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  1. I was just thinking that as I sorted my cards this morning. So... it's not an error? - Each of the aspects received one more card in the base set than Leadership? Maybe that is a result of Leadership being ally heavy?
  2. Awesome thread! I'm stealing a lot of these ideas. We are headed off The Wheel next session, I hope the PCs land on Cholganna and maybe even get to The Retreat by the end of the session, but it will likely be 3 session for Cholganna total. We only play 1.5-2 hrs at a pop due to 'new' RPG players who still like to keep things to a board game length. In this vein, I plan to chop things up into bite sized chunks - using ideas the Angry GM has written about planning scenes. We'll see how far we get!
  3. Unbreakable Bonds - Combat Boards - Official use with Villains in NON-Co-op games? Do you use the boards with Villains when playing regular, non-coop, competitive scenarios? If so, is there a reference for which board each villain uses? I know how to do this in co-op, using the bigger villain/scenario cards. I'm talking about when using the smaller cards (same size as the hero cards). Thanks!
  4. I'd hope for Jabba's Palace. With a Sarlacc pit to travel too - I love that location - and on the PS4 it's my favorite location in the Outer Rim on Battlefront. Sullust would be a close second.
  5. How do you post an embedded version of the photo, not a link?
  6. Looks great! I'm confounded by the transition from coat to upper shirt/uniform for Loku. It seems to all run together under the straps for the backpack. I decided to paint the upper portion like the 'scarf' on the hero sheet, which then blends seamlessly (unfortunately) into the tunic. i wish there was a clear delineation between these three parts - the scarf doesn't exist on the model in reality. Here is my half-done progress, with atrocious, sun based lighting. I'm debating what color to make the droid eyes... Imperial Assault - Return to Hoth heroes by Ben Neff, on Flickr
  7. I'd be interested in checking out what you've created as well. I'm in the middle of two campaigns, one 2 player with my wife and one 4-5 player depending on who is around.
  8. The Rebels were hurt by what they didn’t know in this mission. They took Wookie Warriors with them, and that 8 Threat allowed me to deploy good reinforcements on Turns 2 and 3, and I was able to wound Gaarkhan and Saska. (When I first played this scenario as a Rebel sniper, we got 9 of 12 credit tokens and benefited from a healthy Gaarkhan and Mak storming the doors. I learned from this and as the Imperial player, wounded the tech and the wookie first.) Then they proceeded to slowly mop up and consolidate – the E-Web never fired a shot! They felt the time crunch by turn 4 and busted down the north door with the allies, then breached in the south door with Gaarkhan and Saska on turn 5. They rushed Saka in, thinking they needed to get the virus uploaded and then flee. So I was able to disable all three terminals in 2 turns. It was a letdown for them. They had taken out a good amount of Imperial Troops, yet still ended up losing in a bad way. I will probably get another Imperial Mission reward out of them during the last Side Mission time frame. This is a great game! But if a weakness has been revealed it can be that knowledge is such a valuable thing. The only clue they get is a throwaway comment by the contact “it might take a while for the virus to upload”… I love the flavor of it, but it meant that they were screwed when they opened the door and loaded the virus with two wounded heroes. A military vet in my group will not let go of two other weaknesses in Imperial Assault and the new movie -- “the LOS makes no sense” and “this new canon SW stuff does not exist, Heir to the Empire is the real story”.
  9. The grenades can be used to clear focus.
  10. Note - Usually only heroes can interact with objects like crates, unless otherwise specifically stated by the scenario setup.
  11. I had a question about Imperial campaign cards when Dodge is rolled. There is one that resolves after an attack - and the target of the attack takes one damage and one strain. It doesn't say the target had to originally be hit. I assume that the Imperial player could still use this card?
  12. Reach is listed on the weapon, correct? I don't recall any other way to gain Reach. This would indicate to me that Reach is only applicable to the use of the weapon, so if you are bashing a door or destroying a terminal, sure. If you are interacting with a door or terminal, reach has no effect and you must be adjacent.
  13. Great job! They almost look cell shaded. What is the effect you are going for on the bases? Those aren't the original bases are they?
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