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  1. I have it in Spanish, mainly because I live in Spain. The only game I have in English is Android, because it was never translated. I see Nevermind, I'll keep on hunting it (thematically a consistent choice, I'd say) Possibly with 3rd edition coming, prices of 2nd edition will drop, eventually This may be the case sooner than you think. I just snagged a copy on BoardGameGeek this morning for $60.00! I was pretty excited. I would have loved to get a new copy, but the game is 10 years old now, and that was increasingly unlikely. Hopefully my "Very Good" edition that I ordered comes in that exact condition. My thought process was why not just get both editions (now that I found an affordable 2nd ed. one) and then I could mix and match my favorite mechanisms/components from each. That's my plan anyways.
  2. Oh, cool. I've never played the game but I definitely plan on picking this up when it arrives. Fingers crossed that's it's out by Halloween.
  3. Will the new edition also have miniatures or change them to cardboard standees?
  4. When Treebeard comes into play each quest, I'm always going to yell: "Break the Dam! Release the River!"
  5. I think the direction they took with Galadriel is perfect for her character. Providing unseen support for other people is exactly what she did in the Lord of the Rings storyline. Her on-card ability to exhaust for card draw and threat reduction is also brilliant. She would work great in powerful doomed decks, I'm thinking. The synergies are certainly going to explode this cycle.
  6. Wingfoot is pretty amazing. Almost makes you wish the cards were larger so the artwork could get the recognition it deserves.
  7. I'm going to have to be a dissenter here. I am really fond of the Lord of the Rings movies (they're what got me to be such a huge fan of everything Tolkien) and I actually really like the artwork on the Captain of Gondor card because the Gondorian armor in the movies is amazing. Maybe I'm also getting a bit overly happy at the idea of putting the Captain of Gondor and Horn of Gondor attachments on Boromir and sending him out to slay Orcs in the ruins of Osgiliath...
  8. I rarely use Leadership Aragorn now, but use his Lore version all the time. All these Ranger additions are going to make him that much more potent in one of my favorite tri-sphere decks: Frodo, Sam, and Aragorn. I was curious as to how many Ranger heroes are currently in the card pool, so I did a quick search in the Hall of Beorn's database: Both Aragorns, Beravor, Elladan, Elrohir, and Faramir. We'll also get the new one in this particular AP and I'd be willing to bet that they'll be one in another AP as well (The Three Trials, perhaps?) I'm excited to get more use out of Faramir. As much as I want to like him, he usually falls flat in quests, but this single attachment will really make him excellent.
  9. I wish we could see the full stats and description on that Mirkwood Pioneer ally. This is probably my favorite of all four of the featured upcoming AP's. Love me some Rangers!
  10. I think I'll try to purposely let the time tick down and out on the first quest phase so that Mugash can escape into the encounter deck. That will definitely make the quest longer and undoubtedly amp up the challenge as well. Also, the Huorn enemies keep reminding me of this scene. Tell me I'm not the only one!
  11. Even though I struggled the most with quest two, I think it's my favorite quest out of all three of them. I need to give the first quest some more attention because I rather rushed through it, but did enjoy that one as well. However, I felt like the second quest really provided some interesting mechanics that felt unique and interesting. The "out of play" deck was a great idea to add an element of suspense and it really varies how the quest unfolds as well. It could be a long, perilous search throughout the mountain (if Mugash is on the bottom of your deck) or it could prove to be a quick capture and tense fight with the Uruk. The quest definitely has the potential to feel different each time you play it, and even though it kicked my butt at first, I think it allowed me to enjoy it all the more and makes me excited to play it in the future. I like the setting and unfolding plot of the third quest, but so far, both my playthroughs have been a breeze and over very quickly without incident. In my opinion, the Huorns should still be able to attack during the combat phase in addition to depleting the active quest of progress. I just think their "hinder" ability is too weak as is.
  12. I almost always read them when I am looking through brand new cards for the first time, but sadly they usually get forgotten when I'm actually playing through a quest. I suppose it does distract from gameplay if you stop and read the small print on the cards that don't have an immediate use rather than thematic involvement. Even though I do my best to remain a thematic player and enjoy this game from an authentic Tolkien approach, I must admit that I'm usually too focused on dreading the next nasty treachery or gruesome "when revealed" effect to appreciate the flavor texts that accompany them. But, as of now, I'm going to make the conscious decision to try and slow down and read them more!
  13. I played all three of these quests in a solo two-handed format with a mono-Tactics deck (Theoden, Eomer, Hama) and the other deck jumping between Leadership-Spirit and Lore-Spirit. I beat the first quest with the above mentioned Tactics deck as well as Theodred, Dunhere, and Eowyn. The second quest took some serious reworking before I finally beat it. I would have to disagree that it doesn't take a lot of willpower; in two player, the locations can really add up fast and destroy your questing phase. That may not be the case in solo one handed play, however. Anyways, the player decks that finally gave me the win were Theoden, Eomer, and Legolas paired up with Grima, Glorfindel (spirit), and Eowyn. I used these same setups to also beat the final quest (twice in a row).
  14. Perhaps you're on to something there. I had to reread the effect of the hinder attribute several times to make sure I was playing it correctly... it just seems so under-powered. I beat this quest on only the fourth round without any attacks, just a couple of the Huorns "hindering" a couple progress off from the quest. Maybe it was beginner's luck and this quest plays out differently depending on card draw, but I would agree that it seems way too easy from my initial experience. "To Catch an Orc," however, brutally thrashed me around 5 or 6 times before I finally achieved a narrow victory. I don't know what it is about that quest, but I find it to be quite challenging.
  15. I think Eowyn is the far-and-away best hero to use for The Fords of Isen quest. Her ability to discard one card from each player's hand every round really helps out.
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