have the firepower to kill me either. I'll have to go after the AF2 and the MC30s and Gladiators etc. to get up on points, basically aiming for a 7-4 win or so. Capture the VIP should basically give me 50 bonus points... if they kill the ISD I'm going to lose anyways, so it doesn't matter that they get 50 more points. Same thing with Most Wanted - if they're killing the ISD they're winning, so I make it the MW, and hopefully make their AF2 a 70pt bonus. Minefields is what I'm least sure of, but it might be helpful for cutting off some of the escape routes of nimble fleets (though I wouldn't expect they would ever choose that because of that). So, what are the glaring flaws in my logic? I realize that I'm betting on basically killing a single (or two) 75-100pt ships, and hoping that my defenses are strong enough to withstand only losing the Raider and 3 squadrons. Is that flawed logic? Do you think that I'll be unable to accomplish that? I'm not 100% sold on those cluster bombs either, would I be better off spending those 7 points elsewhere? For reference, my Gencon list (which I have some changes I want to make if I continue playing it) was: ISD2 w/ Jerry, Skilled FO, Gunnery, RBD, Leading Shots, Spinal Armament, Relentless GSD1 w/ Ordnance Experts, Engine Techs, APTs, Demo Raider1 w/ External Racks Gozanti w/ Jamming Gozanti w/ Comms Howlrunner TIE x4 Most Wanted, Fire Lanes, Superior Positions 400pts
  3. Haha, so how will VI and adaptability be ruled? In the @librarian101's example, is Blount considered a 6 or an 8? And if Cracken had Adaptability, would he be a 7/9 or an 8? What if Nien was in list 1 - could Cracken be a 9 only? FFGOP, we need the deets!
  4. It'll shake up the meta, but it won't have drastic effects to the game play. Certain lists will come in and dominate. Now what would be interesting is if you had a random cost tourney. 100 pts base, roll a die for +/-, and then a d20 to find out how much. Aka, 100 (even roll on a d6) + 16 (16 rolled on a d20) = 116 points. Or 100 - (odd roll on a d6) 8 (8 rolled on a d20) = 92 points. You can do the roll either during registration, the night before, or when you announce the tourney... The point is that whatever list you bring will have to fit specifically in this arrangement, and the time that you determine what the point total is will be a balance of allowing players to find a list vs. allowing players to prepare a list. Herm... I think I have an idea for my next tourney!
  5. Finally finished up my first Rebel ship. The Home One was a PITA to work on... The exterior engines were a PITA that still didn't come out quite right, the hangars were a b(*&# because they were right at the parting line, and the FOs were harder than expected since they're all being drilled and random angles to get them to work. Many lessons learned from working with this one that I can apply to the Liberty though.
  6. Give it time to sort out the new meta. Miranda wasn't destroyed by the nerf, and she was already well represented. Therefore, the nerf she did undergo will not force her out of the meta, but will actually make her show up more to begin with. Afterall, her core mechanic is still intact. But as things settle out, you won't see her dominating. She'll still be represented though as the only K wing worth flying anymore.
  7. If you wanted to make it more usable, the key would be to make it combine with PTL. Something along the lines of "Action: Perform a free barrel roll action. Assign a focus token to your ship. Then you may remove a red target lock token from your ship. If you do not have the <BR> action on your action bar, receive a stress." 4 points. The main "problem" with EH is that there's too much competition for the EPT slot. For ships with the BR action, this gives you a stress free double action, but one MUST be BR, and it's one point more than PTL. For non-BR ships, it gives you a BR and a F for just 1 point more than PTL, or one point less than PTL+VT, but you end up with a stress (and large base can't take VT). It actually brings EH back into the conversation. As it is, I'd only consider using it on Rey right now since it can provide her with modifications if she gets things in arc that she otherwise wouldn't be able to get in arc. But no one else really wants it because it gives a stress (so you can't combine it with EI) and it takes your EPT, and it leaves you modless. Though I suppose you could put it on a ship with EI+IR+EH to give you two stress and remove two stress... If you couple it with Kyle you could end up with TL+F+EH.... Hermm... If only the Ghost had an EPT.
