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  1. This is why Anler is trying to draw fire, to give the rest of you a chsnce to get to the wall. Go go go!
  2. This is perfect. We are nearly there, Anler is trying to draw a bit of heat away from the clones. In theory some of you wounded folks could try to run to the wall for some cover and get ready to shoot some cables.
  3. I'm fine with whatever you want to play. Someone else getting shot to **** on the front lines sharing the glory of melee combat with Anler sounds good.
  4. Anler takes a moment from behind the low wall to assess the situation. There is still a lot of droids between them and the objective, but the B1s have not been too effective so far. Some of his troopers have taken hits though, so they won't last too long out here. "We need to push forward, but do it smart," he tells the clones, shouting to be heard over the blasters. "I'll draw their fire, you mow them down and then push on towards the next cover, and from there up to the flag." He sees Gunslinger nodding as the clone blasts a few droids and hopes the clones are up to the task. Ducking low, runs out of cover. The closest cluster of B1s are focused on the clones and don't notice the young Jedi until he's withing striking range. "Uh-oh, that's the Jed..." one of them manages to say before Anles batters him with the lightsaber, before using the force to push it into a pair of it's companions. Two droids fall in a jumble.
  5. Remember that attack on Alner are upgraded twice due to his Sense power. It basically amounts to adding one Challenge die to the roll so it might cause the attack to miss completely.
  6. You could increase your chances by spending a maneuver to aim...
  7. The clones are doing a great job cutting down the droids. Anler pauses a moment to assess the situation. The most dangerous threat between the clones and the objective are the B2 battle droids with their rapid-fire wrist-mounted blasters. Moving quickly he rushes towards the droids. The notice him too late, shifting their fire towards the Jedi at the last moment. He easily deflects the fire from the two droids before closing in and swinging his lightsaber in a long arc at the first droid's legs, paralyzing it and causing it to fall over. He then spins around and thrusts his lightsaber at the other droid, taking it out of the fight. Anler doesn't stop moving, rushing forward into cover close to the clones. "Forward, we have to take the flag fast if we want to set a new record," he shouts at the others, blocking a few blaster bolts coming their way as he speaks.
  8. The B1 droids put up an effective barrage of fire, but Anler has little trouble deflecting the shots. It does delay him a bit, as he has to slow down to block the blaster bolts. When he finally sees a chance to strike as the droid attempt to fall back, he advances quickly, cutting down two droids and connecting solidly with the torso of the third, who gives him a startled look as the training saber gives it a bad shock.
  9. Yeah, I figured more would activate once Anler and the rest of you advanced into the field.
  10. "Don't worry about those droids, I'll tie them up, you just take out the towers," Anler replies as he charges forward towards the fire team of five B1 droids. Using the Force he propels himself into the middle of the group of droids, making sure they are focused on him, rather than the clones behind him, but trying to keep them between himself and the other droids on the battlefield.
  11. Since we all take turns before the baddies just take your actions when you have the time to roll dice and write up a post! Also, this just happened: Attacking the B1 droids: 2eA+2eP+1eB+2eD 0 successes, 1 advantage Clearly I forgot to send my monthly bribe for June to the Orokos-mafia. I'll spend the single advantage on giving the next PC to act a boost, inspired by the heroic commander leading the way. An IC post is incoming.
  12. @Rabobankrider, what is our current range to the tower? Also, do only the clones have ascension gear or does Anler have gear as well? Guys, what do you think about having Anler tie up the droids at close range while the rest of you advance and try to take out the droids manning the turrets? That's something Anler can't do, while a group of 5 B1s should be easy enough for him in a couple of rounds (dice permitting).
  13. Cool for initiative: 2eA+1eP 1 success, 3 advantage, 1 Triumph
  14. As Anler gets onto the lift that will take him and the other Cyclones to the arena, he closes his eyes and focuses on his surroundings. He can feel how the Force flows through the clones and the surroundings. Before the lift comes to a halt he can feel the numerous battledroids and turrets waiting for his squad. He keeps up the focus, knowing that feeling an attack coming before it comes can make the difference between survival and failure. "This is it, Cyclones," he says as the lift comes to a halt. "Remember your training and we'll get through in no time. Stick together, use the cover given and concentrate your fire on the most dangerous target. It doesn't matter who captures the flag, what matters is getting one of us close enough to claim it and not leaving anyone behind on the battlefield." As the clones are about to step into the arena, the Jedi Padawan puts his hand on Gunslinger's shoulders. "You are in charge of the squad tactics. Just follow my lead using your best discretion, you know the capabilities of the squad much better than I do," he says to the soldier as ignites his lightsaber with his other hand.
  15. Anler looks the trooper calmly in the eye, or at least where the eyes on the helmet are. "Cyclones are ready," he says in a confident tone.
  16. Anler meets the clones at breakfast, seemingly calm and collected before the final challenge. He is wearing a slightly more functional armor than usual under his robes, thin armor plates covering his torso and forearms. It isn't as good as the clone's armor, but it might help keep him alive. "Good morning, Cyclones," he says as the squad enters the dining area. "I hope you are ready for the final challenge, because I am more than ready to get out of the rain on Kamino and out into the galaxy to win this war."
  17. Roger that, that makes sense. Anler will need to spread his xp around quite a bit, while the clones can be more focused. Also, since they focus on different areas (clones on ranged, Anler on melee) everyone will get plenty of opportunities to shine.
  18. Cool, I'll pick those up for sure. I'm a bit confused on whether or not I should upgrade Anler to Knight Level, could you please make a call on that one?
  19. Sorry for the brevity of my post, work is killing me now that I've gotten back from my brief vacation. Destiny: 1eF 1 Dark Side
  20. Anler stands almost to attention as Swapar delivers the good news in his usual fashion. "Well, Cyclones, we had better get a good night's sleep, this will be harder than anything we've done together," Anler says. "I know you are ready. That we are all ready," he corrects himself. "And I know we will beat the citadel in record time!"
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