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  1. Bring on the Jawa’s!!
  2. Updated it to fix the spelling errors that were pointed out
  3. *facepalm I'll fix that! Thanks for pointing it out! Misspelled it in the Table of Contents too....awesome 😅
  4. Content wise, nothing major. I just updated the visual layout to be more in line with the look of the official material.
  5. Thanks for pointing that out! Will fix.
  6. Environmental Set Pieces Finally got around to updating this (better late than never)! Updated 12/6/18 (Fixed some spelling errors)
  7. Kainrath

    Jyn Erso's Blaster

    That is good news!
  8. I was baffled that the A180 Blaster Pistol was not featured in the Dawn of Rebellion book... Has anyone come up with stats for it? If not, any ideas on what its stats might be...?
  9. You bet! ive had that film on my mind recently with the recent news floating around about the sequel, Glass
  10. Unbreakable by M. Night Shyamalan with Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson
  11. Thanks so much for pointing that out! I’m embarrassed I didn’t notice that....*facepalm
  12. Can anyone shed some light on the geographical location of Jabba's Palace? Some maps seem to show its location as south west of Mos Eisley (here and here), while another shows it being north west of Mos Eisley (here)? While this may not be a big deal, I'd appreciate any thoughts you may have... Bonus Question: Any thoughts on the location of Mos Shuuta, relative to the known locations? I found this map, but am unsure where it comes from (the location of Mos Shuuta seems to make sense...) Many thanks!
  13. Kainrath

    Limited Ammo question

    I use the dueling pistols with my character, and they are a lot of fun (not to mention, deadly). Plus, it adds to the tension, knowing that if you can’t get the job done in one shot you’ll have to spend a maneuver to reload...
  14. Getting an error code when trying to access your link...