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  1. Horror is one of my favorite genres; but in spite of that, my Star Wars campaign has remained relatively free of it. Not because I think it doesn't belong or anything, but just because I only run it for a quarter of the year and find the other campaigns that I run (Dark Heresy, Iron Kingdoms, and Word of Darkness) to be more conducive to it.
  2. True, but you can downgrade your Action to a Maneuver, so it can still be done in a single round.
  3. I make all my rolls in secret. Unless the PC's has been doing something inconceivably stupid; if a crit results in death or permanent maiming, I lie. What I do for this in most systems is to have the fail result in success with but complications. However in this system, that's the kind of thing that net Disadvantages are supposed to be for. This was a source of discontent for me for some time, but what I eventually started doing was making a logical division between failures and net disadvantages. If I need or want a failed action to succeed, I have the complication be something directly pertaining to the action being taken (take too long, set off an alarm, get electrocuted, etc). Net disadvantages, on the other hand, I use for random complications not directly pertaining to the action being taken (patrol comes along ahead of schedule, get caught on surveillance camera, droid sidekick gets bored and wanders off, etc.) Of course, you can also just try to avoid hinging an entire story on a single die roll.
  4. That is a squirrel, citizen.
  5. Kinda like they did with Aqualish to explain why Ponda Baba's flipper magically turned into a furry arm on its way to the floor.
  6. Same here, but it is exactly what I expected them to do. The best part is that every new movie and show is going to establish new realities and make subtle changes to old realities which will lead to all kinds of wonderful and civil discussions on this very forum about what is and isn't proper canon. Yay.
  7. Wow. You usually have to go someplace like /tg/ to see that level of GM Fail in one story. In short, I think you did the right thing and I wish you well in finding a better GM (which should be a pretty low bar).
  8. There is a middle ground between allowing players to create characters independent of the campaign and laying down restrictions which might seem to them to be arbitrary. You sit down with all participants and lay out what you have in mind for the campaign; and once everyone is on the same page, then you have them start thinking about characters. It accomplishes the same thing, but is far less likely to make the players feel like they're being pigeonholed.
  9. Any time I allow this at all, it's always known to the other players. I've done it a few times over the years and I've never had a problem with it, but not all groups are the same.
  10. I usually have new players (especially if they're new to RPG's) sit in on a session so they can get a feel for the tone, other PC's involved, and so on. Then I'll work with them on a character some time over the course of the week and then introduce them in the next session.
  11. I believe that even canonically, the Empire's reach got weaker the further you got out from the core. The interested Imperial party might just not have the military manpower to take total control, but still have the means to back some locals to act on their behalf. This kind of situation is actually why privateers existed in the real world.
  12. I concur wholeheartedly; and it disappoints me a bit that I'm seeing this sort of thing in more and more RPG systems.
  13. I actually track XP for every single player. Not because I think any of them would cheat, but because they sometimes forget to record them and then they're no longer sure if their total is correct.
  14. Because the writers wanted to name them after things that most Star Wars fans would recognize and Tatooine had the most named fauna at the time.
  15. Fair enough. I did actually type up and print out the cost tables for my players; which cut down on the flipping back and forth.