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  1. Grappling struts says "After you reveal your dial." When you are ionised, there is no dial to reveal. Therefore, you will execute a 1-straight ion maneuver, and then flip your struts to the closed side (because you have executed a maneuver).
  2. That's cute, but how're you getting Advanced Sensors and a Collision Detector on the same ship?
  3. I disagree. I mean, I guess it's possible that you could argue that "After item #3 in a three-item list" is not in fact the same thing as "After the list", but I don't interpret it that way. I read it as: You finished step three of a three-step process, so you've finished the process; therefore both triggers are simultanous.
  4. Yeah I wouldn't bother with calculate, either. The thing I don't like is that it's pretty hard to handle not-90-degree rotations and still keep the center of the ship in the same place. I guess you could put a template across the middle of the base and use that as a reference point, but that feels really awkward to me.
  5. Being coordinated and coordinating would be separate triggers. Example: Ship 1: Nodin Chavdri w/ C-3PO and Tactical Officer on board Ship 2: 2nd Transport (Pammich or Cova) Ship 3: T-70... doesn't matter. 1) Nodin moves, focuses. 2) The other transport moves, coordinates Nodin. Nodin chooses 'white coordinate' as his action, targets the T-70. The T-70 does something. 3) Nodin's coordinate finishes; "After you coordinate" and "After you are coordinated" are both now; we'll put them in the ability queue in the order: a) 3PO, b) Nodin's after you coordinate, c) Nodin's after you are coordinated. 4) 3P0 gives Nodin a calculate token (not an action) 5) Nodin's ability allows for another (red) action. We'll choose 'calculate' to gain a calculate token and stress #1 from the action; 3P0 triggers again to give us a third calculate token 6) Nodin's "after you are coordinated" clause now resolves, so we can now perform a lock or jam action, treating it as red and gaining stress #2. Final tally: 1 focus, 3 calculates, 2 stress and possibly a lock.
  6. He is friendly with himself, but he is NOT at range 1-3 with himself. Ships are at Range 0 of themselves in 2nd edition.
  7. Point Defense Array (Large or Huge ship only) Cost: 10 3 charges, non-recurring While you defend against a [missile] or [torpedo] attack, during the Modify Defense Dice step, you may spend 1 charge to roll one attack die. If you do, on a [hit] or [crit] result, add one [evade] result to your defense roll.
  8. May I suggest one entry per post? That'd make it a lot easier to vote on the prefered option.
  9. **Jury-Rigged Astromech Socket (Illicit and Modification) 3 points Restriction: Must NOT have [astromech] slot One charge, not recoverable Add [astromech] slot While your charge is inactive, ignore the abilities of all of your equipped [astromech] upgrades. After you are dealt a face-up damage card, lose one charge.
  10. I'm aware. Meanwhile CIS has no i6s and one i5... and Republic has a i6 and FOUR i5s (five if you count Odd Ball's two different ships separately). And then when Sun Fac (and i5 Berwer Kart, I must admit; yay a second i5 for the faction) appears, Republic gets yet another way to field a 3-force i6 and another i5 whose name we don't know so it might be a duplicate of someone already existing. I'm not suggesting that you're wrong, I'm just saying that Republic has had high-init pilots from release, while Separatists are getting their second and third ones two waves in.
  11. Umm... Separatist says "Hi...?"
  12. So... it gets to do a white 2-straight every turn after the first? 😛
  13. I normally do not use the Official Squad Builder, but the last HST I went to insisted. Turns out, you can't print a list without saving it first. You can't save if you're not logged in. Attempting to log in on some browsers throws an error.
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