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  1. Mechanically, it does not say you cannot.
  2. Take them to a place where there's a district or embassy of that planet. Or have him run into people from his past that know of his exile and the reasons why. We probably could have more advice to give if we knew why he was exiled.
  3. So far it hasn't been a problem, but my group knows that I have full authority to retract houserules if they turn out to be unfair. But as it stands, if my players want to spend 25-35 XP for a few extra points of strain or wouds, go right ahead. That's a pretty big waste of XP if you were to ask me.
  4. I agree with what others are saying. You have three options here Play a human and flavor accordingly Play a droid and flavor accordingly Play a Gank and flavor accordingly.
  5. Both Force and Destiny adventures include new Force Powers, as well.
  6. kaosoe


    I don't bother tracking fuel, but it does feel like an oversight on FFG's part to not include something about fuel in any of the books.
  7. It's quite the investment, but the Seek power Mastery upgrade is pretty good. Otherwise, parts of the Warden spec could be fun to mix in.
  8. That's not a bad idea. Currently in our games, I completely got rid of the extra-spec tax. So in-career costs 20, out-of-career costs 30, regardless of the number of specs you already have.
  9. As far as game screens, whichever one you get, it will reference page numbers to the corresponding Core Rulebook. Also, the screens come with some additional/alternative rules. EotE: Expanding Adversaries AoR: Squads and Squadrons (These rules also appear in Rise of the Sepratists, I believe) F&D: Alternative Lightsaber construction rules
  10. Unfortunately, I cannot say anything beyond what has already been announced.
  11. My wife played the Karkarodon Senator whom all the GMs said was useless and she was the MVP of the rather combat-heavy module.
  12. Excited about the announcement of the Expanded Player's Guide. That was a fun one to Playtest and the vehicle creation rules were a blast to play around with.
  13. As someone who has several friends with Dissociative Identity Disorder (Formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder), I would caution them to not pursue this idea. It sounds fun to some but is rarely handled respectfully. It particularly irks my fiends who do have DID. But as this is your game, I recommend to handle it entirely narritively. A lot of times people what to play characters with DID because they want to play multiple characters, and in those cases, they want to have multiple character sheets. If this is the case, just give them an array of separate characters to play that they can switch out between missions.
  14. It would be nice to know so I can possibly avoid the 2 hour line
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