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  1. After 42 sessions, my campaign has mostly taken place in the Outer Rim. I wouldn't mind running at 5 or 4 on your scale; maybe even 3 if it was an interesting enough sector. But for anything more confined than that, I'd rather run Infinity than Star Wars.
  2. Vorzakk

    HELP, please!

    I miss that game so much, but that's exactly why I dropped it.
  3. Vorzakk

    HELP, please!

    It's doable with the right GM and players. I've been doing it for the better part of the last quarter century.
  4. In my campaign, the destruction of the 2nd Death Star laid waste to Endor. My main motivation was to shake up the political landscape of the Alliance, but I also did it to make sure that something like this could never be a thing.
  5. When I read this I thought it was some kind of industrial food processor employed by some bad guys. I was quite disappointed when I realized what you were actually talking about.
  6. That's what I did. The cost of the 2nd hit is reduced to 1 Advantage, but all subsequent extra hits still cost the usual 2.
  7. Vorzakk

    Armor and kit

    That's what they looked like to me too, and that's how I've always described them.
  8. Vorzakk

    A crazy thing happened on our way through hyperspace...

    If you'd claimed that this had happened anywhere else, I might have been incredulous; but I've spent enough years there that I 100% believe you. Good thing you didn't try the parking brake; the whole vehicle would have probably ripped in half.
  9. Vorzakk

    Spooky One-Shot

    Are you familiar with these guys? http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Killik Creepy bug creatures that turn people into mind slaves. Instead of starting with someplace abandoned and already creepy, start with someplace where everything initially seems perfectly normal; but then start letting on bit by bit that people are acting weird and something just ain't right.
  10. Same here; plus they also tend to need them most when they've gotten in over their heads, at which point I feel like a jerk for making things even more difficult.
  11. I stopped caring about canon when they threw out the tidal-locked nature of Ryloth.
  12. Or one of these... http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Mark_II_reactor_drone
  13. Vorzakk

    Damage Tracking?

    I erase and write in a new number; and if they fail to exceed soak, then I erase and write in a new number anyway. Regardless, it's always accompanied by a narrative explanation like "he barely seemed to register that" or "He's not going to survive another hit like that one."
  14. Vorzakk


    Same here, in fact I'm kinda hoping that Disney subverts his expectations.
  15. Vorzakk


    I thought it was a fun ride. Nothing profound and I didn't care for the depiction of Corellia, but overall I enjoyed it and will certainly watch it again. Can't say the same for TLJ.