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  1. kaosoe

    Corellian Bar name

    No worse than the... "Full house" Grabs Chips "Royal Flush"
  2. This is correct. What's on the statblock is what the guy has. You should never have to look through any part of any other book to play that NPC's stats (unless it's a reminder yourself what their skills can do).
  3. kaosoe

    Genesys: Alagaesia (World of Eragon)

    I get why you want to give Urgal a starting Brawn of 4, but it makes maxing out the brawn trivial at character creation with plenty of XP left over to play with. Any other species/archetype capable of maxing out a stat would basically have to max out the starting XP to do it.
  4. kaosoe

    Narrative Money

    For every day expenses like food and lodging I nearly always hand wave it. Perhaps you could house rule a series of talents for wealth. It still remains an abstraction but every rank allows you to live more lavishly.
  5. kaosoe

    Publishing modules

    I actually do not advise this. Lots of companies will not read your content for legal reasons. If they were to produce something similar to your submission and they had also read your work, that could give you a grounds for a lawsuit.
  6. kaosoe

    Countering Sense

    I disagree on this. Or at least to your first point. If I am discussing something of a sensitive nature, then I am making a conscious choice and understand the risk of being overheard. But my thoughts are my own and should be completely private. There's a certain measure of responsibility that should come with that power. I don't want to start a Sequel/OT debate, but there's been some good discussion on just how pervasive Kylo's use of mind-reading was in TFA. And to that same point, Rey isn't innocent either, but by that point you could consider her counteraction as self-defense.
  7. A friend of mine got me this book for an early Christmas present. It's good fun.
  8. You could make the adjust the "Big reveal". Have them uncover the truth of the inquisitorious program, but spice up what really goes on there with your own touches. Those new touches could lead to an even better "big reveal".
  9. kaosoe

    Corellian Bar name

    The Blasted Asteroid The Repulser Lift Hooch's Ship Faced Hella's Hole (in the wall) The Scorch Mark (sign looks like it's been hit with a blaster so the original name is unknown)
  10. kaosoe

    Spamming Inspiring Rhetoric

    I believe the term you are looking for is Dissociative Identity Disorder.
  11. kaosoe

    Our GM has no Hope!

    I don't get how a distaste of the current direction of Star Wars can sour your experience with an RPG in which you can just about make any story you want. Although I am confused why he would keep his D6 books and not his others. It sounds like he just didn't like FFG's game. Which is reasonable.
  12. kaosoe

    How to play minions

    The one in the middle is the one that bonks his head during the boarding skirmish.
  13. kaosoe

    How to play minions

    This is, I think, the most common hang-up most new GMs have with minions in this system. But to Yaccarus you should listen. He laid it out pretty succinctly.
  14. kaosoe

    Alchemy for pets

    It sounds fun, but also a little cheesey. What if you were to make it cost a resource such as strain, destiny points, or once per session/encounter?
  15. The only way to blow up the plant is to destabilize the reactor. From the inside! RIP character.