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  1. Krieger22

    Unmatched mobility

    All of them? Seriously though, everything benefits from additional (free) manoeuvres. Whether it's because you have abilities that can activate with manoeuvres, or you have strain-expensive abilities that would benefit from you not having to spend strain, and so on.
  2. Given the conflicting depictions in the various source material, I've mostly just gone with the colour descriptions from the old X-Wing games; lasers are red, blasters are also red but with shorter "bolts" and a higher rate of fire (Slave 1 vs. Obi-Wan in the asteroid ring in Attack of the Clones) while ion cannons are blue. Imperial turbolasers are green, while Alliance turbolasers are red.
  3. I'm so glad you were able to restrain yourself, because that would have been a mean thing to do.
  4. Krieger22

    Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    As someone who lives in Norway, where the book is unlikely to be available for at least another month, I have great sympathy for your suffering. Oh look, I need to replace this dial on my sarcasm-meter. It just exploded.
  5. Krieger22

    Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    There's a pretty good chance of that, although it will probably depend a bit on when the book was done/sent to the printer in relation to when the movies came out.
  6. Don't worry, it's the awesome kind of clickbait.
  7. Yeah, that's possible. Those two tend to blend together a little in my head sometimes.
  8. Bad news, everyone. The ships carrying the books ran into a small... problem in transit. Full update here: Shipping update
  9. If the weapon has the Limited Ammo quality then it uses one ammo when fired normally, plus a second ammo when you trigger Linked. I'm pretty sure this is in one of the books, but I can't be bothered to search for it right now.
  10. Krieger22

    Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    I imagine that if a player wants the Retired Clone Trooper spec without being an actual, you know, clone, it could easily be rationalized as him being a veteran of some other military outfit. No need to be quite that rigid about interpreting specialization titles.
  11. Krieger22

    Some Minor Tweaks

    I did some tweaking of the Move power as well. I simply ruled that the various upgrades (Strength, Magnitude, etc) don't stack but has to be activated individually for one Force pip each, and cannot be activated multiple times. So far it seems to have solved the problem of Force rating 3 characters throwing YT-1300s around.
  12. Oh yeah, come to papa...
  13. As soon as you start shooting at someone with a defensive talent like Adversary, Dodge or Side Step those red Challenge dice are going to be cropping up a lot. Then there's the GM flipping a Destiny Point to make your life more interesting, that also upgrades to a red. So no, unless your GM is going abnormally easy on your group then you haven't wasted your XP. Although I should point out that if you have the Space Clip talent you don't really need to carry Extra Reloads around. Spare Clip ensures that you don't run out (at least not from dice results) of ammy in the first place.
  14. It depends on how involved you want this to be, and how many checks you want them to make. If the character controlling the cranes is providing interference while his companion runs away, I'd have the that character make a Mechanics (or possibly Computers) check where for example the first S and every SS beyond the first adds a difficulty die to the pirates' Athletics check (I'm assuming a chase scene here) and every AA adds a setback die to same. Quick and easy. If you want it to be more of a combat encounter, I'd say that dropping a crate on someone is an action that requires a Mechanics check as an attack roll, and does 10 + Successes damage to one pirate. For every AA on the check one additional pirate could end up under the same crate. I'd add the pirates' ranged defence as setback dice to the Mechanics check, as well as one or two additional setback dice to simulate the character having to eyeball precisely when a pirate is direcly below the crane; gives the PC some value for his XP if he's sunk points into the Gearhead talent.
  15. What exactly does Brace for Impact do? I keep seeing people talking about it, but the book hasn't made its way to my FLG yet.