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  1. Part of the reason that put me off buying more X-wing stuff (not playing) was the rate of releases, I started at the end of wave 2 and tried to buy enough of everything to field any list. Well after a while that became obviously a ridiculous notion. So then it went to one of everything and more if I liked it. But those epic ships were a stretch to far to justify, so after a while I just stopped and concentrated on getting my talisman collection upto date, and then picked up Armada. This time I am going to be much more circumspect on what I purchase, so I dont end up with a bunch of stuff I will never use. I also think that the story aspect of Star wars deserves exploration so its not always about 1v1 straight up battle which is why these releases help. I am enjoying the slower pace of releases to allow me to stock up at a pace that I can afford. All i need to know is that there are people playing a game to be happy.
  2. I would just like to say how much I appreciate all the work and effort you put into sharing this game for us all. Sometimes things are slow news wise and it is not like Bob Harris will give you an interview every week. So keep up the good work, and enjoy your gMes of Talisman.
  3. It seems that I have been able to get some of the old crew together and added a couple of people who had played it when one of those I had introduced it to, had themselves purchased the game. Although it would be nice to find some people closer to my own age....
  4. Talisman with the Harbinger is definitely different than "regular" talisman. I hadn't looked at the Harbinger deck before hand, so I was going on rumor rather than actuality, and it was worse than I thought it would be. There was some player on player to begin with but that relented pretty quickly, there wasn't much spell targeting but that was mostly down to the characters in play. I don't think the players liked Harbinger that much but partly it was because of the attitude some players had. Like suggesting it was unfair that they would have to circulate around the city region with the harbinger present. I would not attribute "fairness" as a characteristic for the game of Talisman. Its a random walk of humorous consequences. I will not be pulling out this expansion for a while it would definitely require the right group. The players had all played numerous times, so I think it was a fair challenge. One of the players always likes to take on the dungeon early so was willing to take the Harbinger cards head on, he was soon disuaded as to this being a good idea. The apocrypha was in a known location on the top of the city deck that then had a few weak city enemies on top of it and we were on the last omen, so this a pretty good stratergy in the circumstances, I definetly would not want to deliberately pull Harbinger cards to try to find that one item to win! I went through the deck this morning and I think that by comparison we were actually drawing the easier cards have you seen the Beast? I would like to have a way to mix the cards into the game without it being so harsh as I think they have interesting effects. I think plain talisman might be the order of the day for a while. By plain thats the three corners mentioned above with reaper, sacred pool and frostmarch, with the Reaper curculatung around and a hidden ending mixed up from a few of our favorites. Once they have recovered maybe then I can unleash the Ifrit on them.
  5. Played the harbinger for the first time today, using reaper cards, city, dungeon and highlands. I have to say the harbinger cards are brutal. We used the sead rising set. We all lost in the end, but it did help with making sure the game had an ending. One player knew there was the object that caused you to win when the last omen was pulled on the city deck which then got buried under under enemies by another card. But he couldn't work his way through them quickly enough. Two of our group were the type to get upset when bad things happen to you, a mindset that does not help when playing talisman. Being toaded early, or not being able to beat stuff when expected didnt help their cause. Being toaded is funny, but harbinger cards can make that harder to recover from. The cursed objects effectes everyone, slowing down development. I liked that, instead of the all powerfull characters you can get. Although it delayed development a bit. I personally enjoyed it, but I think I will only use it from now on depending on who I have playing. The riding horse was useful to flee a region quicker, and we had the sentinel fought on fairish terms simply to escape. Next time we will give the Firelands a whirl, without Harbinger.
  6. I left London, England in 2004 and moved to Iowa, USA. Cant get much different in scenery, my house even just narrowly avoided being hit by a tornado this week! My kids playset wasnt so lucky. Now thats something that wouldn't happen back in England! The one think that constantly amuses me is being mistaken for Australian.
