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  1. Sorry, but I had written this game off a long time ago. I'd rather not spend energy and time on it again.
  2. Could Anler attempt a Leadership check to organize the clones to form a human (clone...) pyramid of sorts, with two on the bottom boosting up the rest, and the rest then pulling the two up? What would the difficulty be for that?
  3. Anler is grateful to have left his robes behind before the obstacle course. He makes his way through the barbed wire part of the course without problems. "Come on, Cyclones, let's do this," he shouts at the others.
  4. I'll take it! I'll need it... Second Athletics checks, boost from previous check and a floating boost: 3eA+2eB+2eD 1 success, 5 advantage That's nice. Two advantages will give Anler a boost for his next check. Then one boost for the next player and one for the one after next...
  5. As the clones surge forward, Anler follows them in, easily keeping up with the more athletic and better trained clones.
  6. Athletics: 3eA+1eB+1eD 3 successes, 3 advantage That works! I assumed I'd get a boost from @Shlambate. I'd like to use one advantage to give the next PC a boost (pass it forward and all that) and the other two to give Anler a boost for the next roll (assuming I can do that), as his success fills him with confidence.
  7. Am I right assuming this is for the clones only? Or are they expecting the Jedi to go along?
  8. Anler is about to say something to his men to inspire them, but he suddenly feels rather semiconscious in front of all those people. "Cyclone squad, this will be easy for you. Show them how it's done!" is all he manages, silently berating himself. A leader should have something more profound to say.
  9. Leadership to inspire the clones: 1eA+2eP+2eD 0 successes, 2 advantage Man. Forgot to bribe the Orokos people. So I'll have to write something sort of inspiring but not overly so. Could I use the boosts to give the first to PCs to attempt the course a boost?
  10. I wonder if Anler could give an inspiring speech for the cadets and use his (newly much improved) Leadership skill to add some boosts? If so, what would the difficulty of the check be?
  11. "Well, I guess I wasn't that hungry," Anler says dryly and pushes his food away. "You heard the man," he says to the others and hurries with them to see what awaits them.
  12. Sorry for the delay. After all this time if took a bit of time to get back into it. Character is updated with a specialization, skill and 15 xp spent. I took Reflect (really, that must be a shock to the rest of you!) and an upgrade for the sense power.
  13. Master Wuum’s favorite saying was that if something was worth doing, it was worth doing it right. That included lightsaber training, on the rare occasions his master forced him to practice with his lightsaber. And today was just such an occasion. “But master, you always say that you can solve more problems with words than with wars, would I not serve the Jedi Order better if you told me why those Pantorans responded with such warmth to your suggestion about the flowers?” Anler asks his ancient Ithorian master as the old one hands Anler his lightsaber back. “I don’t want to practice with the lightsaber, Master Wuum,” he says, before he realizes where he is. He’s not in the Jedi Temple with Master Wuum. In fact, his master is one with the Force now, and in no position to offer his advice or training to anyone anymore. Just another casualty of this damned war. As he looks up he sees the kind eyes of Master Shaak Ti, and the Jedi Master scolds him in a friendly tone about his recklessness. “Sorry Master Ti,” Anler replies almost automatically, but follows that almost immediately with the question “did we win?”. When Shaak Ti nods with a smile he relaxes again. “It couldn’t be helped, master. We had to assault a dug-in enemy of equal strength without any support or heavy weapons. The only thing we had going for us was recklessness. And a lightsaber. And since this was the first test, I thought I had better go all-out to win it. I guess if that had been a real war, I wouldn’t have survived to have this conversation,” he adds sheepishly. “I will train harder. And try to let the clones lead the way next time.” In the following days Anler studies the surveillance footage of the assault, focusing on his squad of clones, but also taking in the performance of the other clones. He also takes Shaak Ti up on her offer for lightsaber training. When not studying up on tactics, training with Shaak Ti or on teambuilding exercises with the clones, Anler spends his time reading instruction manuals on tactics, leadership. When the team breaks for lunch he is surprised when an unfamiliar clone hands him a datapad with transfer orders. “I wasn’t told of any transfers,” Anler says with his mouth full as he examines the transfer paper. “But welcome to the squad, CT-6180,” he says, eying the clone with a curious look in his eyes. “CT-6180. That’s not a good name. What do the others call you, trooper?” Before the clone can answer, Anler’s squad answers for him. “Mynock, huh? How did you earn that name, I wonder,” he says with a barely contained grin on his face. “At any rate, sit, eat and then join us for the exercise this afternoon.”
  14. Well hello there! I've kept my distance, since Anler has been unconscious and I don't want to influence the game while my character is out of it, but have of course read everything. Well done to you all for finishing the fight and coming out ahead! I think that for the continuation of the campaign I would suggest a training montage of sorts, a post from each character detailing their exploits, and upgrading the characters to their chosen specialization, with skills etc. After that, perhaps a final training mission, or a mission to determine if the squad is good enough for spec-ops duties, before heading out into the war. As for Anler being pushed to knight level, my initial thought was that I would be opposed to that. I like characters to be at a similar level and do not wish for any sort of favoritism for my character. That said, I think @Rabobankrider might be concerned that Anler might never be able to keep up with the others, and after playing a force-user in another game, I can sort of see where that is coming from. There is a pretty stark difference in the demands placed on Anler and on the clones. They (mostly) have to be good at combat and perhaps a supplementing skill or two. Anler will have to spend quite a lot of XP getting some Force Powers that would make sense for a padawan getting closer to the trials (but might not be that useful in the game), as well as pushing ahead into the tree for FR2. And he will be expected to be able to handle skilled opponents, perhaps armed with lightsabers, like Rabo indicated. That's a lot of ways to spend XP. I am still uncomfortable with Anler being pushed ahead. That said, if the others feel that he would be more useful that way, and our GM feels it would serve the story and make it easier for him to build cinematic encounters with more than just grunts with guns as opponents without overwhelming us completely, I would be OK with it. I would, as @Vergence pointed out, be spending most of the XP on getting that FR2 as well as the "classic" Jedi Force Powers. I would spend some xp on getting reflect and parry as well to make him less of a glass-cannon in combat, but combat would not be my focus. The clones will be fighting the war, Anler should not be at the front as much as he had to be during this exercise. I was a bit reckless with him, but remember, I thought I would have a melee-focused clone to back me up. Sadly it seems Gundark is out of the game. With knight-level xp, Anler would not quite be ready to do the trials, but at least he would be a competent padawan getting close to being ready for them. I'm good with whatever decision the rest of you reach.
  15. Thanks for that, but Anler is still 6 wounds from even having a chance of waking up. You guys need to finish this.
  16. I'm getting very confused here. I thought I was going for the squad that hadn't fired yet. Otherwise, risking going out in the open with enemies still with slots left would be stupid. Well. I should have made sure, I guess.
  17. Anler times his attack, sensing the falling clone troopers inside the door. When the shooting dies down for a brief moment, he crouches low and scoots inside the door and vaults the makeshift barricades erected by the defending clones. As he does, he manages to swing his lightsaber against the helmet of one of the troopers still standing to defend the left part of the room before his friend realizes what happened. Without looking, he thrusts his saber at the second trooper's chest plate, taking him out of the action as well.
  18. Wait, what? I thought you said there were twelve guys in there, not twenty? Is the second group further out, at medium range to the door?
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