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  1. You don't need the fancy dice. The book in your link has a conversion chart for standard dice. However, you'll find converting numbers-to-symbols is slow, cumbersome, and frustrating. I strongly urge you get at least one set, or the dice app.
  2. kaosoe

    Expanded Equipment for a Fantasy Setting

    That's actually some cool piece of trivia. Although, I doubt you'll be swaying any minds. The weaponized boomerang has become such an iconic tool, that the damage has long been done. Plus, I think having mundane items that have a returning quality is a pretty good addition to the fantasy setting in general.
  3. kaosoe

    Magic in an urban fantasy setting

    How about removing magic as a career skill from all careers for your setting?
  4. kaosoe

    Creative spaceship acquisition

    This is almost exactly how I started my first campaign. Only the escape was from the Kessel spice mines.
  5. kaosoe

    Creative spaceship acquisition

    I think salvaging it has the most chance of the players endearing themselves to it.
  6. kaosoe

    Dealing with Arrest

    Hey! It works in Trailer Park Boys.
  7. kaosoe

    Android: Official Genesys System

    Personally, I hope it's Tannhäuser.
  8. kaosoe

    XP for Missing Players?

    And I imagine you don't have consult a documentation if one of your players needed verification on how much XP they should have.
  9. I would say that's pretty apt. Also... NB4Lock
  10. I largely agree with you. Although I'm not a fan of space Google in my Star Wars games. But whatever, it doesn't break it, it just takes me out of it.
  11. This is still one of my favorite dice bag (of which I have many):
  12. A good bit of it is legends, but for expletives and cursing, I am a big fan of Huttese.
  13. kaosoe


    They way I handle this is I always assume my players are going for the kill shots. So it's assumed then when players are firing, it's at the head or heart. No need to use an aim mechanic. If they exceed the target's wound threshold, then they blasted their head off.
  14. kaosoe


    What sort of targets can this be used on? Minions only? Rivals? Nemesis? Consider making the base power start at engaged. As is, it seems pretty wild to be able to use this power up to extreme. Even if you start out at engaged, 3 upgrades seems like a lot.