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  1. Movement across <Height X terrain

    But you still only measure horizontally?
  2. How to you resolve movement over terrain less than Height X? Ex: I want to move troopers onto a LOS-blocking terrain piece that is, let's say, 3 inches high. It's sides are near vertial but the height of the terrain does not warrant a climb check. Do I count the sides of the cliff as part of the movement? Or is movement only measured horizontally? Can't find anything in the rules or RRG but maybe I overlooked it.
  3. News!

    Fail. FFG should just have used the rules from IA: as long as you opponent has more activations than you, you can pass. Where is the fluff on Price for this ability anyways?
  4. Greetings When ambushing the new Dornish Spy after 4.2.1 but before the 4.2.2 "Compare Str ..." step, does the targeted character still get to apply it's STR as it has already been chosen to the engagement? Cheers and thanks
  5. Sneaky profundity preview

    I've been happy with dual contain and Damage Control Officers. Shuts down Screed-molishers, NorraSquadrons and the likes.
  6. OH ... I was trying every single acronym of the two game designers .... not the actual company
  7. So ... what is the 3-letter acronym I have to type in?
  8. Nobody else noticed the new FAQ yet.....

    I don't care who makes the game, not because I don't know how to find the credits, but because I honestly don't care who makes the game. --- My problem with these interweb rules forums , where designers or official rulez dudez reside, is, that instead of flipping through an official document, you have to look through endless posts where people bark, nag and harass each other and I don't care for that. I refer to official documents. From the Introduction section of the Armada Tournament rules: "Tournaments are played using the rules provided in the Star Wars: Armada Rules Reference and FAQ". So interweb rulings are not official rulings. TO/judges can ofcourse use them how they see fit and this frustrates me. --- Should there be a place, like the forums, where you can ask questions? Sure, we can't assume FFG will catch all their mistakes og twists on the game. But the second largest problem to me is, that their FAQs are not updated enough. My largest problem is players that keep trying to twist the game to their own advantage, like Jamming Field, which is used in a debate on a local, closed FB group. In the Rieekan death/no-death issue, we are in agreement. The rules are not precise, because he breaks them in a frustratingly maner and FFG hasn't addressed that yet. --- I thank you for your long and respectful answer to me. I hope I have returned mine in a similar way.
  9. Nobody else noticed the new FAQ yet.....

    I don't know who those two persons are, but as long as there is nothing in the rules or FAQ it's not official. I mean, rules aren't supposed to be looked up in some obscure thread on some flaming forum. If these two people you mention are FFG rules dudes, they should put the ruling in the rules book or the official FAQ. I know my perspective is my version on RAI as the RAW, IMO, is open for interpretation regarding since Rieekan was introduced.
  10. Nobody else noticed the new FAQ yet.....

    I know this, but still don't blame GH. Biggs should have had an uber-Escort function instead of shuffling damage around.
  11. Nobody else noticed the new FAQ yet.....

    Pretty sure you can't shift damage to someone who has already died. RRG states that when a ship or squadron suffers damage equal to it's hull or life value, it is immediately removed from the board. However, Rieekan prevents the removing of the board, but I'm almost certain that you can't continue to shift damage to something that has already died. This is why I don't care much for the Rieekan nerf, but is more saddened about the lack of a Biggs nerf.
  12. Nobody else noticed the new FAQ yet.....

    I have never touched Rieekan, but Biggs with Ors and Gallant Haven. It's just stupid with stupid on top. I don't blame Ors og Gallant Haven, I blame Biggs.
  13. Nobody else noticed the new FAQ yet.....

    Wish they had nerfed Biggs instead of Rieekan
  14. .. and couple it with Flight Commander ... BOOM-shack-a-lack