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  1. I'm not a huge fan of the separate books but it's not a deal-breaker for me. However, I don't like that species, gear, ships, etc. are scattered across both the core books AND splatbooks. If you want more options, that's a LOT to buy. I hope they release compilation books for species, gear and ships but I'm not holding my breath.
  2. No, not unless you chose to resolve it that way. The trigger for Jake, PtL, Experimental Interface, ect... is after an action which is the same timing for gaining the stress. That means you have the option on what order to resolve things in. So you can chose to use that trigger of "after" for PtL or other actions that trigger on it, before you receive the stress from PtL. That I absolutely understand, but that was case before the recent FAQ since it was covered by "If a player has multiple effects that resolve at the same time, can he resolve them in any order? - Yes." What is the new PtL FAQ addressing?
  3. Well I haven't been following all the threads so correct me if I'm wrong but if Jake uses PtL to do a Focus action, does this mean that PtL "resolves" (gives stress) before his free action kicks in, which would mean he won't get his free action because he would have a stress.
  4. So a new FAQ came out yesterday. There is a clarification on PtL but I'm still not sure it applies.
  5. Neither Jake's ability nor the stress from PtL say "immediately". Therefore as others have stated, the FAQ is clear when resolving simultaneous effects: it's up to the player.
  6. Hi all, this came up in discussion with a friend recently and want to make sure I have the timing correct: Ten Numb has a Focus and Target Lock on a target and attacks that target at RB1 with his Autoblaster. The target is within range of Etahn and has a Sensor Jammer. 1. Ten rolls attack dice and gets Miss, Hit, Crit. 2. Now according to the rules, the defender modifies attack dice first, so Sensor Jammer would trigger before Ten's Focus, Target Lock, or Etahn's ability. The target changes the Hit to Focus, resulting in Miss, Focus, Crit. 3. Now Ten can modify his dice in any order he chooses since there are multiple effects. He uses the TL to reroll the Miss, getting a Focus. Result is now Focus, Focus, Crit. 4. He then spend the Focus, resulting in Hit, Hit, Crit. 5. Etahn's ability triggers: Hit, Crit, Crit. 6. The defender then rolls defense dice but can only cancel 1 of the Crits because Ten prevents 1 Crit from being canceled and the hits can't be canceled because of the Autoblaster. Does that sound right? Thanks!
  7. GlassJaw

    TIE Advanced?

    I have never had good luck with the search function on here, which is why I started a new thread. The search is fine. Search by thread title.
  8. Quite possibly. I played Warmachine on Saturdays from 2009-11 before moving to Austin.
  9. Buy everything. Problem solved.
  10. Check out Pandemonium in Cambridge or Hobby Bunker in Malden. The Hobby Bunker was my FLGS when I was living in Boston. Great place and people there.
  11. But it's not for painting and modeling.
  12. Looks like Silly Putty.
  13. I've seriously been thinking about at least buying some of the dragons and completely throwing out WizKids' rules and making my own variation of the game. Flying dragons are cool and FlightPath is known success. I would ignore the ground troops and since I would have zero interest in any type of competitive play, I would have no qualms about gutting the rules.
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