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  1. This irked me too, which is why I house-ruled that any weapon that isn't fixed has an 'effective silhouette' equal to the silhouette of the smallest craft it could be installed in. It's worked out pretty well for me so far.
  2. Vorzakk

    Ship art

    This was how it was portrayed in the X-wing series, which I believe both the ship and the containers originate from.
  3. Vorzakk

    Favorite Book Titles

    I'm partial to the ones which were snippets of movie quotes: Fly Casual, Stay on Target, Special Modification, No Disintegrations, etc.
  4. While I wholeheartedly agree that their mechanics were a mess, the books nevertheless encouraged players and GMs to approach RPGs with a more story-and-character-driven mindset; which in my opinion was a big step in a good direction. And at least where I was living at the time, it opened the hobby to a much broader fan base than it had previously had; for which I will always be grateful. That said, I'm not the least bit sad to see them go.
  5. That was my first thought. They've gone all the way from explaining why they didn't do it to doing an entire book of it.
  6. Vorzakk

    YT1300 Light Freighter

    I always thought those were shots from the TIE fighter striking the Falcon before it roared overhead. Regardless, Han was talking as though he was about to blast it; and nobody was in either of the gunwells. In the video game X-Wing Alliance, the gun turrets could be locked forward and fired by the pilot; which is what I assume was going on.
  7. Vorzakk

    Help with making a custom weapon

    Wow, I missed that completely.
  8. Vorzakk

    Help with making a custom weapon

    Unless I'm missing something, that appears to be the same thing as a Great Lightsaber which are officially stated in Knights of Fate.
  9. Vorzakk

    How long is long enough

    I don't do finite campaigns, so I've no advice for the first question. To the second, I prefer to run rotations of about 13 sessions give or take. At that point, people are ready to move on but aren't burned out on the setting or characters yet; and they look forward to picking it up again in 9 months. In the past, I tried 4 months rotations; but we found them to be a little too long. To the third; people have come and people have gone, but my 'group' as an entity was first assembled in the fall of 1992.
  10. Vorzakk

    Sprucing up the combat encounters

    Check out Wookieepeida; there have been about half a bazillion variant stormtroopers and other Imperial antagonists in various media over the years.
  11. Vorzakk

    Help with handling an optimizer please

    Total Party Kill. When a PC group gets killed to the last.
  12. Vorzakk

    Help with handling an optimizer please

    I don't disagree, but a couple of other things which the mercenary has mentioned (Meat 1 and Meat 2 among others) just gives me a hunch that the divide goes deeper than the system.
  13. Vorzakk

    Help with handling an optimizer please

    Sounds like you just want very different things from your RPGs than your players do. Have you considered looking for a different group of players? Sites like Roll20 make it easier than ever; regardless of where you reside.
  14. Vorzakk

    Help with handling an optimizer please

    My usual advice is "don't game with munchkins"; but since these are friends of yours, that complicates things. Question: where is this campaign taking place that a bunch of people are walking around carrying two rifles each and they aren't being hounded by local security at every turn?