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  1. When someone uses the terms "SJW" or "snowflake" unironically.
  2. Out of curiosity, how is the health of the game in your local area? If it's low, what do you think is the cause? If it's strong, what is the cause?
  3. Rebels are on par with other factions, they just require more skill to play effectively. Fight me.
  4. I understand the interpretation that he'd get the 4th die. However, if that was the design intent, why not just have his ability say something like: "When attacking with a turret, you may roll 1 additional die."
  5. Let's say I'm flying Kavil. -I have a Dorsal Turret equipped. -My turret arc is pointed to the front. -I have a ship in my front arc and I fire at it with my turret. Do I roll 3 dice (2 from the turret, 1 from Range 1) or 4 dice (2 from turret, 1 from Range 1, 1 from Kavil's ability)?
  6. Making a few assumptions here. 1. Stores were told that they would receive a damage deck with their preorders. 2. Stores were told to lock in their preorders by (fill in date). 3. Damage decks were sent to distributors to cover preorders. 4. Bunch of stores increased their preorders. 5. Distributors don't GAF about which stores were ahead of the game and got their preorders in on time. They allocate damage decks as they seem fit, which means they go to stores that sell high volume or owners they have a good relationship with.
  7. Agreed. Can we get some actual information as opposed to cutesy nicknames?
  8. My FLGS owner told me the same thing. We won't be getting the Launch Party kit either, since we still have dice packs and dial covers left over from when they first were released. It's extremely disappointing that they're handling the events in this way, as it hurts small shops. It also doesn't help that FFG had 2.0 Cores, Conversion kits, and all the Wave 1 ships at GenCon, as those are all sales that gaming stores won't be seeing from their players.
  9. We have players at a bunch of store in our region playing. Link up with us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sjxwingalliance/
  10. Plus, from interviews with Jay, I don't necessarily think he foresaw the game becoming "competitive" in the way that it has since become.
  11. Games and Stuff, in the heart of NOVA territory.
  12. Winner was John Stoke, who plays around the Jersey Shore region. Here's what he's said about the list:
  13. Interesting. I'm significantly lower on the totem pole in terms of community contributions (I did a lot to organize and recruit players my region) and I've felt the exact opposite in my brief interactions with people like Wade and Alex when I've reached out to try to get special prize support for larger local events. Again, I don't mean to invalidate your own experiences.
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