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  1. I've never been a fan of : Draw Stimpack - Maneuver Apply Stimpack - Maneuver I've long since houseruled it to wrap them in to one single maneuver. To the OP: you could have them behave as emergency repair patches and give them 5 uses of 3 wounds each.
  2. Yep. GM Phil has confirmed that Story Points have replaced Destiny Points and behave exactly the same.
  3. It looks like something is going to happen.
  4. I love Space mutiny. One of my favorite MST3K episodes.
  5. Space hippies can make for fun adversaries.
  6. For this. You need a group that wants to actively prevent and sabotage the terraforming. Perhaps a misguided environmentalist group or a big business that profits from the planets poor state.
  7. I will wager there will be. I suspect it will be released when the CRB drops.
  8. When they earn a contribution rank they get a piece of equipment with a rarity equal to 3 + their new contribution rank
  9. I'm told PDF's are released about a week after the physical copy hits the shelves.
  10. There's always a bigger Kraken.
  11. Our Wayfinder was dubbed the Beast of Burden. Rather than a ship named the Mynock, in our KotOR campaign, we had one named the Shyrack.
  12. Not all heroes wear capes.
  13. I've been told that I inspire all sorts of depravity.
  14. "PC Load Letter?! What the **** does that even mean?!"