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  1. No worries. I've updated Anler with the 15 xp and increased his morality by 8.
  2. Morality: 1d10 8 Is there a penalty for dark actions? I don't recall using a black pip, but I could be mistaken.
  3. I'm actually playing in a PbP with a similar premise. The GM gave each player a second specialization, suggesting we use it to broaden our range beyond simple space combat, and also gave us some XP after char-gen to make the characters a little more interesting. He also introduced some house-rules. If you want to check out the game it's hosted here. Note that OOC and banter, as well as all dice rolling, is done on a Discord channel so the forum is only for IC and similar stuff.
  4. Anler gives Doc a non-committal look. "I'm not familiar with the naming conventions for clones, to be honest," he replies, obviously not getting the point of the question. He takes a mouthful of the greenish-goo on his plate. "The test was more about seeing what our latest addition is capable of in close combat than to challenge my skills. Sadly, it did not take long to find out it is not his strong suit," he says, trying to be diplomatic. "I guess that we'll see the expertise he brings to the table later," he says, shrugging.
  5. Anler takes the time to take a quick shower and change his clothes before heading to the mess hall to get something to eat. Although he has never been a glutton, he has always loved trying out food from different cultures and species. Nothing like that was on offer here. Only bland food that manages to fulfill the dietary requirements of the clones while doing absolutely nothing for the taste buds. The Jedi Padawan knows he could get a better meal if he asked for it, but he never does. If he is to be a part of the team, sharing the discomforts with his men was part of the package. He takes his tray with three different types of paste and a chewy stick of something that might once have been alive to the table where Doc is just finishing his meal. Taking a seat without asking might be rude in the Jedi Temple, but here it is expected. The Jedi Padawan puts his trey down and sits, trying to decide if he should start with the drab-brown colored goo, which he knows tastes less bad than the other two, or if he should save it for last. He decides to start with that, since his meals have been interrupted often enough, making it a real possibility today like any other day. As he eats, he nods at Doc. "I hear we might be shipping out fairly soon. You think you and the boys are ready for some real action?"
  6. Anler smiles modestly, returning the training weapon to the rack. "I'm sure they would have taught me a lesson if we had been shooting blasters," he says. "Jedi train in hand-to-hand combat, it is the most elegant way of fighting, I find. Although Tannen might need a few lessons before trying again," he says.
  7. Realizing he needs to act fast, Anler goes all-out, attacking with more speed and power than he has until now. He moves to keep the clones from attacking simultaneously, backing away and circling to keep Buzzard between himself and Splat. He feints low again and Buzzard moves both sticks to block Anler's blow with a cross-parry. The Padawan was expecting the move, it seems like something the clone has drilled. At the last minute, Anler sidesteps and changes the angle of the attack, again hitting Buzzard with a heavy blow on the forehead, almost knocking the helmet off his face. "Again, against a lightsaber, you would be dead," he says, trying to keep the clones from retaliating.
  8. Anler takes a sharp hit from Buzzard, but the clone has overextended. Fortunately for him, the Splat rushes to his aid, intercepting Anler's return strike with his stick, causing the Padawan's weapon to go flying. Undeterred, Anler dives under the return swing from Splat and gets his weapon back, before quickly lunging at the off-balance Buzzard. The blow skids off his armor, pushing the already off-balance clone away from Anler. If the Padawan is surprised that the clones are teaming up on him, he doesn't really show any reaction to that. In fact, it is something he had been expecting since his fellow Force-user doesn't appear to have any training in melee combat.
  9. Soooo. What's going on in the stick-fighting room? @Rabobankrider @dfn
  10. Although the attacks come in rapid succession, they do not really threaten Anler much as he can simply give up ground and concentrate on parrying as the clone works through his attacking routine. Buzzard tries to break through Anler's defenses, pushing a bit too hard. Anler sees an opening and takes it, swinging his stick hard and connecting with the clone's helmet with a resounding thump, almost dislodging the helmet from Buzzard's head and causing the clone to stumble. "You are lucky this isn't a lightsaber, or this fight would be over," he says, his voice even as he hasn't really needed to exert himself much in the brief but intense fight.
  11. Ah, I missed that! All good then, I'll do Anler's attack now. Attack with boost from last round, another from clone's threats and one more for aiming: 1eA+2eP+3eB+1eD+1eC 3 successes, 3 advantage Very nice I'll write an IC post with the details and think on how to spend those advantages.
  12. @Rabobankrider you rolled one too many difficulty dice for the attack on Anler. Let me know if you want the roll to stand or if you're re-rolling. If the attack hits, Anler will spend strain to activate his Parry talent.
  13. Anler steps back. "That hardly seems sporting," he says. "I just thought you might want to spar with someone who's had actual training."
  14. Anler watches the movements of the Dresselian carefully. He clearly had some natural talent, but as soon as he engages the clone it becomes obvious that he has had little training. His swings are full-blooded with force behind them, but easy for a trained combatant to anticipate and deflect. It comes as little surprise for the Jedi Padawan when Buzzard disarms his opponent. Unwilling to watch what could be a valuable partner humiliated further by the clearly better trained clone trooper, he decides to intervene. When the clone hands Tannen the stick back, Anler steps forward. "If you are all warmed up, I could use a good sparring session," he says with a grin, testing the weight of the training stick he picked out. It is similar in weight and balance to the sticks younglings train with before they start sparring with training sabers. He pauses for a moment, reaching out through the Force, feeling his surroundings and, of course, the clone. He takes a position and waits for the clone to face him. As he does, Anler strikes with lightning speed, delivering several rapid strikes with short swings, forcing the clone to back up a little and work hard to parry with his own stick. The Padawan then feints high, but reverses his strike and instead thrusts at the Clone's abdomen, delivering a nasty blow against his chest plate.
  15. Ah, sorry, I missed that. Things are rather confusing at the moment...
  16. Ouch... So a miss, Despair and 2 advantages to work with. Not the most epics of starting rolls...
  17. Ouch... So a miss, Despair and 2 advantages to work with. Not the most epics of starting rolls...
  18. So @dfn, what's your plan man? They are waiting for you to make your move...
  19. "Now now, don't be shy," Anler says, walking towards the weapons rack. He unclips the lightsaber from his belt and puts it on the rack before picking up a training stick similar to the ones used for light sparring at the temple. "I assume you have not built a lightsaber, although, if I understand correctly, you can use the Force in some way," he says, taking a few experimental swings with his simple cane. He is unsure what to think about the newcomer. Someone who apparently uses the Force, but is not a Jedi. This is a very strange move, even for an experimental program. He wonders if Tannen comes from an order of some description, or if he's self-taught. He assumes the former, since if it is the latter it would be unthinkable for the Jedi Order to include him in this project. The question is, which order? He looks at the clones prepped for melee combat. "Are we to fight armored clones wielding vibroweapons while ourselves unarmored and fighting with this?" he asks, gesturing with his stick at the rest of the wooden weapons on the rack. "I'd feel more comfortable using my lightsaber with the training crystal."
  20. I am, but have been busy. Will get something up in a few hours.
  21. Discipline to recover strain: 1eA+2eP 3 successes, 2 advantage, 1 Triumph Nice, a Triumph. Perhaps Anler feels so upbeat after this that he'll be able to upgrade his next roll (in the sparring chamber, probably) once?
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