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  1. You can make your own tinted bases easy enough. I believe the most common thing is literally just using a sharpie on the underside of the base. Or of course you could just light them up :). I know this doesn't solve the dial upgrade question, but since there were concerns about the colored bases as well, I figured I'd throw out those ideas.
  2. Well Gencon doesn't start until Thursday, so that schedule won't work for that. Furthermore, worlds shouldn't be a concern since L5R should be timed on the old worlds schedule, and it's longer than Gencon. Meaning Gencon is your bottle neck for play space / registration. They do have Sunday pretty much untouched at this time. I could potentionally see something like this: Thursday - X Wing Flight 1 (128 players = 64 tables), Armada (64 players = 64 tables), 128 tables total Friday - X wing Flight 2 (128 players = 64 tables), Legion (64 players = 64 tables), 128 tables total Saturday - Final Cuts for Legion (4 players = 4 tables), Armada (4 players = 4 tables), X Wing (64 players = 32 tables), IA (128 players = 64 tables), 102 tables total Sunday - IA Cut (8 players = 4 tables), and various side events Obviously this doesn't account for Destiny, SWLCG, or L5R, but those are all card games, take less space, and are all on the other half of the FFG OP area at gencon. Actually, I think IA might be over there as well, but this schedule shows that it can easily be incorporated into the mini side of things.
  3. Here's another Raider that I did for a customer. The big difference between this one and the first one I did for me is actually on the peg. Since it was a one-off, having interchangable bases wasn't a concern for the customer. As such, I was able to move the resistor under the base, providing a much cleaner table top look. I kinda wish that I had taken real pictures of it to update all of my Raider pictures with this variant as it just looks so much cleaner.
  4. Nah, you can do it without seeing the wires (at least on the ship). And my next gen of small ship lighting should have concealed peg wiring. Here's my x wing where you don't see the wires on the ship at all, as well as a recent Raider for Armada where the wires on the peg are much tighter to the peg and less obvious.
  5. Where are the lights on the E wing?
  6. This is how bombs were originally. It was awful. You would land your bomb right on top of the guy, just to realize that your own ship that activated before the enemy clips it and you end up bombing your own guy.
  7. Guys... Don't you know that the solution is already packaged in W13? I expect there's going to be some mod card or something that's along the lines of "reduce the damage received by a bomb by one." FFG loves to put the fix in for things at the same time as breaking them so they're never super overpowered. Plus, it's actually an elegant solution. As a mod, it's available to every ship and every pilot. But most pilots that are low health currently use Autothrusters as an auto-include mod. FFG isn't a huge fan of auto include stuff (when there's a choice. Obviously things like Alliance Overhaul and IG-2000 were designed to be auto includes). Now they have a meta call choice. And it doesn't 100% kill bombs either. Sabine's damage is unaffected, and anything that rolls has to just roll 2 hits to push it through. It could even be once per round if FFG thought it was too powerful as is.
  8. Or better yet - support your friendly local gaming store... It's the best way to ensure that you get what you need when you need it.
  9. I'm not a huge fan of Y wings in this game (but they're my second favorite ship next to the A wing as far as Star Wars goes)... But since I can't have it anymore, I don't want to change it. I know there's another person (or two) floating around with the same Y wing avatar, and I keep hoping they'll change it or stop posting........
  10. Gladly. And even Dengar/Nym isn't that bad. If your opponent forces the swarm onto Dengar, you really nerf his ability (don't shoot with the guy he shot at until he takes a revenge shot on someone else, and if he never does, then just don't shoot with that guy). After one round of shooting, 6 standard TIEs should have done 6-7 damage on Dengar. He should pop the next turn in exchange for 2 TIEs at most. If they throw Nym at you, you should be able to kill him in the first round of combat before he can even make use of his bombs. The list is at a severe disadvantage against a swarm, and needs to engage with the optimal position in order to win. As for any list that has Dash in it, there's been an established play style to defeat him since he came out in W5 - keep working him into the corner until you're ensured the bump, then pummel him with those R1 dice. In all honesty, the swarm is probably in a pretty good place right now. It even does well against FSR - Rex only affects one of them, and Selflessness can't take more than 1-2 damage away from Biggs. Sure, the obnoxious K4 Security + Expertise means that they can't bump to deny modifiers, but they can still bump to deny actions, which means you're preventing boosting and barrel rolling in order to arc dodge the rest of the swarm. But the things acting against the swarm are the same two things that always act against them - 1) they're not new, and 2) they take a lot of mental stamina to fly at a tourney (and 3 - the traditional swarm is probably better over the more fun crack swarm right now). They also have to learn how to scatter and fly independently while still focus firing, which most good swarm players aren't particularly well versed in.
