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  1. Grappling struts says "After you reveal your dial." When you are ionised, there is no dial to reveal. Therefore, you will execute a 1-straight ion maneuver, and then flip your struts to the closed side (because you have executed a maneuver).
  2. That's cute, but how're you getting Advanced Sensors and a Collision Detector on the same ship?
  3. I disagree. I mean, I guess it's possible that you could argue that "After item #3 in a three-item list" is not in fact the same thing as "After the list", but I don't interpret it that way. I read it as: You finished step three of a three-step process, so you've finished the process; therefore both triggers are simultanous.
  4. Yeah I wouldn't bother with calculate, either. The thing I don't like is that it's pretty hard to handle not-90-degree rotations and still keep the center of the ship in the same place. I guess you could put a template across the middle of the base and use that as a reference point, but that feels really awkward to me.
  5. Being coordinated and coordinating would be separate triggers. Example: Ship 1: Nodin Chavdri w/ C-3PO and Tactical Officer on board Ship 2: 2nd Transport (Pammich or Cova) Ship 3: T-70... doesn't matter. 1) Nodin moves, focuses. 2) The other transport moves, coordinates Nodin. Nodin chooses 'white coordinate' as his action, targets the T-70. The T-70 does something. 3) Nodin's coordinate finishes; "After you coordinate" and "After you are coordinated" are both now; we'll put them in the ability queue in the order: a) 3PO, b) Nodin's after you coordinate, c) Nodin's after you are coordinated. 4) 3P0 gives Nodin a calculate token (not an action) 5) Nodin's ability allows for another (red) action. We'll choose 'calculate' to gain a calculate token and stress #1 from the action; 3P0 triggers again to give us a third calculate token 6) Nodin's "after you are coordinated" clause now resolves, so we can now perform a lock or jam action, treating it as red and gaining stress #2. Final tally: 1 focus, 3 calculates, 2 stress and possibly a lock.
  6. He is friendly with himself, but he is NOT at range 1-3 with himself. Ships are at Range 0 of themselves in 2nd edition.
  7. Point Defense Array (Large or Huge ship only) Cost: 10 3 charges, non-recurring While you defend against a [missile] or [torpedo] attack, during the Modify Defense Dice step, you may spend 1 charge to roll one attack die. If you do, on a [hit] or [crit] result, add one [evade] result to your defense roll.
  8. May I suggest one entry per post? That'd make it a lot easier to vote on the prefered option.
  9. **Jury-Rigged Astromech Socket (Illicit and Modification) 3 points Restriction: Must NOT have [astromech] slot One charge, not recoverable Add [astromech] slot While your charge is inactive, ignore the abilities of all of your equipped [astromech] upgrades. After you are dealt a face-up damage card, lose one charge.
  10. I'm aware. Meanwhile CIS has no i6s and one i5... and Republic has a i6 and FOUR i5s (five if you count Odd Ball's two different ships separately). And then when Sun Fac (and i5 Berwer Kart, I must admit; yay a second i5 for the faction) appears, Republic gets yet another way to field a 3-force i6 and another i5 whose name we don't know so it might be a duplicate of someone already existing. I'm not suggesting that you're wrong, I'm just saying that Republic has had high-init pilots from release, while Separatists are getting their second and third ones two waves in.
  11. Umm... Separatist says "Hi...?"
  12. So... it gets to do a white 2-straight every turn after the first? 😛
  13. I normally do not use the Official Squad Builder, but the last HST I went to insisted. Turns out, you can't print a list without saving it first. You can't save if you're not logged in. Attempting to log in on some browsers throws an error.
  14. I would argue that the effect persists as long as that specific instance of that maneuver remains revealed. If the dial is changed for any reason, including becoming not-revealed, the effect ends. Also: ninjaed.
  15. I typically put dials next to the card rather than the ship, to try to reduce clutter on the battlefield. My dials are also numbered to match the ship IDs. I suppose if someone made a fuss about it, I'd put the dials next to the ship... and then be vaguely grumpy every time I needed to move a dial because a ship needed to fly through it. With approximately 600 different kinds of tokens floating around, not to mention 4-16 ships, I really don't understand why the rules insist that we must add to the mess. Also there's the chance (admittedly slim) that someone will accidentally grab not just the wrong dial but the wrong player's dial in a mirror-match situation.
  16. I'm not saying you're wrong, exactly, but the nifty thing about Bomblet Generator is a) you get both charges back for one shield (granted that you might not HAVE shields by the time you've used both charges) and b) it doesn't disarm you (the card says 'recover 2 charges', not 'reload'). No, I think the real advantage Proton Bombs have is consistency. You never have to wonder whether the dice are going to blank out and leave you with one damage when your bomb hit four ships. (Also, crits.)
  17. Locally (probably elsewhere also) we call this format 'duct tape'. We haven't done one yet for second edition, but we did one or two in first. I did IG-C and Fenn Rau+IG2000. Were I to revisit the concept, I'd probably combine IG-C, D, and Guri, all with IG-2000.
  18. A friend of mine told me about a guy he saw at Worlds or GenCon a couple years ago who was using Regionals coins as shields. I don't know what the list was, but apparently it had a non-trivial number of shields.
  19. I wonder how much will change between now and whenever they get around to actually releasing 1.0.4 ....
  20. ... Droids are people, too. ☹️
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