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  1. Thank you, this is my idea - to inspire A good idea but that I think it would be a different concept.
  2. Hello everyone ! I present my new project on deck. Namely, very funny control Lizardman-Empire. For a long time I wanted to do something Lizardman. I think quite clearly fell into the empire. Combination Lizard-Empire Card List : Unit (30) : 3 Peasant Militia 2 Huntsmen 3 Van Klumpf’s Buccaneers 2 Bright Wizard Acolyte 2 Skinks of Sotek 3 Sons of Coin 2 Osterknacht Elite 3 Rodrik's Raiders 2 Spawn of Itzl 2 Chakax 3 Deadly Salamander 3 Friedrich Hemmler Tactic (9) : 3 Douse the Flames 3 Iron Discipline 3 Called Back Quest (2) : 2 Recon in Force Support (9) : 3 Contested Village 3 Church of Sigmar 3 Temple of Verena I wanted to create an innovative Lizards. I think that part of me did it Link on Deckbox.org - http://deckbox.org/sets/463726 The combination of Lizards - The Empire gives a lot of interesting opportunities in and out of different situations. In my opinion this is very funny ! Total = 50 cards, 19 distinct Ask for comments
  3. It is already known when will the first spoiler cards?
  4. I do not think it pays to Call the Brayherd. In my opinion, too few units. Do not mix the control of Call the Brayherd. Far too little support , with the Orcs vomit. Too much unnecessary tactics. In my opinion this deck to rebuild.
  5. Developments Control - Daemon Prince + Desecrated Temple + Fledgling Chaos Spawn = thus control units - Den of Iniquity + Seduced by Darkness and Units Control - Sorcerer of Tzeentch Support Control - Raiding Camps
  6. Grail Knight yeah, I did not think about them and this is really cool idea.
  7. Sorry if i get you wrong here, but Wurrzag may only play Orc tactics (how imba would that be?). And so right. ,,(...)play a non-Epic Spell [Orc] tactic(...)"
  8. You mentioned that smoking three zones will be difficult, but it can play Wurrzag free tactics, such as Power of Chaos in conjunction with Urguck, Fist of Morks and Lord of Change can do quite a veritable warzone and finish the game. This deck can still smoke in both the use of combo and the usual rush-control. It's hard, you will not be Unending Horde deck but it does not rule out any tricks shaman! Invasion Snotling worse, but no end to this let more players will move his head and certainly for some time again we see something cool. It is worth noting that the card will strengthen Orc Warlord Be Smart The served by the shaman.
  9. Mixer2

    Card preview

    Hi all, I think I chose the right place to post this. You could not add online viewing card when you hover over their name as the Deckbox.org? Certainly, many would have helped and facilitated. So it might look like :
  10. You're right. I played a similar and I could not win at Rush not to mention the End Times ...
  11. It's hard to play the deck does not destroy the End Times... But that does not mean that players Order to be worse! Here is an idea on the deck of the Empire End Times. Cards list : Unit (40) 3 Peasant Militia 3 Veteran Sellswords 3 Fickle Sellswords 3 Imperial Drummer 3 Stirland Deathjacks 3 Van Klumpf’s Buccaneers 3 Averheim Soldiers 2 Bright Wizard Acolyte 3 Emperor's Chosen 2 Gold Wizard Acolyte 3 Knights Panther 2 Ostland Greatswords 2 Thyrus Gorman 2 Veteran Greatsword 2 Friedrich Hemmler 1 Winged Riders of Kislev Tactic (7) 3 End Times 2 Muck 2 Reap What's Sown Quest (1) 1 Heroic Task Support (2) 2 Contested Village For clarity, we give under Heroic Task End Times. In total there are only 10 cards, no units (Heroic Task and End Times are temporarily outside deck). Deck created based on my decks destruction of End Times, and I admit that the Empire came out as good as Chaos this does not mean that I will not try to further Feel free to question, test and comment. Link on deckbox - http://deckbox.org/sets/451190
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