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  1. syrath

    Bothan spotted!?

    the race that was Bothans , has shown up in media before and wil l likely again, what a Bothan is now, we have no idea, Until they specify what, or who the Bothans are (Race / Family / Tribe / Job etc) .What looks like the non canon version of Bothans is technically now an unknown race.
  2. syrath


    i know otger iterations exist however as noted one of the issues I had was that in other games you cab teleport longer distances, but you have limited spell slots, so you might be able to teleport 2 or 3 times, but once you do all your slots are used up. Whats to stop a mage from casting it as a signature spell to put them to extreme range, cast easier attack spells until a melee character gets close enough, then recasting the teleport, putting them at extreme range again. Might as well make a spell saying immune:melee. So it got me to thinking , how could you limit it. i had a player that was looking to be able to teleport, but I didn't want something that makes the above possible to do ad infinitum, however I know that the mechanical effects of force leap in Star Wars RPG have been playtested to death by now, so I dont have issue with something that essentially copies it
  3. syrath

    Using Miniatures with Genesys

    the beauty of the system is that you can be abstract and it still works, the second you stop worrying about the exact placement of people and jusf "eyeball" the range the more it frees you up from being a slave to absolute positions. Its supposed to be a cinematic system that your dice rolls roll out a section of a scene as it happens on a screen, so this is the way I try to imagine it. That being said there is nothing stopping you using a hex grid or whatever to map it all out , if that helps the GM and the players, this more than most RPGs is your game that you can be as specific or abstract as you like. I like the freedom of just saying , " we 'll call it medium range " and unless the player has a good narrative reason as to why not it's medium range. Relative positions between 3 or more points can get a little screwy though, but its still doable.
  4. syrath


    I've seen the question come up before and I've also heard it brought up in podcast, but there isn't an obvious way to do teleport in the game, and it got me thinking, firstly a lot of people want to be able to teleport because it's a spell in DnD and let's face it it's pretty cool, however it is limited in the number of uses per day where as in this game, assuming you roll enough advantage each time to recover strain you can teleport each round if you want allowing you to kite melee till your hearts content. That latter problem led me down the path of not actually letting it in the game, it is however supposed to be a yes and system, and I didn't think this was handy until I thought upon two solutions that also work hand in hand. There is a teleport rune and one thought was to make it a heroic ability with the exact same power as the teleport rune. The other was to either create its own action or as a modifier to augment but either option was to model it on force leap from star wars RPG force power, it might not have the range that the DND equivalent has but it does provide a similar narrative flavor. So this is what I've come up with Teleport - you may cast this spell as an an easy Arcane or Runes check to teleport from one place in short range to another location in short range Modifiers Additional range you may increase the range once so that you can move from a location within short range to medium range - add one purple dice You can choose to move horizontally instead of vertically for an additional purple difficulty. So while you cannot engage or disengage with it you can as an action get a maneuver worth of movement but over across or through anything as long as it's in range. I would upgrade difficulty if you want to travel somewhere you cannot see, but I felt this was a good middle ground, leaving full teleportation still possible but only as a heroic ability without the additional problems of essentially making casters immune to melee characters by being able to just move away from melee as they get closer.
  5. syrath

    Perception Checks and Ambushes

    Of course but to give an example recently used by O66 on their recent episode on difficulties the difficulty of doing a stealth check in pitch black darkness , or across a flood lit and otherwise empty football pitch is exactly the same regardless of other circumstances, the difficulty for initiative checks is fixed at simple, this doesnt change from time to time.to suit the circumstances, as circumstances are taken account first and foremost by boost and setback dice. To give some examples of how I would do it The party is in low light walking into an ambush, first off they are using vigilance unless for some reason someone has a talent that says otherwise. They have a setback because of light unless they have night vision. The opposing side has one or two boost and perhaps they also warrant an upgrade due to preparation, giving them either a swap for a yellow or an additional green to the pool, those however that dont have night vision also suffer a setback. This is enough of a swing to put , on average an additional success and advantage (and a 1 in 12 chance of a triumph) for each person ambushing over the PCs rolling a similar amount of dice for their initiative roll. One thing I do like is that the base difficulties for performing the same task shouldn't change in this system Another good example - walking over a 10cm inch wide beam in perfect conditions 30cms off the ground should be rated at the same difficulty in this system even if that 10cm wide beam was 1km off the ground in torrential rain in the middle of a thunderstorm while being shot at in the dead of night. The base difficulty for these two tasks are identical, the circumstances around them make the latter way less likely to succeed, the fact you could fall and die should warrant at least one upgrade from the narrative danger inherent in the height, the wet conditions should add 1 or 2 setback, the winds another 1-3 setback and being shot at into the bargain should be a setback for distraction(not counting any added from advantage rolled on the combat check) Now using the original idea for difficulty Id date this has hard as walking a 10cm beam would be likely to fail for anyone untrained, but a reasonably good gymnast should manage to do it the majority of the time So 4 Agility 3 coordination would manage the beam in good conditions 73% of the time, adding 5 setback for conditions and upgrading 1 purple to red reduces that chance to 36%. I know in the star wars system that it is quite specific that the difficulty of a task doesnt change just because other separate variables are in play, this is where boost/setback should be used and perhaps upgrades if the task has an added element of risk , not sure of Geneays stresses this also, I know the beam example I give is rather extreme but initiative is always a simple check, which is not to say negative dice dont factor into the check, but the difficulty should always remain simple (even if purple are added later due to an upgrade for whatever reason) of course your mileage may vary, Im just putting across the RAW side of it (at least as described in the NDS system as used in the Star Wars RPG)
  6. syrath

