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  1. when an officer is attached to a storm trooper unit, what defense die does he/she use? I can not find any ruling on this.
  2. Has anyone heard why these units are still in development? I had expected to see them move to at least the printer by now.
  3. really? where is this pdf?
  4. then why sell stuff at gencon????
  5. sorry if this a repeat. did a quick browse and saw nothing. but when is the app coming?
  6. uh oh, looks like a generic imperial officer is on the way. and the nay Sayers have what to say now????????
  7. Why buy a novel about Thrawn? how about because the "Heir to the Empire" trilogy are the best star wars novels ever!!!!! the stories in there are even better than the OT in my opinion. Zahn should have been hired on as the creative mind behind the new cannon. you can tell he plays to the heart of star wars in his writings and when I read these books, doesn't matter how many times, I cant put them down. If Hux had been written better in the last jedi, more like a Thrawn or Tarkin esque character. he would have been more believable as a leader instead of a punk. When I saw Thrawn was going to be in rebels, I was like, NOOOOOOO! they are going to ruin him. but they actually did him justice. I loved the Rebels series, other than the first few episodes of comically incompetent storm troopers, it really picked up steam and got really good. the characters were well developed as well. would love to see most, if not all of them make it into this game. **** the Phoenix squadron set would make a great operatives squad. like @Caimheul1313 suggested before. you have a core leader and then purchase the rest of the squad as upgrade cards. Hera and chopper are the base unit. then you can add the others as you wish. I think that would be cool. then do the same for inferno squadron. Krenik and the death troopers.
  8. I'm more partial to generic officer #7 he is way cooler than 8, and he comes first numerically.
  9. 40k's switch to full blown tournament style play in 8th edition is what helped me decide its time to get out. playing Orks, we never got much love from the creators any way. 8th edition nerfed orks hard, then each codex that came out made that army the strongest up to that point. they are horrible at releases, IMO. several of my old gaming buddies have also decided that 40k is just not their thing any more as well. maybe im getting to old for these types of games. I have been very sad of late........ first GW breaks my favorite game...... Then Ruin Johnson ruins the new Star Wars for me....... now I dropped my ice-cream on the floor....... I cant go on. sorry, I went waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off topic.
  10. what about inferno squadron or any small 2-4 man unit as operatives? each model or the whole unit would have special abilities or, as suggested for a commander choice that comes with squad mates/body guard? I may not be a fan of the episode 7 or 8, and not planning on seeing 9. but Disney did give us Rebels and Battlefront 2. I really enjoyed the story in BF2 and Shriv was my favorite character in it. even though I don't like to play rebels, I would love to see this guy represented on the battle field with all his......optimism.
  11. One of the most enjoyable parts of being a star wars fan for 40 years has been being able to play in this universe. I have played the West End Games Star Wars RPG, still have all my books and looking forward to getting the FFG release if only to see what they did art wise to the books. I still have some of the Wizards of the Coast RPG books (I preferred the D6 rule). also still have over 1000 Wotc star wars miniatures including AT-AT. I play x-wing and armada. played every star wars video game they made, even the bad ones.(original battlefront 2 was the best-galactic conquest made that game) but most importantly, yes the iconic characters are cool and we all love them. But to be able to make something feel more........I want to say down to earth but in a galaxy far, far, away, that just doesn't seem right.......but to use characters that are not super powers and the threat of failure because of that brings an element all its own. don't get me wrong, I do want to see all the cool named commanders they come up with, but the rebels have way more than the imperials, and that was I big issue I had with x-wing. the rebels and scum had a huge number of unique crew compared to the empire so they released generic officers and stuff like that. it worked ok, but it also gave that feel that the empire is full of throw away heroes because they are a huge war machine and not every commander is going to be the best. I guess I went off on a tangent because I didn't write anything to the point I was going to make, which is: this is a game first. yes balance is good, but fun is more important to me. yes I play on the tourney scene, took 2nd in a legion tournament, finished as good as 3rd in an armada tourney, I have won several x-wing tourneys including a store championship then finished 2nd the following year. so I get the importance of balance in any game. ask me about my 40k Orks and balance. I can go on for hours on that one, but I just sold my entire 40k collection after 30 years of playing that game. I put things on these boards because I think that they would add to the fun of the game. that's what I'm after. you can pick apart my ideas for what ever reason you want, but please do not just look at things from a competitive standpoint, or your going to miss out on the point I'm trying to make.
  12. @Caimheul1313 I still don't see how you still have a problem with the command cards? I explained it in detail that you tie them to the generic commander just as cards are now. so you cant just take the one you want and when the commander dies they go the way of the dodo too. some people just like to use Joe Shmoe as a character to portray maybe.....themselves leading their army. I almost never took named characters in 40K, too many points for what you get from Orks. but im sure your have an issue with that too, waiting for your reason its wrong........................................
