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  1. lordvorkon

    Sabine Wren TIE l/n Ability

    Alright, let me see if I can make this clearer. From the RRG, page 2: Sabine's ability uses the word 'may'. This is an extra option that other ships do not get, but you otherwise have to follow all the rules for executing that option, because there is no 'can' section which tells you to ignore other rules (like barrel rolling through an obstacle, or while stressed). Contrast this with Primed Thrusters: While you have 2 or fewer stress tokens, you can perform [BARREL ROLL] and [BOOST] actions even while stressed.. This is a 'can' clause that permits you to conditionally ignore the 'no actions while stressed' rule for two specific actions.
  2. lordvorkon

    Any info from GAMA 2019?

    This. Asmodee Keynote Address. “We are looking forward to distributing CMON’s varied catalog of games in North America,”
  3. lordvorkon

    If you were a pilot, Happy Friday?

    I2 Scyk. 3 Standard Charges, recurring 1 Force Charge, non-recurring At the start of the System Phase, you may spend three Standard Charges to recover one Force Charge (No force power)
  4. lordvorkon

    Separatists or Republic

  5. YASB : https://raithos.github.io It currently only comes in website version so you'll need an internet connection, but it's a pretty straight-forward builder.
  6. lordvorkon

    Rotate and Overlap

    (RRG p13) Rotating is clearly not a maneuver. (The stop was, but that's done now and we're into the 'after you execute' bit.) Also, we're not using a template for this repositioning. I mean we might use a template as a marker, but the core set includes a corner marker which is clearly not a maneuver template that would appear to be the perfect tool for the job. Therefore, I would argue that Pivot Wing's rotation is not moving. Thus, for example, if you rotate while on an obstacle, you would not suffer the effects of said obstacle twice (once for the stop and a second time for the rotate). Going back to the OP's original question, yes absolutely the stop maneuver fully executes, as that part is defined by the maneuver. If you declare a 180-degree rotate at that point, there is also no question that you would be successful there also, since the base should be front-to-back symetrical and it fit before so it will fit after. Okay, so far so good. What happens when nubs overlap during a 90-degree rotate is... undefined. The RRG does not define a failure mode for this ability, so we could argue that the ability cannot fail entirely. Furthermore by analogy with barrel roll, we can say that if you declare you are attempting to use the ability, you must complete the ability if possible. Therefore, if you attempt to rotate, and the 90-degree position overlaps, you must place your ship in the 180-degree rotated position since 0-degrees isn't an option in the ability and there is no failure mode defined. However, one could argue, again by analogy with boost/barrel roll, that you must declare which facing you are rotating to before you pick up the ship and you must either do that thing or nothing. Personally, I feel that this is the weaker arguement because of the lack of a failure mode defined for the ability, and the fact that a 180-degree rotation will always be legal.
  7. Sure. GI will change it back to red, of course.
  8. lordvorkon

    Leia crew on a docked ship

    Last two bullet points.
  9. lordvorkon

    Better Wording Clarification on Reinforce tokens work???

    You don't get to go back and magically uncancel previously cancelled results just because a new result has been added at some later step.
  10. lordvorkon

    Better Wording Clarification on Reinforce tokens work???

    The timing is ALREADY clearly stated. There are literally zero other ways to interpret that text that matches the words that are on the page. Defence dice have already been rolled and modified before the attack gets to the Neutralize Results step (which is the stated timing of the Reinforce). The results of the defense roll have already been cancelled and removed from play before you can decide if the attack hits or not.
  11. lordvorkon

    Better Wording Clarification on Reinforce tokens work???

    Wait, what? No. I don't know where y'all are getting your information, but all of you really need to sit down and read the rules reference that is available on the FFG site (https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/x-wing-second-edition/) go to support; it's in the rules section. Let me copy and paste a couple of pieces for you: From the Attack section, page 5: From the Reinforce section, page 15: There is NO reading of that which allows a reinforce token to apply before defence dice are rolled.
  12. lordvorkon

    Better Wording Clarification on Reinforce tokens work???

    The timing is quite clear. As I stated in my earlier post, the game mechanics don't know if the attack hits until after all available evade results from dice have been cancelled.
  13. lordvorkon

    Better Wording Clarification on Reinforce tokens work???

    Except that, during the Neutralize Results step of attacking, you don't get to check to see if the attack hits until AFTER all relevant pairs of dice have been cancelled. Part A) An available evade result cancels an available hit result. Both results are removed, per the rule for cancelling dice (RRG p7). Repeat as relevant. Part B) An available evade result cancels an available crit result. Again, both results are removed; again, repeat as relevant. It is only after you get to here that you get to check to see if the attacker has any hit/crit results remaining. The game mechanics don't know if the attack will hit until this point, which is what triggers the effect of the reinforce token (if the attacker is in the correct arc, of course). So now, the reinforce rule enters the ability queue (temporarily interrupting the basic sequence of the attack) and looks at the number of remaining (uncancelled) hit/crit results. If the answer is two or more, then an evade result is added, which is specifically allowed to cancel a result even though by a pedantic reading of the attack sequence you've already passed the window at which results should be cancelled.
  14. Well... the ability queue entry in the RRG differentiates between "player effects" and "game effects". In my mind, player effects are those things a player can choose to bring to the table. Since everyone uses the same set of damage cards and does not get to choose which ones get used, I can't see damage card text being a player effect. Therefore it must be a game effect.