    Perception Checks and Ambushes

    Im not for that, the difficulty of a check is fixed, it can be upgraded , increased or decreased, but in the main situational advantages and disadvantages should be adding boost or setbacks , so I would use these instead , so if you have people in the dark Id apply the setback for visibility to their initiative rolls, but a well prepared ambush could give the ambushers a boost or two 2 boost on one side and 2 setback on the other can give about. a 20 percent swing on results, also works per the raw of the difficulty being a fixed thing.
  7. syrath

    The Dice Pool Podcast - Episode List

    I actually wondered that, but got confused by the guitar blasting attack (which I suppose could be arcana but I took it as verse), similarly the idea of a mime wall I thought leaned towards a verse example (and I know it was a joke but it led me to believe, that perhaps you thought verse could attack or be used for barrier, and if I thought tha others may have also)
  8. syrath

    The Dice Pool Podcast - Episode List

    ive been playing the Star Wars RPG for some time, and started that as the Gm and recently restarted as a GM in the fantasy realm at the request of my daughter, who is also in my group. As a result I've been starting to pick up on this podcast , working backwards so far with the Q&A and review of Terrinoth, I just wanted to point out something that was a glaring error unless Ive picked it up wrong. It's implied that there is no difference between verse and arcana and even using an example of an attack spell using Verse. the different spell skills only get access to a subset of the list of disciplines Arcana for example cannot augment or heal Divine doesnt Conjure or Dispel Primal lacks Barrier /Curse and Dispel Runes can not conjure , or heal or curse Verse lacks Attack / Barrier / Conjure / Source table 2.18 on page 115. I know you can apply it however you like , but it does cover that a recommended rule from the core is that you might not want characters to be able to mix the skills as they each have their own flavour (faq errata is opposed to that though, Ive house ruled a sort of middle ground in that you can develop the skill , which helps with runes and verses non magical options , but you cant cast unless it's a career skill) Edit got called away just before I properly finished rhis, but I must admit to enjoying the pod cast so far , its already been a wealth of info and especially insight from the last two episodes
  9. syrath

    Let's bug ffg.

    a large variety of battle cards.
  10. syrath

    Jyn Erso and Pathfinders Article Up

    Just a small clarification, canon wise it was more than twice there have been a few other conflicts in other media.
  11. Ive played Han several times now, and hes been the sole reason Ive won the game in more than a few . In my last game along with a rebel commando unit he managed to take out veers and a trooper unit and keep soaking hits from an atst for long enough that my other trooper units could back hit the atst into oblivion. He was at 5 wound but he was solid.
  12. syrath


    I'm about to embark on a new campaign set in Terribly and have an arcane mage who is looking for teleportation To be honest bone of the magic disciplines suit for me. I'm also wary that I don't want the player able to kite the enemy by moving to extreme range each time they get close. Do my ideas so far are this 1/ Have it work very much like Force leap in star wars RPG, IE you can use your action to cast a spell that lets you move a maneuver worth of range during your action. This won't be expandable by range. the problem is the magic discipline to use .The obvious to me would be augment, but this isn't available to arcana. My player wants to use conjure, however I actually feel it's not a fit because of the way it's described. So my own thought was to use Barrier , the reason being that he could have barrier thematically cause an upgrade because of small teleportation movements, then allow the same effect for manipulative (found under attack, allows you to move a target a range band with the attack, which could well be narrated as teleporting). So the effect would be Barrier upgrade manipulative, +1 P spend an advantage on a barrier check to move yourself one range band in any direction. So short to medium, medium to long or long to extreme but like Force leap bottom let you engage or disengage. 2. The other option would be , and this is the one I prefer,is to make heroic ability that is identical to the teleportation rune's activation effect, the improved version would let you teleport a target in extreme range to the same locations possible with the basic power, with the supreme version being able to teleport either multiple people or everything in a 10' radius What are you guys thoughts
  13. syrath

    Jyn Erso and Pathfinders Article Up

    I play 2 strike teams plus I use a full unit as an elite rebel trooper squad, throwing it in as a reserve or using it along with Solos reckless diversion and digging them both in under light cover while my other units go grab objectives.
  14. syrath

    Cassian Andor Live Action Show

    They filmed the voice over actors in the clone wars series as well, so that they could use some of their mannerisms on screen when it came to the animation,
  15. syrath

    Is Key Positions slowly killing the game?

    This is how I feel about it, in a casual game Id rather not even have it in the deck, but against casual friends id like to play against them as red player on it, done right it should be a loss for me then, a more serious game Id rather not see it at all.