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  1. Just need to write a crawl and back cover description...but it has sapped all my creative juices at the moment. Hopefully soon, unless someone wants to contribute....
  2. Would you mind updating "Kainrath's Mos Shuuta Supplement" with this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1p5hQAMK8kjdgpuCjbkyPWumFSyP0VDWp/view Many thanks!
  3. Thanks! I’d love to see more of what you’ve done. I can’t get enough of Mos Shuuta!
  4. This is an updated version of the previously titled The City of Mos Shuuta. It's still missing text for the crawl page and the description on the back cover. The Mos Shuuta Gazetteer
  5. If memory serves, Beyond The Rim has an option to learn a cybernetic skill at the end of the story....
  6. Version 2.2 Adjusted location of Takodana, Jakku, Cantonica, Jedha Lothal is in grid U-7, Eadu is in U-10
  7. Indeed! I was working up a shistavanen npc character, doing some research, and thought "I wonder if Uvena is on the map?" Nope. Well, dang, I gotta add it! Had to do a little guess work on the EXACT location...if it looks off, let me know.
  8. Updated the Galaxy Map to v2.1! Added Uvena and fixed the location of Takodona.
  9. I’ve been working on a pit fight adventure using Raqor’Daan (dark wolves). They are featured in Lords of Nal Hutta pg77
  10. Anyone else find the image for the Model 38 Sharpshooter's Rifle to be .… curious? It was first featured in the explorer sourcebook (without an image) and now is featured in Gadgets and Gear with an image, but it looks NOTHING like what I imagined it might.... To me, it looks like a Star Wars shotgun. Interestingly, on the same page there is the Model 4 "Thunderhead" Scatter Gun....is it possible the image was supposed to accompany it instead of the Model 38? Am I way off base here?
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