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  1. I have never found that I prep more or less for any system relative to any other system.
  2. I've been hoping for Skyblind stats myself. My PC's first ship (before we converted from D6) was a Skyblind.
  3. I was literally hearing that the day it came out.
  4. Right now they've got a Yt-1300 (the Toyota Corolla of freighters), though they had a Loronar Skyblind prior to our conversion from D6.
  5. Lateral Controls. Horizontal Boosters. Alluvial Dampers.
  6. That very rule actually irked a number of players (myself included) because of the perception of the Star Wars universe lacking wifi. As for communications, jamming, and missile spoofing; those don't necessarily require the transmission and reception of complex data. The technology to jam radars and missile guidance systems existed decades before wifi in the real world, and the transmission of soundwaves has been going on for over a century.
  7. Yea, I noticed that several years ago and got a good laugh out of it. WEG apparently was given access to a lot of material that was rejected or cut from the original trilogy.
  8. I completely misconstrued this sentence when I first read it.
  9. I really want to see a Mandalorian Ithorian now.
  10. I do not allow pre-introduction crafting.
  11. At least they cut the bit in the original script where he stole a part from Watto and then told Anakin "We had greater need for it than he did."
  12. Oh my goodness, are you me? I've had the same problem for decades, though I've mostly gotten my players broken of it now. I started by just answering such questions with "What are you actually asking me?". Now I don't even have to say it anymore; I just have to give them my mildly annoyed face and they rephrase the question. To be fair, I think a lot players pick up this habit from having dealt with adversarial GM's in the past. If they want to do something cool that they think the GM might swat down, they'll try to 'trick' them into establishing advantageous facts. It's just a matter of convincing them that you're not the enemy.
  13. Unless I'm mistaken, Galaxy Guide 4 and both of the Fantastic Technology books were 100% new material; not compilations of material printed in previous releases. That's a very big difference. As others have stated; if we ever do see a compilation of previously-released crunch, it will most likely be the death knell of the line (just like the Career Compendium was for 2nd Edition WFRP and the Spell Compendiums were for 2nd Edition AD&D).
  14. EDIT *Derp* Please disregard, I got my enormous void stations mixed up.
  15. This is exactly what a training lightsaber would do.