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  1. Kainrath

    Limited Ammo question

    I use the dueling pistols with my character, and they are a lot of fun (not to mention, deadly). Plus, it adds to the tension, knowing that if you can’t get the job done in one shot you’ll have to spend a maneuver to reload...
  2. What type of droid is this?
  3. Getting an error code when trying to access your link...
  4. Kainrath

    Character Artwork Thread

    Indeed they are! Now if we could only get FFG to include them in a sourcebook...
  5. Thanks KRGW! I greatly appreciate you taking the time to write up that critique! I'm fixing the typo errors now and thinking through the many suggestions you made...
  6. I just finished converting this mini-adventure for use with FFG's wonderful system. I would love your feedback, especially in regards to the XP rewards... A Night at Tosche Station
  7. Kainrath

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    This is definitely a community worth being thankful for!
  8. Kainrath

    (PDF) Murder on the Merciful

    That works! Many thanks, this looks great!
  9. Kainrath

    (PDF) Murder on the Merciful

    That works! Many thanks, this looks great!
  10. Kainrath

    (PDF) Murder on the Merciful

    Link is not working for me either
  11. Kainrath

    Character Artwork Thread

    Yes indeed here’s the original image
  12. Kainrath

    Character Artwork Thread

    "The strongest stars have hearts of kyber..." -Chirrut Imwe, Rogue One