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  1. Hallo. Why the big Scout Troops, when they are armed with the sniper rifles? In this case the small units are better and you save up 44 points per unit. For this points you will got another stormies unit. With the 2 points left in your list and both scouts reduced you can buy a speeder unit.
  2. Dont`'t forget, that she can get esteemed leader for 5 points and troopers will be on her side the whole time.
  3. 1: 1 2: 2 (in command range of Luke 6) 3: 3 4: 6
  4. Because of balancing. Up to date we have mirroring or counterparts in the whole game with slightly differences between the factions. light walker and heavy speeder against heavy walker and light speeder troops with bad armor but good weapons with cover ability against troops with good armor but bad weapons and aim ability close combat troops to hold positions against close combat troops which slowly march over the field and capture positions a mighty force user hero who help to rally troops against a mighty force user hero who suppress enemies a cheap support hero with a light bombardment at 4 enemies and cover buff against a cheap support hero with one heavy bombardment at 1 enemy and aim buff. It's seems clear for me, that the next empire units will be an equal counterpart to the commandos at least to get a option for the special slot of the list. The rebels have again bad armor but a good weapon and they become a sniper rifle, a precise weapon with high range and slow shot rate. So I think the empire will become something like a mg and again good armor bad standard weapon. But the empire has very good options for infiltrators (Scouts, ISB, search droids) and every military force requires scouts and pioneers.
  5. In my opinion Boba fits better than Kallus. Han and Boba use both dirty tactics and both have the abilities for hit and run. Kallus is more like a strong but direct fighter and I think we will see him in waves with a "Rebels" focus as the counterpart to Zeb. This I find more realistic and yes she will fit the role as a special ops commander like Han.
  6. What do you think about this? At least you loose 2 bikes and so one activation but you get 4 Stormies with DLT.
  7. Have you played against Veers lists? My experience was, that he is very strong against armies with the main emphasis in close and melee combat. A friend plays this list in the last matches and it`s very hard to come close enough for flamers.
  8. Are you sure? For me it's: Standard Infantry: Stormtroopers - Rebel Troopers Short Range Infantry: Snowtroopers - Fleet Troopers Special Infantry: ? - Rebel Commandos I can imagine unmounted scouts with an e-web as a two minis heavy weapon.
  9. I don't think so, that points will be raised in the next time. The 800 points let you build very different lists and it is possible to bring a game to an end in 2-4 hours. We've played 1200 points per site (4x600 points game with 4 players) and we've need nearly 6 hours. I think the time will not raise linear and so the game duration will be to high with more points.
  10. I don't think that you really need the commanding presence or the comlinks and I don't like the general Weiss upgrade. He will not trigger really often, because you need enemies in range 0-2 and 4+ at the same time, in the same arc and LOS to both of them. Without him you did not need all 3 weapon upgrades and with the points you have saved you can buy another bike squad. This is the list I plays with Veers as fun list: Veers Fun Veers with esteemed leader and the new 3 points gadget. 2 DLT Stormies with target Scopes and additional trooper as bodyguards and as targets for Veers aim ability. The ST as center or heavy flank, the Snowboys with flamer in the slipstream 2x2 Bikes as hunters 1 DLT Stormie Squad as reserve or objective looter.
  11. I think with so few points it`'s better without the special commander cards. Because in this scenario Vader will be crushed by Luke with his cards and in the most cases a dead hero is a game over when you play with under 600 points .
  12. With this I totally disagree. At the moment FFG shows up every month 1 or 2 new units. With Han and commandos and one unit per month we got new minis till September. In this scenario we have a continuous growing number of different units and play styles. You have the time to paint them all and build nice terrain and tables. The unit spam like in 40k with every new codex is bulls**t , cause every second player will have more minis than time to paint them all and the same army vary from op to garbage due to the codex releases.
  13. Many players I know use (naked) RT's as meatshields to push foward. I don`'t like this, cause an ST or a single HH12 will often broke the tactic, but you could decide this for your own.
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