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  1. syrath

    Average Bid?

    Yeah I think that usually it's better to build for any objective and just use the points. I think there are three trains of thought 800 pt builds and plan to be red 797-799 to plan to be blue against the players above 10-12 or more bids for being blue. I see imps /rebels more doing this
  2. syrath

    Cad Bane

    You place the tokens down when you play the command card , if this is on deployment you get to place 3 tokens, if this is later you place according to the card but our it's only 2. You can however choose to reveal Cad Band himself at the start of any turn.
  3. I believe that restock is hitting Zatu on for about 2nd of July , my friend has an order of 2 clones wars core sets and got confirmation from them. With Mr Bane and Mistress Amidala being mid July with Bx and Arcs.
  4. Even more so with cassian on the table , makes Bistan a handy unit as you get a the recover
  5. I think you mean duck and cover. He has ways to drop a suppression token on turn 1 , Jyn did not, and he can also do it in multiple units , with Cassian on board id happily take jyn with offensive push as well. His 3 pip can drop suppression on himself Jyn and a performer unit. K2 has calculated odds that can feed him or Jyn a suppression etc
  6. Your points for Jyn's blaster are down as 10, should be 5
  7. I'm not an imperial player so it wasn't my first thought but it is the better call.
  8. You get to add a training slot and you can guarantee getting both actions while you are suppressed but not panicked, and you get an extra body in your unit , which for a white dice attack is not good really. The training slot could be handy if you want to leverage overwatch.
  9. Take the following picture vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/5/54/X34-landspeeder.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20080316031428 now from hip to top of head on threepio would be 3 feet or just shy of 1 metre. Now even if threepio's hips were touching the very bottom of the metal at the bottom of the speeder (ie he was sitting with no seat) then if you take this length to be 1 metre and see how many of these heights you can fit into the length you are talking more than 4 metre not counting the nacelle
  10. I think wookiepedia is wrong here no way this is 3.4m long , although if it excludes the nacelles it may be close I think this was because it was based on a bond bug chassis which probably was that size
  11. I'm with you on this one , I think that the force user could waste the offensive push exhausting it if they wish, but it isn't just the same as reposition. That specific call out only mentions reposition, and doesn't use reposition as an example , so it isnt a given that the same applies here.
  12. syrath

    Bounty tokens

    I think you may be thinking of a fringe case , initially when secret mission was I introduced with R2d2, if a bounty Hunter put a bounty onto R2D2 then this fulfilled the R2 D2 secret mission provided R2 survives, earning R2 a victory point. He didn't have to make it to the enemies deployment zone in that case to trigger secret mission, ultimately and thankfully this was all changed so that the token won by secret mission couldn't be picked up by a bounty Hunter and a bounty Hunter token couldn't trigger secret mission, they are confined to their own rules (though a player with multiple bounty hunters could use either to claim a bounty but using one bounty Hunter to claim both only nets 1 victory point, and if the opposing player kills a bounty Hunter with an already won bounty Hunter token , they only get it if a bounty was put on that specific bounty hunter. Stealing points this way is no longer possible.
  13. Not necessarily, the rule you quoted does specify reposition. It could be that it is treated like an out of turn move and the choice of exhausting any cards is up to the owner of the unit whether they choose to exhaust. Definitely worth request for a rules clarification. At the moment I'd say that either player could trigger it based on what the rules have at the moment. Reposition itself is tied to the movement aka offensive push could also be viewed as tied to the movement ergo the force user player has choice, but the choice to exhaust could be left with the owner player , which could also mean that since they didn't make the move the choice may not be theirs either. I'm not expecting an answer but I think I'll submit a rules request on this one.
  14. 3 troopers and 3 strike teams would leave you some PTs for more upgrades,
  15. This also includes a force push from a force user.
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