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  1. Playing a Female as a male

    My very first RPG came from a toy store. I'd asked for a board game called "Dungeon Dice" for my 9th birthday. My mother came home with a Moldvay-era Basic D&D box set. Any shot I had at a normal social life died that day.
  2. Dealing with loot - new GM

    My players were mostly old-school D&D people who were used to looting everything in sight, but I had a little talk with them about genre appropriateness and they were able to drop their old habits pretty quickly. That said, I also needed to emphasize to them that picking up something that their character actually wants and is going to use is fine (stuffing half a dozen ordinary blasters into a sack for eventual resale, on the other hand, is not).
  3. Agreed. At least we'll have all the career books if the line dies. The release of the Complete Paladin's Handbook was actually the proverbial straw which prompted me to finally ditch AD&D for good.
  4. Well, that'll be too late for my sister for this year; but she's got enough to spend XP on to get her through another rotation. I'm just relieved that it's been announced; now I can relax.
  5. Yay! My little sister is going to be so happy! And yea, I had a feeling that Form VII would finally crop up in this book.
  6. Jetpacks

    Related question... the fluff on jetpacks speaks of very short range, yet I've found nothing in the crunch to reflect this. Has there every been any statement by the devs to clarify this discrepancy?
  7. Advice on Player Arguing over Simple Explanation

    Two things... Most of the droids we see in Star Wars, unless they're flying, are on the slow side. C-3PO barely picked up his feet and moved around at a sort of shuffle. R2-D2 had wheels which left very little clearance between his feet and the floor. Despite this, neither of them seemed to have a problem keeping up with the humans as they moved across the rough forest floor of Endor. Since the droid rules don't mention mobility (at least that I recall), I would just hand-wave it; just like they hand-waved it in the movies. While EG-6 power droids are normally seen plodding along; when the Jawas opened the main door on the sandcrawler after arriving at the Lars homestead, that one on board seemed to run away at a pretty good scoot.
  8. Split Party

    My players know that if they split up, then I'm going to have to split time between them. I do my best to make things interesting for all parties and not spend too long with one group, and it's never been a problem.
  9. Defence Cap - when is it applied

    I would apply it at the end so that your defense was 3.
  10. None needed. This is your thread and I think everyone would agree that you can vent in it if you want to. And I hope you realize how much people appreciate you... your predictions actually give us some hope to cling to when FFG is on radio silence.
  11. Militarism Creep in SWRPG

    I always make it clear to my players: having a blaster at your side makes you look like you're ready for trouble; wearing laminate armor or carrying a rifle around makes you look like you're looking for trouble (and also makes you far easier to identify). The Mandalorian in my group once went out into Theed to buy coffee and got stalked by local police every step of the way. Everywhere he goes, people keep an eye on him and are on the defensive around him. I don't go out of my way to make things difficult just to make things difficult, but when the situations dictates that laminate armor and a carbine are inappropriate accessories, I don't hold back either.
  12. Set for Stun Problems

    Of course not. It's far more "elegant" and "civilized" to take someone alive by dismembering them.
  13. The Brawn Characteristic and Species

    That's essentially what I did, but I just went with 3 over racial starting value (except for droids, which I limit at 3 above character starting value (though still limited to 6).
  14. I always advise my players not to get caught up on the names of talents (same with careers and specializations). Just apply the mechanical benefit and fluff the narrative in whatever manner seems appropriate.
  15. The Brawn Characteristic and Species

    This was one of the things which made me hesitant to try the system, but I haven't had a problem with it. Now what I personally think is an even bigger issue is that characteristic caps are absolute and not relative to species average; so the strongest Chadra-Fan in the galaxy is just as strong as the strongest Wookiee in the galaxy.