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  1. Finished up a Falcon this weekend.
  2. Finished up a VSD and a second ISD today.
  3. Finally finished up the Liberty last night. VSD is done just awaiting pictures.
  4. Finished this piece up just in time to make someone's Christmas special.
  5. It requires both slots. And I don't think any ship has a missile and a cannon...
  6. Has anyone given any thought to magnetizing the bases? You can get magnets as small as 1/16'' by 1/32'' to put in the foot of your soldiers, and then probably go with a slightly larger 1/8'' x 1/16'' in the base itself. One for each foot, and you should be able to switch them out relatively easily.
  7. For those of you who prefer it in C3PO odds: The odds of successfully causing 4 damage from one crit are 16,628 to ONE! The odds of successfully causing 3 damage from one crit are 201 to one.
  8. Nicely done. I know I struggled big time with getting that nice gradient on the falcon, and though I believe my video series shows just the milk carton, I did tear it back open and put a glue stick diffuser before the milk carton to provide that two stage glow.
  9. Breathe of the Wild I suspect.
  10. Gah, I hate how the wiki defaults to the Legends... Which is of course what I grew up with, so that's what I know, and I fail to see the "Canon" tabs. Thanks - that actually helps me. Now the question is why is the model bigger than a VSD (and now I have to double check the "canon" size of a VSD... which is <1600m, so specific).
  11. What Interdictor Star Destroyer is it based off of then if it's not based on the Interdictor Star Destroyer by KYD? Though if you have a good answer, I'm really open to it because it pisses me off that it's not the same size as the ISD seeing as it's built on the ISD chassis.
  12. I agree with you on that. If FFG takes Armada into the sequel trilogy, the Raddus pairs nicely with the Finalizer (and the Fulminatrix?). The SSD is still on its own scale (as is the Supremacy). The question becomes - does an XL base come into play? A VSD is on a medium base and is 900m long. The Interdictor is 1600m and is still a medium base. The ISD is on a large and is the same 1600m as the Interdictor. Both MC80s were 1200m long. So... Would the Raddus and Finalizer, both at 3000m get the same large base as the ISD?
  13. I've had pretty good success with my list at both Gencon and my Regional, especially considering how scrubby I am at this game. Most Wanted, Contested Outpost, Solar Corona ISD2 w/ Jerry, GT, ECM, LS, XI7, Avenger GSD1 w/ OE, ET, APT, Demo Raider1 w/ ER Gozanti w/ Jamming Gozanti w/ Comms HR TIE/ln x4 400pts I'd probably say it's T2 because it's not a "zomg zerg" type list, but I find it has a really good response to almost anything out there (except of Jeff Berling's Nationals winning list). Having the Demo means people don't really want you going first. Having 5 activations including a fat ISD means people don't want you going second. The TIEs will lose any squadron fight, but the Jamming Field is there to slow the bleeding - the goal is not to win, it's to tie up their points and strategy for as long as possible. If it's a super heavy squadron list, the Raider's double black flak can swoop in to help thin out the numbers so the TIEs can continue to occupy the squads. Otherwise, the Raider can get really good use out of a single pop of external racks, preferably coupled with a CF dial and double arc for 9 dice. I typically place him on the inside track of the ISD to make anyone suffer for trying to get out of the front arc. I set the Demo up on the far side and go around speed 3+boost for awhile to get around and do Demo things. All the while I don't try to be sneaky with the ISD - everyone knows exactly where it's going. What I find is that people get caught off guard though with the Demo early on from Jerry - nothing like double clicking that first joint, using a nav dial to double click that second, and then zoom in at speed 3 to attack the broadside at close range, then boost to line up the double arc for the next turn. Likewise they seem to get caught off guard around turn 5-6 when the ISD does a 90degree turn and keeps their ship that's trying to run away in the front arc at close range. It does likely mean that the ship will be activated first and might get to long range, but typically those 4 reds are enough to finish it off anyways. The only thing I really don't like seeing is a flotilla heavy fleet as I can't out activate them and I struggle to consistently kill them (the Raider is okay at it, but isn't the best at getting into close range unless he gives me player 1).
  14. Huh... Really the only thing that doesn't scream Star Wars to me is the Supremacy. The Fulminatrix and the Finalizer are triangles of death. I find it interesting that they have numerous designs for them (instead of all of the ISDs being the same), but I kinda dig it. Especially when the ships are at that scale, you would expect individuality in each one based off of lessons learned and purpose built design. It also leads me to believe that they're not mass produced, but I have a feeling that EP8 is going to show that the FO has a huge fleet - perhaps these are just the flag ships, and there's an ISD equivalent that hasn't been spoiled yet. The Resistance stuff looks uninspired, but definitely Star Wars. To be fair, the X Wing and A Wing that we've seen thus far from the Resistance are also uninspired. As others have already said, it looks like Disney has just slapped a few horizontal modifications onto existing designs and called it a day. My concern/complaint with that is that it doesn't make a lot of sense from an in-universe point of view. They've made these ships much wider without adding much content to them. It's a bad ratio of footprint/space... For example, how does one dock with the CR-90 replacement? The current CR-90 can get right up next to the docking tunnel because it was the widest part of the ship. Now it needs to be a couple dozen feet away - which means the tunnel needs to be that much longer. Which means it can't dock with as many ships/stations unless they have a super extension docking tunnel. It also restricts the type of ships it can dock with. We see A wings docking with CR-90s in Rebels... No problem with this new ships since they're so small. But we also see the Ghost docking with CR-90s... That's not possible with this new design. As for the Supremancy... all I can say is na na na na na na na na BATMAN!
  15. I forgot about the landing craft and republic frigate. But if they're going to be making fringe ships that no one really recognizes, I'd rather they stick with the current era EU (Gladiator ftw!) instead of slip into the prequels with fringe ships that are "canon." I mean the Hardcell, seriously?