  13. This is exactly what I was thinking. why not have that option? why not have the generic command cards with a slight boost? why not give players more options with which to build and play their army? if you run Vader and Veers you can throw out all but the 4 pip command card and use their 6 cards. what difference is it if its better basic cards? example: generic ground assault commander could have Ambush: 1 unit (unit receives an aim token), Push: 2 units (each unit given an order during the command phase recovers), Assault: 3 units (choose 1 unit that has been issued an order. that unit may use both actions to attack this turn) but just like the commanders we have, they are bound to the generic commander.
  14. Veers is 80 points I don't think even a generic commander would be less than lets say 65-75 points naked. when your talking 10 to 15 points, how many more activations can you throw in there? maybe 1 if you tweek a unit or 2. but what will you get? 1 or 2 units that are now less effective to add a naked unit? maybe? I don't think having generic commanders would do more than free up those few points you need to add 1 more storm trooper to fill a squad, or give that AT-ST a commlink, or a squad without a heavy can now have grenades or scopes, or both.
  15. I agree that it is weak in the tournament realm. what I see working best out there is lots of troops and heavy weapons. lost my AT-ST to storm trooper fire in 1.5 turns. well not just storm troopers but speeder bikes as well. my plan was to tie up his units by drawing their fire from my troops, well I succeeded in that but there was just to many of them, and I didn't have enough of my own troops to do the damage I needed to on his troopers because I had the points into the AT-ST and Vader. I will never run Vader and AT-ST in the same list again just because of the point sink and the limit it puts on the rest of your list.
  16. I really wouldn't mind if the released generic "Rebel Commander" or "Imperial Commander" or "Storm trooper commander" as models. think lower points cost to fill the slot and then gives ou more points for other units. down side = special command cards are pretty blah.
  17. inquisitors? Hera operatives: Fulcrum, old clone trooper Chief Chirpa TK-421
  18. @Caimheul1313 man, why must you crush my dreams I only want to have fun I think AT-AT's would be fun
  19. @Caimheul1313 Again, you have very valid points, what we did in a lot of our Apocalypse games was = if a super heavy moved over a piece of terrain, like a building, it was destroyed and removed from the table. if we had sufficient rubble area terrain laying around we would put that in its place and now it was difficult and dangerous terrain for all other units. but different game mechanics and all, I get that. Now, as to the rebels not getting a huge hulk of a tank or something else equivalent to the AT-AT, the rebels do not have access to the same level of equipment the empire does. that's why there is this feeling that the empire is unstoppable and such a daunting war machine. as slow as the AT-AT would be in this game, lumber some at best. I would see its top speed moving it 1 at the most a turn, with a special pivot tool. this would essential make it a walking bunker that might move 12 inches the entire game. now the point that I keep forgetting to make, the rebels "super unit" IMO would be something more like clone wars era vehicles, or heavy repulsor vehicles that are quick but lightly armored. lower points cost but would perform a whole lot different. also, side note, I feel that because of the nature of the rebels, they should be allowed to take AT-ST's and other imperial vehicles, because, well, they are rebel scum of course.
  20. not entirely, this sense of dread the AT-AT should bring to the table should be real. It should be near impossible to bring down, and the rebels should not have an equivalent unit to match it. because that would not produce the dread required. can it capture objectives? no is it very maneuverable? no will it be a high point value? yes will it leave you with few points to field other units that will be severely out gunned? yes so you will have to be unconventional when dealing with this enemy unit, and it would make a great scenario based game unit
  21. You have valid points, but I think you underestimate the players of this game. I would most certainly cough up 150 clams for an AT-AT at this scale. and I have played 40k for 29 years. so I am no stranger to having game pieces as big or bigger than the AT-AT would be. I get that this is a skirmish game, I get that to fit in a tournament setting this needs to be kept at the size it is. but I will keep using x-wing as an example, us gamers and star wars fans (at least the OT fans) will eat this rebellion era stuff up. I bought every epic ship for x-wing and have only used the raider, about 4-5 times. the rest were on display until I moved. I will soon have them displayed again soon.
  22. You cannot tell me that the game designers were dreaming up this game never thought about plopping an AT-AT down on the table as the ultimate highlight of this game? and they can totally bring something from the EU or legends (as they have in x-wing) to put on the table for rebels. or ****, make up something new like the decimator or raider. and x-wing epic rules allow the big ships to extend from the deployment zones ,so long as the base touches the table edge. there were a huge number of people who said huge ships would never happen in x-wing, they were wrong there were a huge number of people who said a 3rd faction in x-wing would never happen, they were wrong I think we just play the **** out of this game, help grow the community and we will get wonderous toys to play with!!!
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