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  1. Would be interesting to see if FFG will have an "official" line on this though.
  2. Hey guys I like the three new spells from the Expanded Guide, but wonder if they should be available to casters using Runes or Verse casting skills. It is a pertinent question since I'm planning to start GMing my new campaign early January. After giving it some thought, I'm leaning towards giving both Runes and Verse the Mask spell and I'm tempted to give the Predict spell to Runes, although I'm not quite sold on that. What are your thoughts about this?
  3. Sadly, due to personal reasons, I'm going to have to pull out of this game. Thanks @Rabobankrider and all you wonderful players for a fun game and best of luck with it in the future.
  4. I suggest the clones open fire on unengaged super-droids. Please don't shoot my cute little B1 droids (the one Anler is engaged with)...
  5. Anler goes for the nearest target, a squad of B1 droids that are leveling their blasters at him as he charges in. He deflects a couple of shots before plowing into them, cutting down two and kicking a third, nearly causing it to fall on one of its allies.
  6. I'm fine with Anler taking his turn late. Since you uncivilized clones will probably want to shoot things before he does the honorable thing and engages in melee. Can we assume Anler has had time to commit his Force Die to Sense, since we are waiting for them?
  7. Who's the coolest mother....?: 2eA+1eP 3 successes, 2 advantage
  8. "Right, that sound like a plan," Anler says distractedly as he waits for Major Zombie to reply. "Lead the way, " he continues, motioning for the clones to follow.
  9. "Yes Master," Anler replies to Master Kenobi, before cutting the connection. He immediately contacts Major Zombie, relaying to him what Kenobi said. "Major, you have the discretion to deploy the troops to evacuate the civilians and advance through the area and to the location indicated by the General," he says. He is glad that the child's mother has managed to find little girl. "You don't need to thank me," he says, "But you need to clear the area, this place isn't safe. Please, return to your home with your little girl," he says. The child pushes her doll into Anler's hands, but he quickly returns it to her mother. "She will need this more than me," he says with a smile. Anler then looks at the Cyclones. "You heard Master Kenobi," he begins before Gunslinger urges him to chuck the toy. "Calm yourself. I could sense no malice in the woman or her child. And besides, I did return the toy to the mother," he says. "I just did it discretely to hide my actions from the little girl. And my crack soldiers, it would seem," he says with a grin. "Let's move out, we clear this area and make our way to these coordinates," he says, showing the others the location indicated by Kenobi. He then leads the way looking for more droids and waiting for Zombie to get back to him with news of the deployment of the rest of the battalion.
  10. Discipline to recover strain: 2eA+2eP 3 successes, 1 advantage, 1 Triumph That's a bit of an overkill to recover one point of strain
  11. Surveying the situation, Anler gets his comlink out of his belt. "We have made some progress, Master Kenobi. We have determined that this is indeed an attack instigated by the Separatists. Apparently several local droids have been modified to attack randomly, and we have just encountered a squad of battle droids," he says. "We will push on and try to ascertain the numbers of the enemy." He puts down his comlink as he waits for a response, and looks at the little girl. "Don't be afraid, little one. Do you know where you mommy is?" He lifts the child onto a crate to allow her to see better, hoping she will either spot her parents or that her parents will spot her. "Cyclones!" he calls to the clones. "Move on and try to see if there are more clankers here. Be careful. I'll be right behind you, just need to make sure this little one is alright."
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