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  1. kaosoe

    Avoiding Dispair while modding

    If the GM is being that obtuse, then there's no real argument. Unhelpful anecdote: My group rarely mods their equipment, and we still have lots of fun.
  2. What's the character's motivation? What are their Emotional strength and weakness, and finally, what is their morality? These are good clues on what to include in your adventure to entice that player and their character.
  3. kaosoe


    Doctor. I love being able to boost characteristics. It's good narrative fodder.
  4. I'm not surprised this topic has become so divisive. My wife and I actually debate this particular topic often. She is in the camp that a PC death should serve the story and in her games, is actually a choice. For her games, if a PC were to die, she would take them aside and ask them if the player wishes to keep playing that character. If so, she will work the PC's survival in to the story. I am in 2P51's camp. I think the fear of death creates a fun level of drama and tension. I've been listening to a lot of critical role, and the most memorable events for me from that podcast/stream is when the PCs are facing a particularly tough challenge and barely make it through, or worse yet, only some of them back it through. The roleplay and drama is simply incredible. (But they are paid actors so I don't expect that level of immersion from my players).
  5. The EotE Jewel of Yavin adventure might work pretty well. Though the race scenario will need some tweaking since it's kind of a weird choke point in the story.
  6. kaosoe

    Old School Star Wars

    Maybe related, maybe not, but one of my peeves is when I hear someone use the word "space" as a prefix or qualifier to describe something. Examples: "I ask for a space whiskey." or "Is there a space Walmart around?"
  7. kaosoe

    Psionics as Magic

    I use Firefox and it's still odd on the second page. So weird.
  8. kaosoe

    Psionics as Magic

    You might need to take a second look at page 2. It looks like part of the second column of text got moved into a third column and is running off of the page.
  9. kaosoe

    Player feels like a passenger

    What's the character's obligation? Surely there's some meat there.
  10. kaosoe

    Shadow of the Beanstalk TV/Book inspiration

    Gamers: Natural One
  11. A way to transfer an organics mind into a machine such as a droid or computer terminal. The scientist could be trying to preserver a dying relatives life.
  12. kaosoe

    What's this? A new pbp?

    I will politely bow out of this one. I love the uniqueness of the premise, but it's not something that I am interested in at the moment. Good luck and have fun, everyone. *bows*
  13. Possibly just an oversight. Sturn's numbers seem reasonable.