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    I prefer the idea that it takes some money to keep a spaceship flying, so I use simplified rules for fuel and routine maintenance from the old WEG system. We don't spend a lot of time on it and it's not bank-breaking, but it keeps their slush fund from getting too big too quickly.
  2. My campaign is set in 7ABY in a very non-canon timeline where most of the main film characters died at the Battle of Endor. They've briefly encountered Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles, but neither actually identified themselves (the players figured it out in the former case even though their characters didn't, and in the latter case they didn't have a clue). They also found the charred remains of R2-D2's chassis in a museum and retrieved his main memory circuits.
  3. It depends on what kind of Force sensitive talent tree you're talking about. In the case of the specs under the Force and Destiny careers; no, taking one of them does not make you Force sensitive. That said, you can still take those trees; and while you cannot use any talents marked as Force talents, you can still buy those talents in order to get to other talents further down the tree. On the other hand, there are also universal Force-sensitive trees (Force Sensitive in Exile, Force Sensitive Emergent, and Padawan Survivor) which actually give you a Force Rating of 1 just for taking them.
  4. I run four different settings / systems throughout the year; playing each for around 3 months, then hitting the pause button, then picking it up again 9 months later. At present, the annual rotation consists of... Star Wars (Summer): I'm a long-time fan of Star Wars; and of the three systems which have been built around it, FFG's is my favorite (I find the core dice mechanic a little annoying, but I love the character building system; particularly how they deal with The Force). Malifaux - Through the Breach (Fall): Played the wargame for awhile and became a big fan of the setting; and other than some broken things which are easily fixed via house rule, the system mechanics are terrific (has, for example, a very straightforward action economy). Also a nice change of pace to have a campaign which is mostly set in a single locale. Dark Heresy 2nd Edition (Winter): Three of my favorite genres are dystopian sci-fi, horror, and war; and the 40K setting is basically a big snarling ball of those three things. Also like the very straightforward and easy mechanics. Iron Kingdoms (Spring): after getting burned out on low-tech fantasy after years and years of D&D, this setting and system actually reinvigorated my interest. They really went the extra mile in making sure that you could play lots of different iconic things from the wargame without major balance issues. The mechanics are a little tightly-wound, but overall I find it a solid system.
  5. Probably when I found out that half of my players were maintaining waiting lists of friends of theirs who'd heard about my game and wanted to play.
  6. Ah, Traveler. The first RPG where your character could die before you even got to play.
  7. If you're referring to me, I never said that anyone was laughing at anything. I said that I broached the subject with my players, that none of them thought that they were entitled to absentee XP, and that the person who would actually benefit most from such a policy found the idea absurd.
  8. Exactly. Like I said earlier; if someone does something different than you do or has a different opinion about something, it can only be because you're better than they are.
  9. This is one of a number of reasons why I let my players start with an extra spec for free (though they still have to pay the 10XP surcharge if it's out-of-career).
  10. In my campaign they're also less recognizable and easier to get false IDs for because they're so common.
  11. Glad I'm not the only one who as bugged by that. Edit: pun not intentional.
  12. Something that just occurred to me... Because of the size of my group, it's actually a touch easier to manage when we have one or two people missing. So if I was actually trying to modify my players' behavior as some might suggest; not only would I have an incentive to give out absentee XP, I'd actually be better off giving extra to people who don't show.
  13. This is a VERY good idea if you're straying from canon in a well-known setting. The first link on my campaign wiki is an overview of the major historical changes.
  14. I first ran Star Wars back before the Prequels came out; and when I resumed (decades later) I decided to stick with my own version of the Clone Wars, the downfall of the Old Republic, and some other things. Fortunately, I have a group of players who are completely cool with it; and are very patient with the fact that I incorporated many elements from the prequels but fundamentally changed what they are. They occasionally slip and make an erroneous assumption; and I just apologize for the confusion and clear up the discrepancy and then we move on. And this is why I will only run Star Wars for my main group and not for my little sister's friends, who are a bunch of rabidly pedantic lore-hounds when it comes to this setting.
  15. It's possible that I missed him, but I didn't see Derrown among the bounty hunters.
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