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  1. Did any writer every address Obi-Wan's comment about Owen's attitude towards Anakin. "He thought he should have stayed here and not gotten involved." He was already 'involved' the first time they met. Was this chalked up to another random Obi-Wan lie?
  2. Sorry for not including an image; this website for some reason won't let me upload anything large enough to be viewed without a microscope. The beachfronts of Kashyyyk are depicted with numerous round platforms atop inverted cones atop long poles rising up out of the water. I've looked and looked but I can't find any official explanation as to what purpose they're supposed to serve. Anyone got a clue? Thanks in advance.
  3. Malifaux - Through the Breach isn't quite 'western' but has a lot of western elements.
  4. After ending a long-running stint of GURPS in 2013, I have run the following... - Old World of Darkness: great setting; messy mechanics. - New World of Darkness: much improved mechanically, though some of the fluff I found lacking. - 2nd Edition Warhammer Fantasy RP: Fun big world; ok mechanics. - Dark Heresy / Black Crusade: straightforward but somewhat bland mechanics; my players didn't enjoy the setting as much as I did. - WEG Star Wars: only briefly. - FFG Star Wars: core mechanics give me a headache, but the talents are flavorful and I prefer it over other options (and I love Star Wars). - Iron Kingdoms: just like Star Wars, I love the setting but the core mechanics leave something to be desired in my opinion. - Malifaux - Through the Breach: love it; but dependency on cards, maps, and minis has it on hold until the lockdown (yes, I know that there are online alternatives, but it's not the same). - Planning on trying Cold & Dark to replace Dark Heresy: mechanics are a little bland but I really love the setting. - Gearing up now for a D&D 5E campaign in late summer: big improvement over 2nd Edition AD&D, which was the last incarnation of D&D that I ever touched.
  5. This. There are a LOT of planets on Wookieepedia that either have zero information or only a tiny blurb about something minor which happened there or was mentioned about it; leaving you plenty of room to flesh it out however you want.
  6. These are the only two which I am aware of... https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Kwookrrr https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Rakhuuun
  7. The problem for me was transitioning to online play, as I was already spending 40 hours a week juggling multiple streams of information while video chatting with half a dozen people constantly talking over each other. : )
  8. After capturing Specter Cell, my PCs took possession of the Ghost; that's a Sil 5.
  9. Kyle Reese from the original Terminator, Cpl Hicks from Aliens, and Lt. Coffey from The Abyss just to name a few.
  10. Darn it. My little sister is going to be very disappointed when I tell her. EDIT: Oh, wait... they can make attacks, they just need a male chaperone to tell them which skill to use. I think that's even worse.
  11. I'm not sure about that. Usually when he's solidly backed into a corner he just disappears from the thread. The fact that he's still arguing makes me think that he still believes that he's right. Tramp, I'm a fan of Boba too; I'll admit it. And I've actually established in my campaign that he is in fact a Mandalorian; but my campaign is around 90% head-canon, and I've never made any claim to the contrary. If you want the Fetts to have been / to be / to eventually be Mandalorian in your own campaign, that's fine; nobody's going to stop you. But this blatant refusal to acknowledge the very black-and-white statements made by canon authorities on the subject is... a little concerning.
  12. I preferred Empire but I played Rebels from time to time. Those T-47s were pretty sweet.
  13. Yes you did; and I got a much-needed good laugh. Thank you.
  14. Ok, but he's also going to get an aim bonus for all the hours spent scouring books for the words 'hit' and 'miss'.
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