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  1. Perhaps a Leadership check from Anler might help get people to move in an orderly fashion?
  2. Perception running, boost for Uncanny Senses: 2eA+1eB+2eD 1 success, 1 advantage Athletics running: 3eA+2eD 1 success Anler succeeded on both.
  3. When he sees the partial recording of the Separatist commander, Anler quickly gets out his comlink again and contacts Major Zombie. "Major, we have a confirmation that this is the workings of the Separatists. Reliable intelligence suggests there are assassin droids present, location, numbers and objective unknown. I suggest we deploy only a part of the battalion on the ground at this time. We need to form a parameter as much as we can given the situation and react as fast as possible when we have anything more to go on," he says. When a clone who apparently is called Boom mentions the market sector, Anler closes his eyes for a moment, before continuing his report to the Major. "If they are going for panic and civilian casualties it is likely that the market area is their target. I will take the Cyclones and whatever local forces I can muster and head there immediately. I suggest you send a few gunships to the area as soon as you can. Will keep you appraised." Anler stops for a moment, clipping the comlink to his belt. Looking at this 'Boom' clone, he stares at him for a moment. "Well, what are we waiting for? Lead the way to the market sector," he says. "Cyclones, keep an eye out for anything unusual. Any sign of fighting or droids behaving in an unusual manner. But remember our mandate, we are here to protect the populace, not put them in danger by starting firefights when there are civilians present."
  4. Sadly, Anler has no idea who Trenox is. Lore check - Who is Trenox?: 1eA+1eP+1eB+3eD 1 failure, 1 advantage Working on an IC post now.
  5. While the clones survey the area and tend to the wounded, Anler gets out his comlink and shares what little he now knows with Major Zombie, allowing the more experienced leader to decide how to deploy the rest of the clones. He does tell the Major that it would be wise to keep a strong force of clones airborne in the gunships as a rapid response force, to reinforce clones that have come under attack or to deploy where civilians are in danger. Once he's done, he finds Akua again. "We should move on, try to find more of those modified droids and stop them. Have you had any reports of attacks in the area?"
  6. Anler watches what appears to be a very chaotic firefight on the ground as the gunship comes in for a landing. As they touch down he stands ready in the doorway. If there is a firefight down there someone might get the bright idea to take a pot shot at the incoming gunship, so he keeps his unlit lightsaber in his hand, bracing himself with his other hand. The gunship shudders as it touches down and Anler immediately jumps down on the ground. "Cyclones, move out. Let's go find out what's going on down here," he says, a little annoyed that Akua didn't respond to his questions. Perhaps the forces down here have their hands full. He does see the other Padawan and a group of clones, one of them managing to gun down what appeared to be a rampaging utility droid. He runs towards Akua, not waiting for the squad to debark. "Commander," he says, using the title most Padawans are given when in command of clone troopers. "What is going on here, and how should we deploy our battalion to maximum effect?"
  7. "Roger that," Anler replies. "Any sign of hostiles? Who killed those people?" The idea that the Separatists had somehow gotten troops to Coruscant undetected is preposterous, of course, but like all cities the droids on Coruscant outnumber the people at least five-to-one. If the Separatists have figured out a way to turn the working droids against the Republic that could spell disaster. Not only for the people on Coruscant and elsewhere, but also for the war effort. Automated systems and droids are crucial for the production of material for the war. If this is a Separate test to see if this kind of action is worthwhile they have to make sure that the results are negative.
  8. Anler stands by the side door as the gunship takes off, gazing at the planet as they quickly descend towards the surface of Coruscant. The man-made marvel that is the capital of the Republic never ceases to amaze him with building floor numbering in the thousands and the traffic of airspeeders that can intimidate all but the worldliest pilots. Luckily the locals know to give navy gunships a wide berth so he isn’t worried about getting stuck or crashing into oncoming traffic. As they descend and get closer to the tall buildings, he gets out his comlink and keys in the channel Obi-Wan had given him. “Padawan Serendine, this is Padavan Tar. I’ll be deploying ahead of the battalion with a squad of troops. Can we link up as soon as possible? What’s going on down there? We need more information before deploying our troops.”
  9. Anler nods as he memorizes Obi-Wan’s orders. “Yes master, I will link up with Padawan Sedendine and help her assess the situation,” he says, bowing slightly to the Jedi Master. He turns to Major Zombie. “Major, I’ll head to the hangar and take Cyclone Squadron with me. Deploy the rest of the Battalion when the men are ready. By then I should have some more details about what’s going on and how they should deploy,” he says. He then runs to the ship’s hangar, and activates his comms unit as he runs through the ship. “Cyclone Squadron, meet me in the hangar. We’re taking out a gunship ahead of the other guys. Bring full kit. I hope you like being first into action,” he says. Once he has found a gunship that’s ready to depart and linked up with the Cyclones he gives them a short description of what he knows. “I’m sorry it’s not much of a briefing. I don’t like going in blind any more than you do. That’s why we’re going out while the rest of the Battalion prepares for full deployment, to find out what’s going on and how we can best tackle that. Remember, this is Coruscant, we don’t want to endanger any civilians. Any civilian casualties or excessive property damage will reflect badly on us all.”
  10. Anler bows slightly to the Jedi Master as he sees who is giving the briefing via holo-transmission, but he remains silent, listening to the briefing intently. "Yes, Master," Anler says, once Obi-Wan has finished outlining the mission. "The men are a fresh batch off Kamino, but that just means they are motivated and eager to prove themselves. Do we have points of entry for the battalion?" He thinks for a moment. "I don't like the idea of sending the clones in blind. May I suggest I take a squad and link up with the locals immediately to investigate while the rest of the battalion gets ready for deployment? I know my Cyclones and they will be ready for action by the time I get to the hangar."
