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  1. kaosoe

    Species Master List?

    Done! I've been busy so this had slipped my mind. Thanks for the reminder.
  2. Awayputurwpn beat me to it, again!
  3. kaosoe

    Village Hidden in the Narrative setting

    I'm going to keep an eye on this one. I've been wanting to do a GeneSys port to Naruto for a while, but I've been too distracted with other things to really put pen to paper.
  4. when everything is bold.... then nothing will be....
  5. No word, yet. I wouldn't count on it. This was strictly for the anniversary. FFG has their own Star Wars RPG line to pump money in to.
  6. Some people like making characters that are hard to kill, some people like making characters that do massive damage. This example isn't very different. I would let them have their fun and seek to challenge them in other ways.
  7. kaosoe

    Character/ NPC Inspiration

    This one was fun because it turned in to a game of Spot the Cheaters. The real answer is everyone.
  8. kaosoe


    I dabble in panting, but I'm not very good at it. So for my money, I prefer WotC's prepainted minis from back in the 3.5 days.
  9. kaosoe

    Pokémon, a simple version?

    So I gave this some thought during my lunch break today, and if I were to sit down and draw up a Pokemon source for GeneSys I would make some changes. Pokemon and Trainers each get their own profile Pokemon skill list is much shorter Moves are essentially Talents that only a pokemon can learn. With more powerful moves and abilities having a higher tier/XP cost Each pokemon has a "tag" or "category" (trying to avoid the word 'type') such as Basic, Starter, Legendary etc... that dictates about how strong it is (perhaps the base profile), and how difficult it is to catch. Drop Melee/Range defense from Pokemon and replace it with "Physical Defense" and "Special Defense" which will correspond to each attack's type. Possible: Each Pokemon has a list of moves it can learn. and XP cost to evolve. Certain pokemon can evolve on the cheap, or may have to bank XP to evolve. STAB grants +1 boost. The reasoning here is perhaps certain effects can trigger easier when types match. Attacking a weakness: +2 dmg on success (or perhaps +2 pierce might be easier to word) Resistance to attack: -2 dmg on success
  10. I only wanted to comment how much I love this pun.
  11. kaosoe

    Air in Space?

    You beat me to it. You're right about the sound track, however, I would still feel like something is missing if laser cannons didn't make any noises or the TIE fighters didn't scream by.
  12. kaosoe

    Air in Space?

    If all space battles in Star Wars were silent, I would find them absolutely dull. Physics be damned, give me some screaming TIEs.
  13. kaosoe


    Duels, shootouts and gambling comes to mind quite readily.
  14. You may want to consider Shadow. It's a great spec for "Lying low", plus you get Well-Rounded which will help round out your skills. Great concept!