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  1. Possible bug (or me just not using it correctly) The Obligation value does not allow for correct purchase of benefit: I have 10 obligation but I am not allowed to buy either +10 xp or +2500 credits.
  2. Palp looks like a gloryfied Intel Officer. From the wording it looks like you still get the effect of the token, like the IO.
  3. I'm not worried about the v2 dial. It looks like a great support ship, retains it's sloops, 3ATK. Great synergies with fighters. The real trick is the medium base. That may make it hard to function as a fighter, but I'm still gonna make 2xReapers + 2xStrikers work
  4. Not sure how launching ordnance in 2.0 works yet, with energy and such.
  5. As I read this card, you MUST spend the Energy and you MUST apply it's effect, correct? It's not that you CAN spend the energy and THEN apply the effect?
  6. So, Alex, Max and Frank want to bring us into a refreshed version of X-Wing - awesome. They want to focus on positioning and good flying - awesome. Then why is it that almost every single ship and it's mother have some sort of re-positioning action (boost/barrel roll)? It'll be even worse than in v1.0, and many ships had to buy into those actions, forfeiting other upgrades. I "fear" with so much built-in boost/barrel roll and with a tighter initiative range, bids and higher initiative ships will be even more valuable than 1.0, thus taking focus away from the designers' intentions with 2.0.
  7. From the video, all pre- wave XIV will be included in the conversion kits, so I am happy with that. Wave XIV will include both 1.0 and 2.0, which also makes me happy.
  8. I want new ships, not reprints I don't need a 6th X-wing, 5th Y-Wing, 11th TIE Fighter, 3rd Firespray a.s.o.
  9. Voloch

    Reaper Article!

    Can't wait to try these out with my Strikers (my fav ship in the game so far)
  10. My worry is, take the new Y-Wing article: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/6/18/begin-attack-run/ There are two new Y-Wing pilots, Norra and Evaan. Will they by in the upgrade kits or will I need to buy a new Y-Wing to get these new pilots? This is what I want the devs to answer.
  11. 1. I default to jousts far to often 2. I dont always never inform decisions with math 3. I talk and type more about X-Wing than I play X-Wing 11. I go where arcs and bombs are or will be instead of where they aren't or wont be 12. I dont always see challenging mechanics as a puzzle and jump to quickly to the assumption that they are broken or unsolvable or unfair 13. I dont always have a plan 16. I claim to play for fun but secretly I play to win 17. The dice hate me ... no seriously, the dice HATE me 18. I blame myself for my bad play instead of giving my opponent credit for his good play 19. I am a terrible human being 20. Trump ... Why am I even playing this game??
  12. I am hanging my hope on this: "The number of ships supported (by maneuver dials included) in each Conversion Kit are:" But I need more info from FFG. RAW (Reading as Written) vs RAI (Reading as Intended).
  13. So, looking at the list of cards in the conversion kits, I see a strong lack of named pilots. So, I ask you this FFG: are we required to buy 1 of each new "old" ship to get the named pilots? (sorry if this has been asked and answered before) Cheers.
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