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  1. Some people make a fake Facebook account just for participating in gaming groups like this. That's always an option - you don't need to go all in. Or you could just show up on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays and skip Facebook altogether.
  2. Definitely check out that Facebook group. We have a standing game night on the 1st and 3rd Saturday at 6 pm at Uptown Espresso and Gameporium in West Seattle (3845 Delridge Way SW, Seattle, WA 98106). We typically have 3-6 people for a typical game night and play mostly 3-4 player games. The Fellowship Events often attract around 20 people. If you're looking to play on weeknights, you could hit up that group and see if anyone is interested/available.
  3. It hasn't been announced yet. I don't think there is a clear rhyme or reason to their sequence. Otherwise Bara or Targ would have come before Tyrell and Martell.
  4. He is a cool idea and I really should try him. I think I focus too much on his mulligan ability and underestimate the potential of his redraw ability.
  5. Wow, that is a long list! Time to start experimenting more!
  6. My list of never-played heroes - Note that I almost never play solo: Dori - He looks bad and I rarely play any dwarves besides Gimli and Bifur Eomer (Le) - His ability is very meh, and staging area attacks are less effective in multiplayer games. Fastred - Similar to Eomer. If I'm going to do staging area attacks in solo, I prefer to never engage the enemies. Galdor of the Havens - His effect isn't very exciting, and I'd almost always rather play Erestor. Kahliel - I kept waiting for more Harad support, but it never really got fleshed out. Na'asiyah - She's a hero you need to build around, but it's a very straightforward and boring build. Quickbeam - New, but also doesn't look very good. I doubt I will try him. Thurindir - I like the idea of him, but in multiplayer we almost never want to devote a turn to side quests. Other heroes that I've rarely played: Gandalf, Boromir (T), Caldara, Dain, Hirluin - Too powerful for my taste. Don't want to be "the Gandalf guy" at the 4 player table. Bard, Brand, Lanwyn - Their lack of weapons makes me always go with Legolas or Haldir instead. The new cycle should fix this problem. Bilbo, Fatty, Dwalin, Oin, Pippin (S), Aragorn (Le) - Any deck that these would fit into, there is usually another hero with the same traits (or same name) that would be a better fit. Treebeard, Halbarad - Any deck that these would fit into, the ally is usually better.
  7. That's one option. Have you played the game yet? Do you own anything yet? If not, you should get in touch with Dustan and let him make some decks and walk you through some practice games.
  8. Ok, cool. The main guy in the Houston area is Dustan Archer. Find him on Facebook and he can connect you with other players. If you want to be competitive and play at tournaments, you will need to buy all of the expansions. I was just suggesting that you start with the core sets to make sure you like the game. If you already know that you like it and you want to be competitive, you should buy a complete set from someone else that is quitting the game. There are always people coming and going and selling their collections. You should be able to get it for less than 50% of MSRP.
  9. The best way is probably to get in touch with someone nearby that has the game. Where are you located? There is also a big Facebook group that is the main gathering of players, so you could join that and try to find people to play with. Otherwise, pick up a core set and try some of the starter decks. Then if you like it, get 2 more core sets and try building a deck or two.
  10. It doesn't say unique ally, so I believe it would not allow 2 copies of Master of the Forge.
  11. This ruling was in respect to enemies engaged with each player, but I think it applies here. Either way, it wouldn't hurt to get an official answer.
  12. I think that's right? I wish there was something official for things like this.
  13. Only 4? We got 2 from the saga box. Does that mean there were only 2 APs this year (not counting Folco)?
  14. I could get on board with that interpretation. If that's the case, then that would answer the Topmost Chamber situation in the OP (i.e., that you don't place progress on the next stage) since it requires the location to leave play.
  15. But that quote is contradictory to other rulings. It's like they went to a core set ruling for this particular example, ignoring the subsequent FAQ entries that say otherwise (i.e., quest advanced before active location explored).
  16. Yeah, he suggested it but nobody else agreed with it. I like GrandSpleen's breakdown on the next page. You place all progress simultaneously on Active location and quest, then advance quest (if able), then explore active (if able). That's why I think Thing in the Depths has the flawed language since it says you can't place progress on the quest until the active location is explored.