  11. Nope. You need the actual cardboard :).
  12. Fair enough, but keep in mind that the old pack still comes with the titles and different upgrade cards. You will still need to purchase at least one of the old pack. But now you will never have a complete set of anything. For example, I personally only have one ISD expansion pack. I will be getting the Chimera, giving me two ISD models. But I will not be able to fly a standard dual ISD2 list unless I buy a third ISD model, just for the stupid cardboard. But I could run two of the refits. Oh well.
  13. No they're not, and that's exactly my point. If they were truly encouraging a 1:2 new:old ratio, they would include 1 set of the ISD1/2 and 3 sets of the refits. That way if you bought 2 olds and 1 new, you would have 3 ISD1/2 and 3 Refits. And as I originally said, I would have greatly preferred that they included 1 set of the ISD1/2 and 2 sets of the refits in the new exp. It means for each purchase of the new exp pack, it completes a previous purchase of the original xp pack, and it contains the same exact amount of content as they're currently providing. But by providing 3 sets of refits and 0 ISD1/2, you will never be able to run your fleet of Star Destroyers as exclusively ISD1/2, but you will be able to run them exclusively as Refits. PS. I didn't bring up Endor. Gray Mage did.
  14. How is my math wrong? The new expansion has 3 of the new ship cards. That allows you to potentially run 3 of the new refit. But it also mean you need 2 more of either expansion pack to do it. Double ISD is a reasonably common point of collection for Armada fans. Whether or not its run competitively, a lot of us own a second ISD for the upgrades, the cool factor, and for larger games. Now we will own three. And because its to date our only large. By offering 3 of these cards, they're saying, along with the unique nature of almost all of the upgrade cards within, that you only need to buy one of this box and we don't see you ever needing to run more than 2 standard ISD1/2 or 3 of these new retrofits, ever. And frankly, it's true - short of recreating the battle of Endor, I don't see anyone needing more than 3 of each ISD1 - but keep in mind that you'll need to own 4 Star Destroyers to run 3 ISD1s. Even if you own 7 star destroyers, and only 1 of them being this new set, I think you'd be hard pressed to find a good reason to run more than 3 of either refit. However, if you owned 7 star destroyers, and 6 of them were from the new set, you would not have enough ISD1/2 cards to run more than a single ISD1/2. The rest would all have to be refits. And let's be honest, short of the initial purchase to get the unique cards from the standard ISD expansion pack, the Chimera expansion pack offers a better value by including two squadrons for the same MSRP. Again, I hope that these refits expand the opportunities available to the ISD, and you're going to see all 4 varieties on the table. I truly do hope that's the case. And I've been a huge fan of the ISD since I started playing the game (given I haven't played that long), and my experience thus far is that none of the ships are beyond useless in Armada like they are in X Wing (though perhaps that's due to the lower number of ships in Armada compared to X Wing) - they all see some amount of play time on the table and all seem to have a niche to fill. I'm just saying that from previous expansion pack re-releases that FFG has done, the second release typically has the fix for the first one, along with extra copies of the fix so your previous models can enjoy it as well.
  15. I would like to think so as well. I've personally come to the conclusion that the ISD-2 is pretty much dead, and the ISD-1 might only have fringe usage now, but again, I'm hoping I'm wrong on that. But if FFG agrees that the refits are just a new option, then I'm surprised they're making 3 sets of refits without including any standard sets themselves. If they went with 2 refits and 1 standard, then they'd be portraying the intention of opening options to the ISD. If they went with a single refit, then they'd be making the case that this is an unique stand alone set that does not invalidate the other set at all. But by offering 3 refits and 0 standards, they're basically saying "hey guys, sorry the ISD isn't as imposing in Armada as we all know it should be... Why don't you use these refits that'll make it more intimidating. Kthxbai!"