  8. Two years ago the PA regional was hosted on Mother's Day... the turn out was so low they've lost their regional. And that's on FFG for scheduling it that weekend.
  9. Haha, right? I bought it just because I had the vision that it was going to be awesome...... Now I play Armada =P.
  10. True true. Actually the Kila monster's elite pilots are cheaper than they should be. The Cartel Brute at PS3 is 22 points. Dalan is +4PS, so if he paid NOTHING for his ability, he'd be 26 points per the standard metric. Apparently his ability is so awful it's worth taking a point away from him since he's 25 points. Torani is at least +5PS and +5 points, so the ability is "free." Herm... it would see that they intentionally made the generic 1 or 2 points more expensive than it should have been... My guess is to prevent a 21pt ship with a 4 point missile with reload being used 4 times in a list.
  11. Precisely. It has B wing-esque stats, with an inferior hull to shield ratio, an inferior dial (turns are red), similar upgrade slots and a bullseye arc that doesn't really matter against a ton of the meta. Since B wings are too expensive to be useful (in today's meta), it seems that the Gila Monster is as well.
  12. And here's the matching Attack Shuttle for that VCX-100.
  13. Welcome to 2013 when they did the same thing for Imperial Aces.
  14. Well that's a different concern I have with the game these days. There have always been elements of Rock Paper Scissor to X Wing, resulting in good match ups and bad match ups. That's going to be true of almost every non-symmetrical game. However, I felt like the advantage used to be (given equal player skill) 60/40 - the type of game where you'd say "Shoot, he has a PS9 Fat Han... My Whisper / Soontir list is really going to have to execute this without a single hiccup" and you'd have to play a great game, starting at turn 0 with your strategy and approach, and sure, you'd have to have some luck in there, but it was definitely a winnable game. Now it seems like you come up against the rock to your scissor, and it's like 80/20 in their favor. The games feel almost won and lost in the list building phase. But there's definitely power creep in the game as well, pushing people to play the new content instead of the old stuff. You can look at it strictly from red dice if you want. W1 there was a single ship that had 3 dice, everything else had 3. Average dice = 2.25. Wave 2&3 averaged 2.5 dice. Wave 4 introduced the first 4 dice ship, and an average of 3 dice. In addition to that, it introduced Corran, the first ship that can shoot twice in a round. Given you can't shoot the next round, but still, red dice creep. Wave 5 was only 2.5, but let's be honest, Dash is essentially another 4 dice ship. Wave 6 new ships were at 2.67. Wave 7 was 2.5*. *So, up to this point, you can kinda see a general increase of red dice. This is all that much more apparent when you put the turret on the HWK and the HLC on the Outrider, and the TLT on the K wing, etc. But even raw numbers have been increasing. Wave 8 introduced several "lovely" red dice related things. First it averaged 2.8, had the second 4 attack ship, had a title that when used moves that average up to 3, and introduced TWO ships that can shoot twice in a round... Every round. Wave 9 introduced a third ship to attack twice in a round in the /SF, but then also introduced Quickdraw to shoot twice twice for a total of 4 times. It also averaged 3 red dice. Wave 10 averaged 2.8 and introduced the 3rd 4 attack ship. Wave 11 was only at 2.67, but again, when you calculate the TLT in there, it goes up. For full disclosure, wave 12 is only at 2.4, but that's excluding the new bullseye mechanic that will introduce essentially the 4th 4 dice ship, along with the fact that the Gunboat and Resistance Bomber are always going to have ordnance. I know this isn't looking at the full picture. I'm just looking at a specific data point of Red Dice, but you can see as the game goes on that the trend is upwards. The only argument for this *not* being a power creep is if the costs of ships were also migrating upwards as well.. Or some other trade off such as less health, a worse dial, fewer upgrades, or worse agility... But it seems like those are all getting better as well.
  15. Here's a VCX-100 to go with that Decimator.