  7. Large media conglomerate does not like product owned and produced by rival media conglomerate shocker.
  8. So I played Talisman 2nd ed with a friend a lot back many years ago. He owned all the expansions and I said to myself one day I will own this game too. Many years passed and then I had money so I thought why not and so I did and then I got some expansions, I first tried to get my wife to play but it wasn't her thing, then I got my step-son and some of his friends, but he eventually moved out and his friends scattered to college etc. So now I am sitting on a nearly complete set trying to figure out which people I could introduce this game to. My oldest son is 10 and doesnt have much attention span, so I am looking for likely adults. I live in a small town of 3500 with a larger city 30 mins away, but those people never travel out here for some reason, and I would cant easily leave here. So which archetypes should I look to?
  9. I remember this from 2nd edition. It helped balance the advantage of oppurtunity in the dungeon such as vanquished enemies, things you could collect and being able to get to the crown of command versus having to decide whether it was worth ditching stuff or losing mobility. However I am not sure this is necessary with 4th ed. But I would be happy to play this way.
  10. I haven't bought anything GW since I started X-wing. It was just to much anymore for what I got and how much I would need. If they are relying on "Timmy" as there target market, well I am now "Timmy's dad" and if its too much for me it's definitely too much to justify for "Timmy"
  11. The empire could get the escort carrier, it looks like a brick with rounded corners. Barely any armament but lots of squadrons would be interesting to play, do you protect it with ships or rely on squadrons, it would nearly always take squadron commands, that would be an amazing thing and so different then everything else out.
  12. This day might be coming sooner than expected. There are some rumours going on (with relative credibility on the source because the one who's been leaking them only pushes verified stuff, check on the Bolter and Chainsword forum) that they are slowly focusing on making models and are going to publish lightweight rules leading to no rules at all (AoS being a testbed for that idea) for all their range. They'll be shooting themselves in the foot if they do that, as a gaming company you want to be close to your customers and manage the rules, the community etc. FFG is a prime example of how succesful that business model is ! They do realise that I used to buy minatures to play their game? I would have had no use for warhammer models if I was not playing warhammer. The number of people I know who collect to paint is smaller than the number I know that buy to play. Other manufacturers are catchimg up on the range of stuff they make so soon that wouldn't be a reason either.- Confused in Iowa
  13. I always thought they had too many factions. It diluted the amount of buying of each one and made it hard to tie things together for global story linked games or smaller player created campaigns. The General's Compendium got me back into buying warhammer, by contrast blood in the badlands was nowhere near as compelling. I didnt bother with things like storm of magic because they looked like things which wouldnt be supported long term to me. They have said they wanted a less competitive mind set among players and more narrative style, but if thats what you want you need to support it with products that match that reality. Like making WD content worth reading, themed battle reports narrative campaigns interesting scenarios not glossy adverts for the latest thing. When they started doing that I stopped buying it instead using the money to buy actual product. It was picking up a copy of WD in WH Smiths that actually got me started. I still remember it well. The battle report was Dieter Hellsnitch (?) Undead against an Empire force with a second small battle of reinforcements on a different table. Playing the game against people maximising rules that where not properly thought out though was a definite detriment. As for making a skirmish style game, that was never what WFB was about the blocks of troops were the defining feature. There are other skirmish games, for the longest time there was only one unit level game easily accessible.
  14. I stopped buying WFB stuff because it became so expensive, it wasnt really the price per box, but the number per box which did it. There is no way I am buying back into a new game. But i could have been pursuaded to buy WFB again. But for now my money goes to FFG, mainly because it is easier to find new people to play these games. My prefered game store due to accessibility doesn't even carry GW, and that would have been unheard of a few years ago.
  15. My current funding scheeme works like this. Work sends me on a training course. I submit milleage at $0.58 a mile. They send me a check which I cash without my wife knowing and buy Armada stuff. So how far do I need to drive to buy one of each for the next wave as i have to do it at the LGS for cash else I have to explain the statement or boxes at my door. I have 120 miles to submit still, and no other trips on horizons.
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