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  1. Confirm for me which link is not working, cause I’ve tried it on a few different devices and it’s working. actually, try this one and let’s see if it works Galaxy Map 1.9
  2. Not sure which link you mean...? the one on my original post appears to be working
  3. Link is not working
  4. You’re welcome! What sort of Astrogation house rules have you come up with?
  5. I can make the map available as something different than a jpg if that would be useful...? HERE's a link to the spreadsheet (openoffice format)
  6. I updated the map (added the planet Gigor) and I've finally finished an index of all the planets and their grid coordinates, but I'm not sure how best to implement it. At the moment I just have it in an Open Office Spreadsheet, but I'd like to either attach the names/coordinates directly to the map (extend the right side and add them there) or have a separate file that lists everything in one place... Any ideas on how best to do this?
  7. would love to see a "pretty'd up" version!
  8. Gigorans!!!
  9. I’ve been working on compiling lots of weapons, armor, gear, adversaries, vehicles, etc in the form of cards... you can check it out here maybe it can help!
  10. I hadn’t considered what it spoils in term of plot... I will definitely take that into consideration. thanks!
  11. The PCs are tasked with stealing krayt dragon eggs. The first expedition was a failure (hence the PCs being hired) which is what the short story portrays. It’s just meant to add some flavor, and set the stage for what the players are getting into, I guess
  12. Yeah, one of my concerns is that having someone blow their brains out, isn’t very “Star Wars” ... but on the other hand, I like the seriousness of the tone.
  13. I would love to get some feedback from the community on this short story I wrote as an introduction to a campaign, modeled after what appears in the official rulebooks... Any constructive criticism would be much appreciated... The Dragon's Nest
  14. https://www.reddit.com/r/StarWars/comments/6up2xu/the_star_wars_canon_timeline_in_the_style_of/
  15. I made these to have a visual and basic information reference for each species... hope it helps!