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  1. I'm still hoping that they cover Tatooine by way of a book on shadow ports throughout the galaxy, but we'll see.
  2. Vorzakk

    Rarity and Loot as an Axis of Play

    If I think they're going to be a problem, absolutely. Thus far nobody has purchased anything which I've found to be an issue, though my little sister has been cautioned to exercise some restraint with that Move power of hers.
  3. Vorzakk

    Interesting ideas for dangerous Imperial plots?

    Micronauts, yes; particularly those creepy aliens with the glowing brains and the prosthetic weapons. Spaceknights I'm afraid I'm unfamiliar with.
  4. Vorzakk

    Interesting ideas for dangerous Imperial plots?

    I would totally steal that if Cylons and Base Stars (and some other goodies from that time period) didn't already exist out in the Mego Arm in my campaign.
  5. Vorzakk

    Rarity and Loot as an Axis of Play

    Well, I do have one players who's a little more of a gear-hound, but he's also an awesome player (and friend) so it's all good. Right now he's getting a little frustrated with me because every time he finds a piece of a equipment that I find broken, I end up nerfing it a bit and then he doesn't want it anymore.
  6. Vorzakk

    Rarity and Loot as an Axis of Play

    Most of my players are very character and story focused and aren't really all that concerned about gear. In fact, I just recently gave them a chance to stop at a crossroads world on the Hydian Way and specifically told them that it would be a good place to do some shopping, and they were all like "nah, I'm good". So, that's why I had nothing useful to contribute to your original topic. At this time we have 7 PCs and 4 NPCs (two droids, a holocron, and psychotic 11-year-old force-sensitive girl whom they're doing a very mediocre job of straightening out).
  7. I can't remember what book it was in, but I recall a scene in which Luke was doing some research and was getting very frustrated at the fact that every time there was a major event in the galaxy, the dating system ended up getting changed. Unrelated: if you need to draw attention to your bold text, you might be using a little too much of it.
  8. I don't know if this is still the case, but I read a survey many years ago which indicated that the average lifespan of an RPG campaign was less than twenty sessions and that groups like mine were outlying anomalies. And of the many recent trends in RPG design which leave me mildly annoyed, one of them is that designers seem to be taking that into account.
  9. How am I of all people the first one to mention this... https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/8/10/rise-of-the-separatists/
  10. Vorzakk

    Blaster Suppressor

    There are a number of these throughout the system. The fluff on jetpacks remarks that they hold very little fuel, but there is nothing in the rules to reflect that. Then there's the Merr-Sonn Model 53 which does the same damage as a standard blaster despite the fluff implying it's not as powerful.
  11. Vorzakk

    New Thrawn book

    Semi-related... when I read the Heir to the Empire trilogy years ago, I liked it overall; but one thing that bugged me was that Thrawn seemed to abruptly get less intelligent about half-way through. He started out constantly being one step ahead of the heroes, and then all the sudden it was like the author realized that he was writing himself into a corner where the Republic couldn't win; so Thrawn just started making mistakes without any explanation.
  12. Vorzakk

    Hard Inventory & Ownership

    I haven't cracked down on it to that degree, but what I have done is insist that each PC define a 'standard carry' list. If they want to leave the ship without something that they normally carry, I need to know about it when they leave the ship (especially if that includes really conspicuous weapons).
  13. I've found quite a few of those.
  14. Well, at least they finished the career books. D4R.mp4
  15. This is exactly what I was thinking. FFG never said a word about it until AFTER all of their 40K products vanished overnight from DriveThruRPG. Since they can't sell PDFs for this system, we won't even get that indicator.