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  1. I never understood the concept of giving HP/WT/Health/Etc. to inanimate objects. Unless you are in structured time and are trying to blast something before the enemy overwhelms you or get to the enemy before they blast something. But that doesn't seem like a common enough scenario to garner extra space for every object in every book. This rarely comes up in our games, but when it does I handle it as thus: Is the weapon they are using to break the object even capable of breaking it? If no, then they can't make the check "You whack at it a few time times with your vibrosword, but the metal door is not impressed". If it is capable. I have them roll a simple check just for the off chance a blank or failure with advantage result.
  2. I have gone on records many times with my players that Social Skills are not mind control. The NPC will still react accordingly.. If you succeed in a charm check, you came across as charming, but Darth Vader will still Force Choke you for ruining his day. This comes up often at our table when a player tries to coerce an NPCs that clearly react poorly to being threatened. They usually respond with violence.
  3. What?! You never had a GM that mercilessly slayed your character and proceed to eat the character sheet before your eyes? Kids these days...
  4. Have them GM take a look at some adversary stat blocks that have ranked talents. That should clear things up.
  5. Hmm... I do worry for those who haven't seen this series and intend to. Especially now that there's a video. any chance on putting a spoiler warning in the title or in the OP?
  6. Don't forget the paired attachment.
  7. Considering the nebulous amount of time rounds can take in this game, I am not sure that you need a special rule for that sort of thing.
  8. It makes sense to me. With Hyperspace and instantaneous (debatable) communication technology, the galaxy doesn't seem as big. There's no pressing need for him to HQ at a major outpost where there's enemies and imperials on all sides.
  9. I'm the laziest. I generally award XP at the end of each adventure. Sometimes the adventure can straddle sessions. In the end I just give them whatever feels right. I'm generous so it is usually around 20xp - 25xp with the chance for some bonus xp for between session adventure logs or write-ups.
  10. Strike and reverse that. That could be seen as profiting from FFG and enters a very dark place legally speaking.
  11. Oggdude should start a patreon so he can invest in a codesign certificate. This will prevent the OS from complaining about the installer.
  12. Some Lightsaber crystal modification: Ilum Crystal Modifications Attempt 1: reduce crit rating by 1. Spending 2 LSP for 2 successes. Mod Ilum, -1 Crit: 3eA+1eD+2eF 1 failure, 3 advantage, 2 Light Side, 1 Dark Side Attempt 2: increase vicious rating by 1. Mod Ilum, +1 Vicious: 3eA+2eD+2eF 1 success, 2 Light Side, 2 Dark Side Attempt 3: increase vicious rating by 1. Mod Ilum, +1 Vicious (second): 3eA+3eD+2eF 1 success, 1 advantage, 1 Light Side, 1 Dark Side Attempt 4: tried to press my luck for increase damage. No dice Mod Ilum, +1 Damage: 3eA+4eD+2eF 2 failures, 2 threat, 1 Light Side, 1 Dark Side
  13. Here's the result of my crafting. 500 Cr, 2x Amulet of Power (suffering 2 strain to add + 1 LS FP for the Clever Construction effect) (Spend the threat and/or dsp as needed) Cafting Amulet of Power (1): 2eA+1eP+3eD+2eF 2 successes, 2 threat, 2 Light Side, 1 Dark Side 500 Cr, 2x Amulet of Power (using 3 LSP for clever construction) (Spend the threat) Cafting Amulet of Power (2): 2eA+1eP+3eD+2eF 2 successes, 2 threat, 3 Light Side For the heck of it, I tried to craft a Water of Life potion. I got the results I expected. If possible, I'd like to use that 2 LSP for the Careful Measuring effect to get 50% of the materials refunded Water of life (for the lulz: 2eA+1eP+4eD+2eF 2 failures, 1 advantage, 2 Light Side, 1 Dark Side First attempt at healing potion. Again, if possible I would like to use 2 of those 3 advantages for the careful measuring, but not a big deal if not. Healing Potion: 2eA+1eP+2eD+2eF 3 advantage, 2 Dark Side Healing potion. Second go. I spend the one LSP for the reviving effect to heal 2 strain upon consumption. Healing Potion, second try: 2eA+1eP+2eD+2eF 2 successes, 1 threat, 1 Light Side, 1 Dark Side
  14. The front entrance had a full sized AT-AT. Someone had to distract that thing.
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