  17. Has there ever been a situation before where progress from questing spilled over onto a new quest card? I don't recall any, so I'm skeptical that this scenario would break that ground. I think the problem is just on the Thing in the Depths because the wording would technically preclude progress being placed on the same turn you clear the Helm, and I think they bent the rules to make it function as intended.
  18. I think Thing in the Depths is an exception to the rule. Normally you place all the progress, then advance the quest, then clear the active location. I don't believe there is any consistent interpretation of the rules that would allow all quests to function as intended.
  19. There are some spoilers (mostly via art) from book 1, and maybe some minor spoilers from book 2. But if you have read book 2, the core set will be safe for you. Like Kakita said, there will be some characters and locations that aren't introduced in book 1 or 2, but certainly nothing that spoils the plot.
  20. Yes, because Destrier says to ready the hero first. So, you can still ready the hero without discarding the shadow card. However, I think if you couldn't ready the hero for whatever reason (a treachery or shadow card effect), you would not be able to discard another shadow card.
  21. Yeah, I was just referring to Rivendell Bow since Seastan had previously mentioned it.
  22. That mostly answers the question. Did you ask him if it counts as a ranged attack if you declare the attack with a mix of ranged and non-ranged attackers? The clause "by joining another player's attack" makes me think the answer is no.
  23. I don't see any reason why player B's ranged characters couldn't attack twice in that situation.
  24. Folco will make this deck a lot more consistent. The extra starting resource and willpower, then ability to drop back into secrecy and activate Strider will help a lot. Not to mention improving the value of Mithrandir's Advice. Then you could get someone else to play Rossiel and you can use Mirlonde for the absurd 16 starting threat with ability to drop to 9. I'm really excited about Folco's impact on strengthening Strider decks. If only it worked it campaign play (Strider is ruined by the saga hero and Folco would be "fallen" after game 1).
  25. Oh man, strategy talk about secrecy decks in multiplayer games... you're getting me all hot and bothered just thinking about it. One of the challenges I've run into is that some secrecy decks (like with Argalad or Dunhere) rely on keeping enemies in the staging area. You just can't count on that in multiplayer because someone is likely to have a 30+ threat deck. The other challenge is that it's harder to stay in secrecy in multiplayer because you reveal more cards and will run into more threat raising effects. So, you need to have a deck that can either reliably reduce threat or starts really low threat. I have two secrecy decks that work in pick-up multiplayer games. The first is a hobbit pipe deck with Glorfindel, Pippin, and Frodo. It draws a bunch of cards (via pipes), reduces a bunch of threat (via Elrond's Council and other events), and quests pretty well (via cheap 2 willpower allies). It provides utility to the table with test of will, threat reduction for everyone (via song of Earendil), and Asfaloth. It can kill enemies with Glorfindel + Ithilien Lookouts and Frodo defending (or taking undefended attacks). Here is a version of the deck that I haven't updated in a while, so it might be missing a card or two from the new packs. http://ringsdb.com/deck/view/3063 The other deck that I've been working on is actually about to get a huge boost when Folco Boffin comes out. It's a Strider deck with Glorfindel, Rossiel, and victory display shenanigans. Having both Strider and Light of Valinor makes Glorfindel more reliable, and when you see both attachments you can put the other on Rossiel to have her quest and defend for 4+. Victory display shenanigans and test of will help neuter the encounter deck and it can quest for ~10 willpower pretty quickly. It can also hold its own in combat once you get Rossiel defending for 4+ (possibly with burning brand) and Glorfindel + Lookouts to attack. http://ringsdb.com/deck/view/19573 Folco will make the deck much more consistent. Worst case scenario (if you just have Strider and no LoV) you can use his turn 1 resource and sacrifice him to give yourself a net -1 threat. Best case scenario (LoV on Glorfindel), he gives you a few turns of extra resources and willpower before you sacrifice him to get back in secrecy. I also have a solo secrecy deck that uses Traps and Ranger Bows (super cheap with Ithilien Lookouts and Guardian of Ithilien) to kill enemies in the staging area, but it doesn't really work in multiplayer.
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