  11. As the trooper speaks, Anler immediately starts walking with the man towards the bridge. As he finishes, and the klaxon blares, the Padawan breaks into a run. As the doors to the bridge slide open he quickly spots the Major. "What's going on, Major?" he says, slightly short of breath.
  12. Anler gives Master Shaak Ti a wry smile as he meets her outside the dome. “Mistress, it is curious that it finally stopped raining when it was time for us to ship out,” he says with a grin. “Is it the Force telling us we have a bright future or is it just our luck to leave when the sun finally graces us with its presence?” He listens in silence as the Togruta gives him her best wishes for the next stage in his life as a Jedi Padawan, leading clones into battle. “I will try to honor Master Wuum’s teachings as well as what you have taught me,” he tells Master Shaak Ti. “If we must fight, we need to do so efficiently so that the loss of life can be kept to a minimum. But from what I hear, the war isn’t going as well as the Council would have hoped.” The Jedi Padawan stands beside the Togruta as the clones exit the dome and stands stiffly beside her as she addresses the clones. As the clones march on to the cruiser he feels a chill running down his spine. Suddenly all this feels very real. They are going to war, and no matter what happens, not all of them will be coming back. After the last clone has entered the ship, he says his farewell to Shaak Ti before boarding the ship. Once on board he can feel the ship’s engines shaking the ship as it takes off from Kamino, heading through the partial cloud cover and out of the planet’s gravity well, getting ready to jump. Anler makes his way to the bridge of the ship, introducing himself to the command staff, discussing protocols for the journey ahead. Once the ship is in hyperspace, Anler starts exploring the large vessel, chatting to the clone soldiers he walks past, before finding the members of Cyclone Squad. He spends a while with them, discussing the war they are about to join, the equipment and armor they are wearing and the endless possibilities of missions and postings, starting with the current mission on Alderaan. The Jedi Padawan spends the next two weeks studying new reports about the war effort, reports of victories and losses, blockades and daring raids. But mostly he studies everything he can think of to prepare for the mission on Alderaan. Once his mind has taken all it can process for the day, he looks for clones to train with, before heading to his spartan quarters for meditation and sleep. The two weeks are over way to fast, and at the end of the journey, Anler feels as badly prepared for the mission as he did the day he stepped onto the ship.
  13. Sorry for the late reply. I'm on vacation at the moment Destiny: 1eF 2 Light Side
  14. With the mission over and a new record set, Anler congratulates the clones on the good result. Once he’s back with the command staff he comments on the skill displayed by his clone troopers, and how well the integration process seems to be going. Unlike the clones, Anler doesn’t need additional equipment from the armory. He’s only faced with the bitter sweet task of packing his very merger belongings as he prepares to leave Kammino and head out to war. He finishes this task quickly before heading out to celebrate with the clones. Once at the feast, he seems a bit withdrawn, and is unwilling to taste any alcohol, unsure how the intoxicant will affect his connection to the Force. He spends the evening mingling with the troops as well as the command staff in attendance. Anler is already up when the clone comes to wake him up, having spent the morning in meditation. He won’t tell anyone, especially not the clones, but the idea of leading the men into actual combat, where lives are lost so easily, terrifies him. It’s not so much the fear of losing friends, since like most Jedi he has gotten comfortable with the idea of the dead rejoining the Force. His fear has more to do with the possibility of failing his men and failing the Republic. The Jedi brings his belongings in a single rugsack and heads out the door of his quarters for the last time, heading to the main landing platform.
  15. Morality: 1d10 2 Was there a penalty to the roll? (As if, has Anler been a bad, bad boy?)
  16. Pffff. You had to wait long enough to see your Jedi falling on his face before grabbing the thing?
  17. Oh, I didn't realize I had a free boost. Forgotten boost: 1eB 0 successes, 1 advantage Hey, one more advantage there! And yes, this is why Anler is out there, trying to get the droids to love him long time, to get you guys to the wall and at least one to the pole to end the exercise.
  18. Ah, the OOC has been so busy I didn't notice. At any rate, Anler is working on the two remaining B1s in the squad he attacked. And then this happened: Attacking the same B1 squad, boost for aim, upgraded difficulty due to enemy triumph: 2eA+2eP+1eB+1eD+1eC 1 success, 3 advantage, 1 Despair I'll wait for @Rabobankrider to use the Despair before finishing the IC post I already started.
  19. "I hope they get up there quickly, I'm not going to last long out here," Anler mutters to himself as he finds more droids converging on his flank. Turning slightly to keep as many droids as possible in vaguely the same direction he decides to try to finish off the B1s closest to him quickly. He is forced to block incoming fire from the flanking droids as he maneuvers, but then manages to down the two remaining droids with a quick swing, followed by a reverse strike into the torso of the second droid. Both of them fizzle and fall to the ground, to his relief. With his focus on the droids he's fighting he nearly misses his chance to react to the droids on his flank opening fire. He notices at the last possible minute, too late to try to block the shots with his weapon. He is forced to throw himself to the ground in a rather undignified manner, rolling on the ground as the blasts from the droids pepper the floor as he rolls away. He is able to get to his feet again and get his weapon up, ready to deflect more blasts coming his way. He shoots a glance at the clones ascending the tower, as if willing them to get to the pole to end the exercise.
  20. This is still the same round that Anler charged out into the open, right?
  21. Woooow! Busy time this weekend I see. I was on a camping trip with very limited access to the internet etc. so apologies for my absence. I've already PMed @player3333902 with XP and something about saber-creation.
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