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  1. Discipline and Cool

    I always imagine cool as a skill that allowed you to appear calm, and Discipline allows you to remain calm. In my mind, Cool is completely external while Discipline is completely internal. Now as for combining them? I've considered it, but will career skills being far more codified in Star Wars, I never felt like it was worth the trouble. For Genesys however, it might not be a bad idea.
  2. Kung Fu Genesys Setting

    I'm not sure if this is intentionally misspelling Keith's handle or just an honest mistake. Edit: I shouldn't type before my first cup of coffee
  3. Is it possible to have a strictly platonic, non romantic crush on someone who isn't even attracted to your own gender group? Is there a name for that? Because I have that.
  4. Player Locator

    I hate to break the flow here, but if people want to put in new-lines without a paragraph break, you can use shift+enter. In that way, there aren't paragraph breaks every 3rd or 4th line in the list. Else wise, you can use a bulleted list instead.
  5. However, in your example, it is not the act of parrying that allows for the attacker to sunder the defender's equipment. If the defender chose not to parry at all, the attacker could still spend advantage or triumph to activate sunder.
  6. I'm confused by your reasoning. Parry has no active dice roll and thus has no way to generate advantages. Unless you are referring to Improved Parry, which only triggers off of despairs and threats on the attackers roll, so again is not affected by advantages or triumphs. So I can only assume you mean the attacker gets a despair (triggering an improved parry by the defender) but still generates advantages to sunder (or 3 threat and 1 or more triumph). In that case it still has nothing to do with the parry causing the sunder. So the argument really is moot. In all cases, this thread is over 2 years old, so it was an odd necro.
  7. That's why you only see it in anime. Hey... I never claimed it was practical.
  8. Well that does it. Now I need to design an NPC that uses a lightsaber version of my favorite anime weapon... the Kusarigama: Inquisitor reference:
  9. Some doubts on Lightsaber Mods

    This reminds me of how I play failures for nearly any roll not in structured time. A skill check represents the best your character can do given the current circumstances. If you failed, your character likely (unless you chose to describe it differently in the narrative) tried their best, but it just wasn't good enough. For my games this is true even if you didn't roll "the best result you could have" on the dice in hand. Your roll could have been better, but your character still tried their best but the task was just too difficult. Try again later when the circumstances have changed.
  10. I think the fact that it is in the Legends section of the Wookieepedia tells us all we need to know about that line of reasoning.
  11. I'm unsure what you are trying to state here. Rather than responding with a "Let me google that for you", would you mind stating explicitly your point?
  12. You are correct, and your example does not discount that the Moldy crow is an HWK-290. In any case, it matters not to me. Exact dimensions and scrutinizing every detail of a fictional form of media is not a way in which I derive pleasure.
  13. I never once subscribed to the publication that "Vader doesn't use Force Lightning because cybernetics", "Force Lightning destroys cybernetics", or even that unleash is true lightning. I always viewed it as passion made physical. I may be in the minority on this matter though. So in my games I handle the OPs conundrum by ignoring it completely and writing it off as a nonissue.