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  1. My PCs were on my Xandar knockoff planet just last night (actually it's a combination of Xandar and concept art from that Tomorrowland movie (which I probably also got from this thread)).
  2. Funny you should mention the Ghost in a thread referencing Goldilocks. My PCs just acquired the Ghost, and one of the players described it as their "third bowl of porridge" following their Loronar Skyblind (roomy and with a cloaking device but too slow and clunky) and their souped-up YT-1300 (much better performance but cramped and no inherent stealth).
  3. Vorzakk

    Lets talk Coercion!

    They don't react very well to people who succeed in coercing them either. This is something which I firmly pointed out to a new player just recently when she was trying to decide what skill she wanted to tie her Smooth Talker talent to. Sometimes it's the best choice and sometimes it's the only choice, but using Coercion is always going to leave you with a new enemy.
  4. Yay! We just started our SW rotation; my little sister will be SO happy. : )
  5. Same here except it was Dark Heresy rather than EotE.
  6. Vorzakk

    How do you organically grow your PCs network?

    My PCs met their main contact in the Rebel Alliance purely by accident. They'd been on Naboo for an unrelated matter; and as they were getting ready to leave, they were approached by a young woman who owned a farm which raised these cute little rabbit-like creatures. She had a pilot who regularly took batches of them to a pet store on Eriadu; but he hadn't shown up in a few months, her pens were getting crowded, and she was trying to find someone to fly out her 'backlog'. Well, what neither she nor the PCs knew was that this pilot was actually a Rebel operative who'd been using the rabbit runs as a cover for smuggling Rebel fugitives into Naboo. His contact on Eriadu had been notified that a replacement would be sent but, they weren't able to give any details at the time. When the PCs showed up on Eriadu with a cargo hold full of rabbits, the local Rebel agent thought that they were the replacement operatives. So very carelessly, this person walks right onto the PCs' ship and quickly outs herself as a Rebel; but rather than freak out or try to turn her in for a quick buck, the PCs heard her out. They've now worked two jobs for the Rebels and will likely continue to in the future.
  7. Vorzakk

    KENOBI: A Star Wars Story....

    - Failed in her first attempt to get a big shipment of raritanium. - Only got Han & the gang over a barrel later because she brought more dudes. - Took out Vision's people in a surprise ambush. What was so Mary Sue about her?
  8. Vorzakk

    KENOBI: A Star Wars Story....

    A week ago I'd have said "$$$$$", but I'm not so sure after hearing about Solo's sub-par opening weekend.
  9. I've read of other examples of this recycling as well... - The 'turbo tanks' in RotS were based on designs for what was going to attack Hoth until someone said "Hey, what if they WALKED!?" - Many of the Separatist ships from the beginning of the same movie were concepts for the Mon Cal cruisers which appeared in RotJ. - The monkey guy in Rebels was based on an unused concept for Chewbacca.
  10. Ah. I was wondering why they didn't just refine it on Kessel. Weak, but better than nothing.
  11. Just saw it and enjoyed it more than the last two movies. Didn't care for the depiction of Corellia and I cringed so hard at the appearance of Darth Maul that I nearly imploded, but other than that I found it solidly enjoyable.
  12. Vorzakk

    Holding combat actions / overwatch.

    I'd just let the player use a maneuver to set it up.
  13. Vorzakk

    Slicing Remotely

    Ultimately it's up to you to decide how these things work. The original trilogy clearly depicted needing a hard connection to do much of anything, but the EotE books list "slicing enemy systems" as something that you can do in space combat. I myself am in the 'hard connection' camp.
  14. Vorzakk

    I feel PvP should be a consensual RP Choice

    Mainly by not GMing for people who do these kinds of things. If it ever does come up, it's discussed ooc between the players first.
  15. Vorzakk

    GM Guide NPCs

    Nope. I write situations instead of stories, so there's no real tracks to go off of. If they're completely disinterested in a given hook, then I obviously didn't bait it properly; so I'll just move on to the next thing and either rehook it later or recycle the material into something else. The only time I use that kind of NPC is when I'm pretty sure that the players have forgotten something important.